The Final Ashfield

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The Final Ashfield

By: Kitoku! OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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2 brothers become plunged in a world of mages and magic after suffering a terrible tragedy in their once safe home. Looking for answers, revenge, and strength, they rise through the world of Nexus, following traces of a deeper plot- A sinister foe lurking in the background of major events, manipulating everything. The Final Ashfield is a thrilling ride in a world of dark fantasy, hoping to enthrall the reader in the adventure.

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Chapter 0: Prologue
The sun, previously beating down on the battlefield with its heat, was now blotted out by many dark clouds. Even its majestic energy was overshadowed by a sea of pungent mist. Filling the air was the smell of rancid blood and iron, sickening enough to make your stomach churn. It was the smell of rancid blood and iron. But it was that smell that helped him focus in the fog.There he stood. The figure of a man could be seen, alone, looking onwards. His name was Jacender Ashfield. Proud son of the Ashfield line and guardian of the gate. The mist slowly dissipated, revealing dozens of strewn bodies laid all around him. It was apparent that Jacender remained the last man standing."Khak!! Khak!!" he coughed fiercely into his hand. He had become exhausted from the raging battle against the demon hordes. So much so that he fell to his knees, blood on his glove."D-Damn it!!" He grunted, propping himself up with the hilt of his sword. Just as he started to rise, a domineering voice
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Chapter 1: The Axis
10 Years earlier:[The Axis] (Letters in brackets such as this indicate the setting/place)The axis was a decently large place. It had a forest of Ash trees(who´s wood never burned), a large supply of food in the form of magical animals, and its residents. A small family of 4. 1 adult, 3 children. The axis wasn't an ordinary place either. It stood in a dimensional crack, separated from the rest of the world. The children inside had never met another human being before, other than their uncle. But these children were special. They didn't know it quite yet, but destiny had other plans in store for them. CLANK CLANKThe sounds of swords striking each other echoed through the meadow. The source of the sound? Twin brothers Jacender and Aleximus. The 2 boys, no older than 9, stood facing each other in a meadow of grass.Sweat rolling off of Jacender's temple, he slowly inched forward. Aleximus did the same."HYAH!" Jacender lunged fiercely, bringing his wooden sword down. Aleximus
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Chapter 2: The Codex
Aleximus ran through the meadow quickly as the moon shined down on him."Huh?!?!" He whipped his head, turning to look behind him. "Who's there?!" He spoke, on guard, ready for any and everything. There wasn't a reply.Tch. Of course there isn't anyone there. Us four are the only ones who live in the axis. He exhaled and regained his composure.He was still on guard, however. The strange happenings with his sister were just his primary concern. But…the presence that he sensed…reminded him of the magic that Anna used. …It’s energy.He focused his mind back on his sister and continued to run. --(Note "-" by itself means change in perspectives)“Oh…? Can he sense me? Interesting…” The moon shined down, outlining a dark figure’s shadow.He stood behind a tree watching Aleximus with a sinister grin.“Looks like my journey here won't be too boring…”----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Chapter 3: The Codex[Part 2]
VMMM….VMMM….VMMMA pulse echoed through the waterfall’s inner cave. Jacender's body was laid out on the floor; his head bleeding profusely. VMMM….VMMM!!!!It echoed again.Jace’s eyes opened slowly. “A..lex…i…mus…”“I’ve…gotta…g-get up…Kheah!!” he groaned, lifting up his head.He looked down at the rest of his body.“D-Damn…isn’t this the worst…luck…” His head throbbed. In his midsection a long sharp rock stuck out.If he moved, he would bleed out and die.“Th-there’s gotta be…something…anything…” he started to look around. His senses were becoming duller. VRMMM….VRMMM!!!!!!!“What…is that…sound…?”It’s not around me, and the vibrations aren't coming from the below… he concluded.So…it must be coming….FROM ABOVE!! He jerked his head up and he finally saw it.Floating no more than 2-3 inches above his head. Jace didn’t know what it was. For in that moment all that crossed his mind was instinct. What looked like a book evoked strong memories within his blood that he had no recoll
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Chapter 4: The Codex[Part 3]
It feels so warm…Jace thought, floating in the deep darkness.What… was I doing again? Oh yeah…----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I’ve got to get away from this man, and get Anna and Jace out of here at any cost… Aleximus thought, frightened and still in immense pain from his broken arm.And what was that he said…?“Codex”? Is it what caused that explosion and made Jace's hair white?Whatever it is, right now I just need to find a way for us to get out of thisAs Aleximus finished his thought, Hatagi pushed him to the ground and ran to Anna. Picking her up to use as a hostage.“Hey, you bastard!! Don’t you dare touch my sister!! or I’ll make you regret it!!!” he yelled.Hatagi looked over at him, slightly annoyed.“Ki
