Cadaver Wanders

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Cadaver Wanders

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Once a man with nothing and gained everything only to lose all of it again. Invictus swore vengeance towards the Kingdom of Estaria and slowly learned of the hidden abilities his partial immortality has after receiving it from a goddess who heard his weeping.


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Chapter 1
"A man who has once hath nothing gained everything only to lose all of it again..."333 P.B.In a world where wars and chaos were slowly engulfing the world, sprung a hero that extinguished the fire lit by humanity's mistakes, and spared countless nations from the cruel hands of the demon lord...He, who was chosen; favored by the gods and goddesses, strived and thrived strugglingly until the force of darkness was purged, and peace was finally brought upon the place he grew to love despite the harsh past he experienced here on "Estaria."Estaria... It is the kingdom where hate and love from within the depths of his heart blossoms.His love was overwhelming to the point that it completely buried the hatred he had towards the land and its people. Had it not been for the love of his life, pulling him back on the right track, the man known as the Estaria's hero, he would have turned insane, and his wrath should have fallen upon the land.And that man is, who has achieved what he had been
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Chapter 2
Invictus and Uria had their servants prepare the venue and everything they will need for the night."Baby, you can definitely meet his highness because he will visit us tonight! How great is that?""Really?"Every time Austria is excited, her face will turn slightly red and her eyes will glow so bright that her parents can't help but smile at her."Yes, baby. But make sure you behave yourself, okay?""I will! I can't wait to see his highness!"At the age of 3 months, Austria learned how to walk by herself. She started speaking when she was 1 year old and was able to read at the age of 2.Both of her parents knew that she would grow up as a fine and proper lady. A mage that will one day surpass her mother and hone the unique martial arts his father discovered one day.A lot of expectations had already been expected of her at the age of four, and will surely achieve great feats as she grows up.After ten minutes of leisurely talking to themselves, and being served appetizers, their food
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Chapter 3
Nobilities from all across the kingdom quickly swarmed and congratulated Invictus and Uria for their fifth anniversary."Let me take Lady Austria, Madam."Austria's personal caretaker stepped in and took their daughter to her bed. But as the nanny was about to climb the stairs, Austria woke up."Has his highness arrived yet?" was the first thing she asked after waking up.She struggled about it, and her nanny put her down as carefully as possible with much care.Austria immediately became the center of attraction for the nobles, their eyes glued to her and ears focused on what she kept nagging her parents about."Isn't she lovely?""Yes! Just look at those puffy cheeks of hers. They look so soft. I wanna pinch them so badly!"The lovely kid turned to giggle at them, and their heart melted at her cuteness. They felt their knees weaken at the sight, complimenting how lucky the couple was by having such an angelic daughter like Austria."It seems that the party has started. Is everyone e
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Chapter 4
As if Invictus did not hear what the king just stated in front of him and his friends he wanted his highness to repeat his words."As I was saying," resumed the king, reading once again the contents of the scroll right in front of Invictus with Uria and Austria behind him.The king finished rereading the scroll, and Invictus was completely dumbfounded by the information he just heard. His mouth was slightly agape, his mind floating in his thoughts, and still could not process the pieces of information and accusation being thrown at his wife."Invictus...""Guys! Tell his highness that he got it all wrong! I mean, how could Uria be the Black Cantrip's leader?!"He looked back at his wife, meeting her eyes with a disturbed expression on his face."Hal, you tell them that it isn't true." Invictus insisted on her, and Uria did so."This is a baseless accusation! How will you prove that I am the leader of that witch group?!"She raised her voice, forgetting the fact that Austria was behind
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Chapter 5
And no one from the nobles, the guests, he invited offered to help them,or even ask to spare Austria. Only the nanny.They were just spectators to what was going on, whispering to each other as they despised and said hurtful words to Uria, who was being raped at the moment."So, she was the reason why thousands of people died. To think that we shared the same drink and food with a mass murderer like her. I'm disgusted!"Oh, how quick those people behind had turned on Uria after learning that she is the leader of the Black Cantrip, the most notorious witch group that sacrificed thousands of lives to help the army of the demon lord."Mother! Father! What are they gonna do to us?""Oh, you poor soul," The king caressed Austria's tears-drenched cheeks, wiping her eyes with his handkerchief and throwing it aggressively on the logs piled up around the child. "Curse your mother for bringing you to this world. Don't blame your father, for he did nothing. Just like how he is just watching rig
