Chapter 118 - Shadow show

Chapter 118 - Shadow show

He saw that the place looked like robbers had looted it and left unnatural and ambiguous marks. Alex is confused about where to clean it up. He doesn't want someone to enter after having an erotic show in public suddenly.

Just imagining it was horrifying, being smashed into and then beaten for their fault. He tidied the tables and chairs far from each other, then wiped the signs and evidence of their actions.

Don't forget to return the dirty carpet immediately. The blanket that Kitsune used was open. He walked closer when the two thighs had clamped his cock. Alex corrected his position so she wouldn't catch a cold.

He went to take a shower while cleaning the bodies covered in scars that had reopened. Even though it's exposed because Kitsune is also taking out its claws, Alex can heal it quickly.

He took the medicine that had been planned into his bag. This time, whenever Alex left a little potion, he would make it as soon as possibl
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