“The pleasure is mine, you have proven to be a worthy opponent and my father will get you what he has promised” Bahr smiled as walked away. He hoped never to meet that monster again.

The short man grumbled all the way back to his workshop but Roshan wasn’t paying much attention to him as several dings went on in his head. He had a lot of rewards coming on.

The man immediately gave him the gauntlet and pushed him out of the shop but not before warning him never to come back.

Roshan didn’t mind as long as he had gotten what he came for.

Could this day get any better.

Immediately he thought that

His eyes caught a banner that read

“Arkon’s Tournament to begin in two days”

So it was moved forward again.

He wondered what had happened


Somewhere in a large arena stood a boy with emerald eyes and he was currently facing three Level 14 training bots.

His eyes sparkled as he gripped his staff. The robot rushed at him at once.

A sword headed for his waist which he blocked with his staff while dodging the punch heading for his head. His staff went forward hitting the third one who tried to pierce his stomach and they all jumped back. He took a deep breath and readied himself.

This time they came at full force. He blocked the fatal attacks and slightly dodged the minor ones but a few scratches were made on his skin.

This fight was tough but it was his daily training. He had advanced to level 14 just yesterday and his father decided to do this.

Now he needed to switch from the defensive to the offensive.

He attacked the first one without a weapon by swinging his sword directly to its head but it was blocked, not backing down, he viciously performed an heavy roundhouse kick pushing the robot out of the arena.

Seeing that one of them was down. The others increased their speed and attack aiming for the vital parts in the young boys body.

Using his staff, he blocked the both attacks but the drive pushed him back a little.

Seeing this, the bots went closer simultaneously sending attacks into his direction.

A slash from the sword, a kick, a punch

His eyebrows furrowed as he was being forced into a defensive mode.

He ran forward escaping from their clutches and he calmed his racing heart.

He zoomed to one of the robots and swung his staff to its hip. The bot tried to block with his sword, everything happened slowly in those sparkling emerald eyes.

It wasn’t because the robot was slow but because the boy was too fast.

Seeing the sword moving to block his attack, he immediately stopped the attack and went for the neck, the robot was too slow to block it and


It’s head flew off.

Without wasting more time, he moved to the next one.

The bot raised a palm strike to his neck but he easily blocked it, and another heading for his ribs in the fraction of a second, he blocked it again

A kick was aimed for his hips and he raised his own leg to counter the attack and a loud boom was heard.

The robot’s leg was out of place but still it fought.

The boy invaded all the moves as the robot had been weakened and a simple thrust to the chest was all it took to end the match.

The boy dresses in white walked out of the arena, there was no creases on his shirt and nothing was out of place only few slight tears could be seen on his sleeve but he was perfectly okay.

His eyes sparkled with mystery and peace as he walked forward.

“what took you so long” a deep voice directed at him

“It was tough” The young boy said as he kept his gaze on the floor.

“Indeed, you didn’t even use half of your full strength and you took that long. This means you have not been training well”

“I am not satisfied, the tournament is in two days. Work harder” The voice said and the man walked out

With his head down he thought,

“Even if I trained out my life, you will never be satisfied” his fists clenched in anger.


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