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By: Kaiser Ken Ongoing

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In the world of Kinheim, gods walk among humans. They are gluttonous, lustful and materialistic. Tarsus, Felicity and Damon chance-meet at a sub-urban tavern. Their fortunes converge as they begin a journey together towards Mt. Radomir, a utopian destination where the gods reside. Romantic rivalry erupts between the two young men during an adventure that pushes them beyond the boundaries of their latent abilities. Brace yourself for an epic tale with divine beings, mythological monsters, stirring romance, and riveting escapades. Read if you like- Greek gods, Zeus-Poseidon-like gods, Immortals, Magic, Action.


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27 chapters
01 Wild Wild Country I
Niobe and Felix glided over the topmost foliage of the trees, chasing their game. They were riding their bridled pegasi, hunting a herd of white-boars. Niobe’s pegasus was a Double-striped black, while Felix’s was a Brown-white. Roughly twelve miles outside the Ascendancy walls, it was a bold venture into the outlands, even for game hunters. “Cura, take me!” Niobe screamed in joy over the deafening beating of wings. “Let us go hunting together in the evening- just the two of us,” she had suggested that morning. “It will be better than a party hunt with a prime watching over us at all times.” Hunting parties, traditionally, comprised eight princeps, two priors, and one prime. As agreed in the morning, the couple had escaped on their pegasi for the outdoor amusement. It takes a half-hour to fly from the citadel on
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02 Wild Wild Country II
The Double-striped black tried to get on its hooves; instead, the creature keeled over on the forelegs. The fall had shattered its ribs. The right wing was missing, separated during the fall. A fifteen-foot-long bough of a pine tree had fallen over its hind. Niobe got to her feet and approached her pegasus. Effortlessly and one-handed, she lifted the heavy branch and hurled it into the distance. The creature neighed in mortal pain. The pegasus is a majestic beast, a sable ride befitting the gods. However, there it was, suffering like any other inferior creature. ‘Mortals,’ Niobe thought, rolling her eyes. “Stiletto,” she chanted, and a dagger appeared in her hand. She pulled the creature’s head back and cut a fissure from end to end. Blood gushed out like a stream, forming a shallow pool on the grass. It was better to put the beast out of its misery than leave it dying in the wild. Otherwise, there were vile entities in the dark who would feas
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03 Nectar of the Gods I
The two divine beings were locked in an amorous embrace, unclothed, female over male, goddess over god. Their lips overlapped, their tongues jousted. Niobe’s pelvis grinding over Felix found the mark, and the penetration happened abruptly.Both gasped in unison into the darkness. Niobe was louder, unwinding years of chastity, bellowing into the wilderness. She was haphazard at first, but then slowed her bounds to a tempo.The forest had come alive around them- insects chittering, sleeping birds awakening, and animals responding to their rhythm.Niobe tilted her head back and rode Felix, who found a deeper inroad into her. Her pupils set aflame, and her skin gleamed like gold. The goddess’ moans echoed sonorously in the clearing and beyond.The fruits born from the body are heightened for divine beings. The couple climbed together up to orgasm every second, but never really reached it. It was an extended journey of pleasure that felt more enduring than their immortal live
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04 Nectar of the Gods II
The golem dived forward with arms raised and brought them down together to clobber Niobe. The goddess raised her own to defend against the assault.The collision’s shockwave boomed out like a cannon, flattening the grass and herbs of the meadow. It swept the dust off the ground, raining it back like a sandstorm. Flocks of birds scattered out of the area in alarm.The percussion made Felix skid back on the ground, but he managed to stay on his feet. When visibility returned, he squinted to see the outcome of the clash.Niobe was holding onto both arms of the monster with her bare hands. They were locked in a contest of raw strength. Her limbs were puny compared to the monster’s, and yet they kept him fixed in place. Such was the power of a goddess-prior.She was not the least bit rattled by the onslaught or the hulk towering over her. The monster heaved and grunted, levering its weight.Niobe’s thighs bulged, and the ground cracked beneath her feet. She pushed forward,
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05 Divine Intervention
Niobe’s cry for help radiated from her like a tidal wave, resounding throughout the forest and reaching ears faraway.From the citadel on Mt. Radomir, a static pillar of light shot into the sky.The amputee goddess, not having witnessed the spectacle, prepared to have her life taken. She raised her face to the executioner of her lover. Up close, she realized it was indeed a lava golem, but sentient enough to do another’s bidding.A mindless creature animated with dark words.It would be harmless if not for the miasma bubbling inside it.“What are you?” she demanded frantically. “Who is your master?”The monster, with its trap opened wide, scooped out a fistful of the red ooze. It meant to blather its victim’s head with the bane.“I serve the nectar of a true god,” it explained fluently. “False god,” it added, pointing a rock finger at her, “Must die.”Niobe had lost the will to resist. She was a false goddess indeed. That the gods were immortal had been prove