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Chapter 5: Eclipse And Death
“Nghhuhhhhgg…” Hatagi groaned, holding his arm as tightly as possible to stop the bleeding.He looked wary, carefully sizing up the man.I didn't sense him……His energy… it’s higher than mine… Is he a 4th- No maybe even a 5th sanctum level expert?! Hatagi’s mind raced as he took several steps back."I've got to get out of here and alert the guild!!" He muttered to himself, and began running backwards. “Off so early, my friend? I still haven’t given you the proper hospitality for how you treated my nephews and niece here.” Uncle Matsuda’s eyes narrowed, appearing behind Hitagi with lightning-like speed. “What the…–” Hatagi exclaimed, surprised.POPPP!!!!!!Hatagi let out a scream of pure agony as Matsuda took the opportunity to lock Hatagi’s arms behind his back and shoved his foot into his ankle as far as it could go, popping it out of its socket and disabling him from running. Hatagi yelled, swinging another leg around in an attempt to get him off. Matsuda countered, grabbing it
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Chapter 6: Departure And Purpose
Matsuda walked over to Anna, picked her up and directed the boys towards him. "Come."…After a few moments, they made it out of the ash tree passage and in front of them stood a giant ash tree almost 400 feet tall. It was their treehouse home. …"Grab only your clothes and shove them into these bags!! We don’t have time to worry about anything else.", he told them, throwing 2 backpacks at the boys. He placed Anna down on a bed. "Hurry!!!"–Matsuda quickly started to rummage through a chest of items in a corner. “Where is it? Where is it?!” his hands shook, throwing out clothes to get to the bottom. “Ah!” he clapped, finding a few papers and folding them. He put them into a pouch and grabbed jackets for the boys. “Put them on. Quickly!” he told them.BOOM!!A loud blast erupted in the distance. "Damn it!! They're already here!!" “W-Who?” Jace asked.“Eclipse.”------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Chapter 7: The Boy Named Hidemi
[7 Months later]In their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th months, the boys had a hard time. With such little food, the cold would chill them to the bone. It never seemed to affect Aleximus though. He would just say that he was used to the cold. But they persevered and managed to make it through. The boys were tougher than they knew, so in their 5th and 6th month they hunted wild animals, created a decent shelter with the ash tree wood, and trained. Training every day was the only thing that helped keep their minds off of what happened. Besides, uncle Matsuda told Jacender to keep getting stronger or else the Codex would eat away at him. However, Jacender still couldn't open the book. Its cover wouldn't budge. No matter what item he used, or how hard he tried to force it, it just wouldn't open. So, he continued training harder and harder in hopes it eventually would.Aleximus still wouldn't talk about Anna. Though he definitely still missed her, he remained too scarred to speak about it. He instea
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Chapter 8: The Cursed Child
A woman was laid out on the floor of a small room.The room was dark, with the only light emanating from dim flames of a few wax candles. By her side sat a short, middle aged man. He wore Dwarven royal attire; a sleeveless brown frock coat with silver outlines.He held her hand gently, and yet his face was as serious as could be. This woman was Gwentyn Gallopas, and she was pregnant with the baby of a dwarf… his baby.SLAM!!A short woman in a brown and silver midwife robe busted in. In one hand was a cup of steaming water and in the other, a wet rag and what seemed to be leaves. "Dorthy! You're here! Thank Arsaes!!" The man cheered, taking the water and leaves from her. He clenched his fist, staring at the meager supplies."Is this all you could get? Is this really all that my own brothers could offer me in helping deliver my child?!" Dorthy rubbed her neck, offering her apologies to the man. "I'm sorry Ivan. But this was the best I could do… I will be considered a traitor if
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Chapter 9: Origins Of Fate
Jace and Hidemi sat in silence. On the floor were words that Hidemi wrote out. He had been telling Jace his story in writing. "... What happened next?" Jace asked hesitantly.A flash of memories hit Hidemi's mind. ▪︎Finding his father get hauled off by the guards to be arrested▪︎▪︎Seeing the figure of a man at the window of his home smiling▪︎▪︎Getting beaten and thrown out of the city by guards▪︎He shook his head "no" signaling that he didn't want to talk about it."I understand…" Jace said. He too knew what it was like to experience a devastating loss. The likes of which would shake you to the core. He sat next to Hidemi as the two stared into the fire together as they listened to its crackle and the only other sounds around them— the animals.Ughh. I made it too weird now! I can't talk to him anymore. Jace heaved, slapping his head with the palm of his hand. "Oi!" A voice came from behind them. Hidemi and Jace turned around in time to see Aleximus kick Hidemi fast into th
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