It was a night, and only the stars in the sky served as a light for the mafias as they sneaked close to their destination. 

Far off, four men in black uniforms were seen circling a campfire, and the heat from the flame drives their cold away. 

And at their back, a factory builds in a rectangular shape and covers over half a hectare of land. 

"Shh," the voice belonging to El Capone whispered. He raise his right hand, point to three of his men, and signal to them to follow him, while others quickly scurried toward the factory, some meters off. 

The blackwitch mafias were deep in discussions, unaware of the danger in their back. 

"The sky is getting dark, and the stars are getting chased off by the dark cloud." One of the men on a seat around the fire mumbled. 

"Yes, it will rain soon."

"Our shift will soon be over, and let the rain fall for eternity if it chose after." The third of the men on the seat check the wristwatch in his hand and mumbled out. 

"Am feeling sleepy, am sure those cowards won't have the gut to come here tonight, after their last night's defeat."

"They will be scared out of their wits and bemoaning their loss," the first mafia let out, with a smirk. 

And at that moment, some footsteps were heard sneaking at them, and three instantly leapt up from their seat, as the head of the fourth, fly off his shoulders. 

El Capone tossed off the headless man as he lurched forward, hopped up, and knocked the man in his front to the ground, and the sword in his left hand slashed the head off. 

One among the mafia in black uniform stepped off the slashing of Banjo's sword, jerked up his shotgun, and aimed at his assailant, but another of El Capone's men slashed his arms off,  then his head as he opened his mouth to scream. 

The last man in the black uniform hopped up, as a man slashed at his knees, he fling the dagger in his hand at his attacker, and the weapon stuck into the man's throat and he wobbled to the ground.

El Capone hopped up and knocked down the man who just hurled the dagger. 

He whacked the sword in his hand off with the sledgehammer in his right hand, lie on him, and pinned him to the ground with his two knees. 

The mafia struggled to throw the weight on his back off but quickly gave up when a gun appeared on his forehead. 

"Make a move and I will put a hole through your skull," Banjo growled in a whisper. 

El Capone stood up from his captive, stepped beside him, and asked in a hum. "Who informed you that we are coming yesterday?" 

"The boss called us and tell us to be expecting your assault, and what to do to counter-attack." The frightening man mumbled back. 

"How did your boss got informed, who is the spy in my house?" An angry voice hissed back. 

"I have... Have no idea. Please spare my life-" 

El Capone slashed his head off, and at that minute, a conflict flare-up. 

El Ramon was in deep sleep, and a beautiful woman was seen curling up on his back. 

The dimly light room was grand and clean, and the furniture are huge and glamorous. 

A telephone on the stool beside the bed rang for a while, then became silent and resumed ringing again. 

Unwilling to stand from the bed, El Ramon stretched his arms over the lady beside her, jerked the phone and dragged it towards himself, then muttered out. 


"We are under attack by the redwitch gang, and they have destroyed the foreigner's farm and factory."

"Ouch," El Ramon groaned out. "I will be sending some men towards you, try and hold your ground until they arrive."

"Yes sir, they need to be in haste, they outnumbered us, and our numbers are reducing every second."

El Ramon cursed under his breath, tossed the phone off, and laid back in bed.

Medicine after death!

Sending men to the wood is not only a waste of time and resources but a foolish decision. 

El Capone and his men will be out of sight, even before his men were out of his palace gate. 

Experience is the best teacher and had taught him that. 

Though El Ramon closes his eyes and pretends to be deep in sleep, his mind can be compared to the unsettling of the sea, during a strong wind. 

Why did his brother set out tonight and choose the same spot? 

To be able to beat El Capone in this game of throne, he must be able to think like him, act like him, and more cunning than him. Only this guarantees his success. 

The country P merchants will be furious, and their anger is expected. They had paid a lot and he had offered little back. 

But what can he do? 

He needs to scatter his mafias everywhere to save their farms and factory, while El Capone only needs a few of his men to attack any of the sparsely located hundred farms and factories. 

El Ramon snapped his eyes open as an idea quickly raced through his mind, and he muttered to himself. 

"I need the service of sniper rifles, and professional snipers that can handle the ammunition."

The weapon will be provided by the foreigners, and his need will be announced to the right agents, and everything will be resolved in a matter of a week. 

Satisfied with his plan, El Ramon close his eyes, draw closer to his mistress, and clung to her. 

Sleep soon take over the exhausted man, and his dream was of a dragon that soon turned into the grotesque of the dead mafia king. 


A man and a woman were seen in a poorly light room with a small bed, a standing fan, and a bag of clothing with a make-up box. 

The woman soon turned her back to her lover, laid her head on the pillow, and mumbled. 

"I can tell someone, and am sure he will help." 

"Please do, they are willing to pay a fortune for his head."

"How much are they paying? I need to know my share."

"The asking price is ten million dollars and they will be needing ten men." 

"Hundred million dollars!" The lady exclaimed, rolled back, and face the naked man in her front. "That's huge money, who is the target?"

"I have no idea, am just a middle-man," the man answered back, paused, and then resumed his speech. "I will pay you handsomely if the contract is cliche."

"Handsomely is not precise, I will collect ten thousand dollars for my service." The lady whispered in a seductive voice. 

"I can pay you more, just connect me with the agent."

"That is not a problem, and I will inform you of my progress, as soon as possible," the lady answered back, then let out as the man clung to her. "You have already reaped enough for your payment, you will be paying me more money if you still want more."

"I have money here," the man answered back, kissed the lady in his front, dragged his body up, and soon plunged into the warmth of his lover's pavilion.  

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