Chapter 96 Ready for Evacuation
With that being said, a number of students swiftly came toward River and started to send their fires toward the surface of the Ball.

Tolly also tried to help with his Phoenix Flying Technique. Driving his vital energy to his hands, Tolly got two fireballs on his hands. He quickly threw them to the surface of the Ball.

With the help of all the fire-element students, River was able to burn all the vines away.

“Finally,” said River, heaving a relieving sigh and wiping away the beads of perspiration on his forehead, “It seems that their warriors’ power has been strengthened.”

“Yeah, I think so,” replied Tolly, having a bad feeling that River’s Five Agents Bal might be destroyed sooner or later.

On the scarlet Saircraft, the Haunted Purple Warrior was shocked by his newly-found power.

“That’s amazing! I can see I am at least ten times more powerful than I was a short while ago. I guess I must have got genes of a powerful herbivore from your Haunted Gas,” said the Haunted Purple Warrio
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