The foreigner's headquarters was not left behind in the ongoing renovation of the Island, and foreign expatriates were invited to construct a fortress within their fenced mass of land.

Because the dead king had declared that area of land as the Country P's merchants' property, they do not need to seek permission from anyone as they were free to use the land as they desire, as long as the contract lasted.

Men with shining skins from nutritious food and pot belle from excess wine and beers were seen gazing at the ongoing work, and offering their unsolicited advice."

"We need a big mansion with enough security checkpoints, high towers, and different underground routes that will lead inside and outside of the rooms to different locations far from here."

"We know what you want, and we are assuring you that your desire will be fulfilled. Just be patient and watch us as we do our work."

"We won't accept smaller parlor and rooms. It must look royally and must be more glamorous than the mafia
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