Chapter 158 - Sweet smell in the room

Chapter 158 - Sweet smell in the room

Alex finally expressed his intentions and wanted to go through a road other than the main gate. That means a farewell they will get if they help him. At first, they were reluctant to do this because they felt they had lost one of the best guests.

Alex also expected little that they would help him do the same. But seeing the wishes and vows they had just conveyed did not want to make Alex any sadder.

They wanted to help him, but Alex also wanted to take the two girls with him to get out of there. By bringing out the strength and forged bonds of the maids and men, they garnered such enthusiasm that cheers resounded everywhere.

"Ah, don't let the guests know about this plan." The atmosphere was suddenly quiet, and the sound of encouragement sounded like a whisper.

It didn't take long for them to disperse to move finally. The meeting point and the gathering were the room itself, so it would be a total amount to combine with
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