Chapter 75 – Unbalanced

Chapter 75 – Unbalanced

Although there is a feeling of sadness because someone is a victim, Mala says that since Sue's death, Sia has never moved her lips. Alex's guess was correct: she didn't want to talk to anyone after the incident.

"We must immediately continue this journey."

Sia suddenly expressed her displeasure with a decision that was unfair to her. She didn't want to say what made her reluctant to continue. Everyone was silent, trying to guess.

"Don't you want to leave your sister's grave, Sia?" Alex asked reassuringly.

Head bowed in agreement. Mala took a deep breath. The fight in that place turned into an arena of hatred for each other. Some do not take sides, and some do not want to leave Nenokuni village.

They were too afraid to move their feet to move one of them, Sia. Nana also doesn't want to leave her current state because seeing Sue's death like that has traumatized her enough to see the end of one of her best friends.

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