Turned Tables

"Finally, a dungeon you can call yours out of experience." Diamant's cold voice rippled through the silence.

DL looked at Diamant who was standing outside the bars, her hands held behind her back as she stared back at him coldly. The torch provided just enough light to see her twisted lips. Goben stared at her too, rage filling him with every word she said.

"I am afraid Lucius already beat you to that." DL replied offhandedly.

"Then it is one served to you by the cruel hands of betrayal." She said.

"That, you are right." He chuckled darkly. His back was hurting terribly from sitting too long like that but he didn't feel bothered at all.

"You betrayer!" Goben shouted at her, shaking with rage but Diamant looked back at him calmly through the bars.

"Don't make such mistakes, Goben!" She clucked her tongue playfully before she resumed talking. "I had already warned that I would be his dog as long as he had the chains, you should blame him for losing the chains so easily. He was fairly w
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