Chapter 48

The hideous general hailed out in pain and dropped to the ground. Darrel shapeshifted back into human form and yelled at the two brothers to run. Lotus quickly picked up Clarris and made a run for it but Cleselda magically appeared in front of them, raised her hand, and sent the brothers flying in mid-air.

Darrell tried shapeshifting into a beast but Cleselda waved her hand again and turned him into a mouse.

“You stupid traitor?” Cleselda hissed out.

He tried shapeshifting back into humans but couldn't, just like all those centuries ago when he was trapped in a mouse body and couldn't shapeshift back.

“This is my home you stupid traitor and when I'm home, all your abilities are useless!” Cleselda yelled while picking up his tiny mouse body.

“This can not be happening!” Lotus yelled in frustration, he tried whirling fire but only smoke came out, he tried again but nothing, “What the hell??” Marcus also got up and tried whirling water but to no avail.

“She has put a curse on us!” he
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