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Chapter 6
This torture chamber exists deep within the king's castle. Making him suffer by burning Invictus' wife and daughter was not enough for the king. He wants to punish the miserable Invictus even more by slowly killing him in the process of starvation and mental stress.When the quite long chanting was done, Damian and Corazon firmly held Invictus, even though the man lost all the strength to struggle and fight back.Seeing his wife and daughter burned to ashes right before his eyes took away his will to carry on with his life. In his mind, he was already a dead man, waiting for everything to just come to an end."This will only sting for a bit, Invictus."Human magic cores are located inside their right chest, acting as their second heart, so once the magic heart is destroyed, the worst possible outcome of this is death. It is a common occurrence for those that lost their magic cores, however, there were cases where others became crippled until it has become a practice in human society s
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Chapter 7
Invictus woke up, standing inside The Oubliette with his legs aching and wet from all the waste thrown down.On his feet, he could feel hard objects around him as he tried to stand still. His legs were starting to feel numb and the disgust in his skin was knee-deep. He could not even climb up his way to the trap door nor bend his knees to sit down."I've heard of this dungeon before. This is where the king put the people he despises the most. He would let them suffer both mentally and physically as one won't be able to sleep as they please or even sit down.What I could feel on my feet must be the remains of those that rot away."The smell was so strongly vile. It stays inside his nostrils. Inhaling through his nose has this slightly painful sensation as though he was breathing specks of dust.And if he tries to breathe through his mouth, the smell would be stuck in his throat, and he will end up coughing virulently.No matter how accustomed one is to this kind of foul smell, the fact
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Chapter 8
"A-Austria? Is that you?"Wherever he turns his head, all he could see was darkness. Darkness extended further than how far his eyes could see."My baby, where are you?"Invictus' lower half was submerged in the dark matter he was standing in. He won't barge no matter how much he struggled. Crawling his way out was futile too."I'm right here," Austria exclaimed in the dark void."Where? I can't see you! Please, please take my hand if you can see me. Please, my baby, please!"If Invictus has to cut his arm off and hold it with another just to reach longer than he can actually do, he would do it without hesitation just to hold his daughter once more.Tears began flowing down his face and thousands of emotions flooded his mind and heart when he felt Austria's tiny fingers hold his."Oh, my baby, will you hold me? Please, I beg of you."But that was how as far as the strange encounter goes. He had woken up when the king's servants dumped another liquid waste in The Oubliette, raising the
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Chapter 9
Invictus felt a sting on his arm. With the help of the faint light coming from the torch above him, he saw the marks of his teeth on his skin. He mistakenly took a bite of himself, thinking it was a chunk of meaty beef.Moreover, he noticed that his hands were wet. When he took a quick look at his hands, there was dirt and it felt greasy."Did I—?!"Immediately, his stomach began aching excruciatingly. He was hallucinating and he had unconsciously drunk the liquid waste. Right now, Invictus was suffering from abdominal cramps as he was excessively gagging."I need to throw up!"Grievous as it might feel, Invictus had no choice but to release everything that he had unconsciously consumed while hallucinating.Eventually, after roughly poking his throat with his middle finger to force himself to spew all of that waste he drank, Invictus vomited not just the liquid waste but also accompanied by blood.His body was deteriorating and his condition just got worse than it already is.Whilst h
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Chapter 10
In the middle of Invictus' hallucinations, came upon him another strange scenario. He had met with the goddess of space and time as they stayed afloat across planets and stars.His first thought about the scenario was him having hallucinations again. He tried biting himself, but he did not wake up. Invictus just felt pain, an excruciating one since he bit himself as hard as he could."If you are real and not some made-up image of my mind, how come you didn't meet me inside The Oubliette?"Invictus knows what he was asking the goddess and still goes on with the dumb and annoying question."I'm sure you're aware of your current situation inside that waste dump, right? It's too gross in there. Also, I am claustrophobic."Their conversation continued for several minutes until the goddess herself became bored of the chitty chattering."Ahh, how boring!" She suddenly snickered, interrupting Invictus' storytelling."It was you that wanted me to tell you a story. It's not my problem that it w
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