Chapter 48 – Sanao will wins

Chapter 48 – Sanao will win.


"Didn't you guys just use your big muscles to down your opponent yesterday?" Sanao asked.

"That's right, dear, but now that the people behind me are telling you how you women destroyed the arena, it seems I need more equipment."

"Especially when you exchange gifts for a duel. It is hilarious."

Sanao didn't respond to his impolite attitude. He was pretty sporty for someone who could fight officially so that the opponent he was facing could recognize his impending attack. That is a pretty fatal gap, especially when he tries to deal with an enemy who is clever and clever in calculating.

Luckily Marine did that at a time like this. If he jumped into life and acted like that, Alex and Sanao thought that it was a fatal folly. Sanao saw another gap that Marine used magic behind his back. People who couldn't sense magic like that would think that the weapons he prepared were too many.

'Sanao, did you also feel something
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