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06 A Tryst with Destiny~ Tarsus
Tarsus was the lowest of the lowborn. He had a low-given name. Even the street peddlers of Pago would not name their children so. The slaves of the outer city, Fugi, had more honorable names.The boy did not remember his parents. They had abandoned infant Tarsus when they had fled Pago during the floods of 221 ND. He was found on the steps of a temple of Aion. That was how Empousa had recounted his past.Old man Empousa was a middleman trader in the southern suburra of Pago and had raised the boy as his own. His wife had died young, and he had never remarried. Instead, he had decided to foster over a dozen orphans in his villa.It was late afternoon, but the air was breezy. Carrying a bison carcass on his right shoulder, Tarsus entered the ‘cuppa’ marketplace through the south gate. He was seventeen years old, with short, dense raven-black hair and a height of six feet and two inches. The boy’s build was not akin to someone who had just come of age. It was rather like that
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07 A Tryst with Destiny~ Damon
Damon was a nobody. Damon could be anybody.His talents lay in blending into populations and fulfilling clandestine tasks assigned to him. He could be a farm-boy today and an ordinary trader the next.He could be a member of the Town Vigil, patrolling the streets one day, and be a petty thief on the other.He could be a wealthy merchant this day and a beggar the following.Damon was eighteen years old but could pass as a younger or older person with ease. Disguise and deception were his modus operandi. He had no elemental powers as such but was an undeclared peculiar of a high order.Damon could manifest small, handy items out of thin air. The conjured item could be a weapon, a tool, a pouch of food, a few coins. As long as he could imagine the object, the boy could successfully produce it.However, he had realized through terrible experiences that using the ability took a toll on him.Once, during a drawn-out battle with a group of mercenaries, Damon had summon
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08 A Tryst with Destiny~ Felicity
Felicity walked daintily between the two young men. In her dreams, they looked like boys, while they were mature for their ages in person. One of them, in a workman’s white tunic, was almost a foot taller than her. The other was about her height, in dark attire. The sun had nearly set, painting the skies with a red haze. An idle breeze blew from the east. Felicity’s hood was down, and her blonde hair danced around like streamers. It was a captivating sight to behold. Both men stole constant glances out of the corner of their eyes. However, Felicity did not feel uncomfortable. She had wanted this for a long time now- to be around the two men from her dreams. A needle-like smile rested on her lips.The girl had a quirk for drawing the attention of men. It was not just her enchanting beauty that was alluring. From the day she first bled, men had started noticing her increasingly. It was not the warm-hearted consideration that citizens of Fugi were known for. Men approach
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09 Fortune Favors the Dead
Felicity was lucky. If she, as little as stumbled, there was someone or something to give her support. Something always broke her fall when she tumbled down while climbing trees. Her lost jewelry always found its way back to her. Of course, her good fortune went way beyond such trivial relief. Nevertheless, she had never dared to tempt fate. Tarsus walked on silently. It seemed to Felicity that he was not one to talk much unless it was necessary. Unlike Damon, he had not raised a single question. “I am having trouble believing anything you say,” Damon asserted. “You are a beautiful damsel that I cannot deny. However, I will not spill any facts about my abilities.”“I know of them already.”“What?” Damon turned to Tarsus.” Yasou, beanstalk! Did you hear what she said? Do you trust this witch?”“I believe her, runt.”“This is so endearing,” Felicity chimed in, “The two of you have nicknames for each other already.”“Then go ahead and tell the girl your abilities
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10 Fortune Favors the Alive
“Why is this happening to us? What did we do?” Damon grumbled.“There are some entities which are not very happy with our union,” Felicity explained. “What entities?”“Dark ones.”“Can I apologize to these dark entities and leave?”‘It is too late.” “I can see that!” Damon snapped. “They do not appear open for negotiation. What do we do? Fight? First of all, it is too dark. Let me see what I can do about that.”Damon wiggled his fingers, and two flaming torches appeared in his hands. He cast them in two directions to light up the surroundings. The creatures recoiled at the sudden radiance. Raspy growls and furious snarls followed. ‘Their numbers could be between a hundred and two hundred,’ Damon estimated. They circled the torches, which were soon extinguished as the brutes punted soil on them. With darkness resumed, they formed a circle and closed in.“I did not expect them to be this clever and organized,” Damon complained, embarrassed by his fail
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