Chapter 262 - He's back

Chapter 262 - He's back

The morning separated in the window. The sound of the birds chirping was masked by the noise of the activity that had just begun. People were shouting orders to each other to put down their pre-planned items.

Alex wakes up when the sound of their screams disturbs his sleep. He walks towards the balcony to see what's going on. Why are there so many flowers and nameplates? Alex is still trying to collect his body, which is still drowsy.

"Is the party still going on?" Alex asked while rubbing his eyes. He returned to the room to enjoy the soft blanket, but he was startled by the noisy sound of Kitsune asking for food.

The fox entered from the balcony window and startled Alex, who had just closed his eyes. He realized he still had other interests than continuing his sleep, one of which was caring for the fox. He asks if Mala doesn't give him food, it must bother him.

Kitsune reasoned since this morning that Mala was nowhere to be found an
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