Chapter 213 - Stifling place

Chapter 213 - Stifling place

After he said that, the people there stood up, asking if there were no more rules relating to nobles or giving power of attorney in certain parts.

"Why? Are you going to demand restraint as well?" said Alex.

"Or maybe you want to take over one of the powers you used to do?" he added as if an arrow were testing the men causing them to be powerless to move. Since there was nothing more to say, Alex left that stifling place.

He had just stepped a few meters. Alex stopped and said, "Ah, I forgot to say. From today onwards, I will confiscate all the wealth of the people present here and the bookkeeping of each noble until there is a clear spot on how much property you have."

Alex asked the butler to convey the rest of what he had said earlier. Alex was followed by two girls who accompanied him out of place until the room was closed. The people inside immediately tried to catch up with Alex and rushed over to ask for the certainty of w
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