Chapter 86 A New Fight
Sally, Luna, and Peggy all whooped, and laughed, happy about Tolly’s hunting test.

However, wrath surged up through Kevin’s veins. He just couldn’t bear it, his eyes fixing on Tolly, which would turn into fire and burn Tolly into ashes at any minute.

Fanta Lord and his assistant River grinned from ear to ear, quite pleased with Tolly’s performance in the hunting test.

And then Fanta Lord whispered something to his assistant River in his ear, who let himself rise from the Saircraft up to the sky and then float in the air.

“Hello, everyone, attention, please! On behalf of our distinguished Fanta Lord, I happily pronounce Sally Addison, Luna Truss, Pegg smith, and Tolly McCoy are all accepted by Fanta Castle. That means they’ll further their study at the best academy for cultivators here on Goldearth. Please give them a round of applause and celebrate their success!”

Then most of the students started to clap their hands as River had suggested.

Suddenly, one of Kevin’s friends named
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