Chapter 217 - Heartbroken

Chapter 217 - Heartbroken

It has few swipes and slow input. Even though there was no breath, the sensation Alex felt almost made him collapse in front of Sia, so pinched and hot. A very much different taste than what Mala did before, she still adjusted herself for a while.

Alex wished she didn't move her hips too soon, seeing Sia shining brightly and Mala in that position. She swallowed as if it was a ready-to-eat dish. Alex pulled Sia's face and kissed her again endless.

Without warning, Mala moved her body up and down. The sound of the bed creaking is like the rhythm of the music that combines Mala's sighs. Sia also felt the same sensation even though only a hand with two fingers tracing her cavity belonged to him.

Now two sighs made Alex even frantic. How could it not be as if affectionate voices echoed throughout the room? In addition, the erotic gurgling water incessantly adds to the infinite and extraordinary sensation.

Alex felt Mala's grip getting ti
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