A Little Off

"Sire, a dungeon guard has been found unconscious in the dungeon! Minister Li has escaped." Lewis reported breathing heavily.

Aaron stood up angry. He paced in the room.

"Has he been attended to?" He asked deep in thought.

"Yes, Sire. He is with Doctor Rika as we speak.

"Good. Take me to the dungeon, I have to see it myself." Aaron ordered. "I hope you kept guards there so that no one would disrupt it's original state, I need to know how Minister Li escaped." He said walking to the door.

"Yes, Sire. I did." He said, hurrying to catch up with him.


After looking at the dungeon and seeing that struggle surely had taken place and Li had skillfully escaped from them, Aaron wanted to see Sanji.

It baffled Aaron that Li could break away. It had been a long time since anyone escaped from the dungeons and this was a blow to him.

Why had it been under his reign?

When they got there Nana was just leaving. He didn't say a word to her, he had to see Sanji quickly.

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