reincarnation of a demon god

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reincarnation of a demon god

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The world of Darkness Light is full of conflicts, including conflicts between gods, humans and demons. however there is a book which suggests that one of the nations will lose, but there is not who knows who will lose. this story tells about Arth who was once a God, a Devil and now he is a human who has the power of a God and a Devil. his goal is to reconcile that world even if it is impossible for him


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31 chapters
the beginning of the story
The world of Darkness Light consists of 3 nations, the Human race, the Demon nation, and the God/Goddess nation, but because the current Demon King has too much power, all the Humans and Gods are restless, for fear of disturbing the peace of the world. The Gods invite the Humans to exterminate the Demon King together, so that world peace will return to reality, the Humans agree to the Gods and start the collaboration between Humans and Gods called "god and human collaboration. Now Humans and Gods are working together to get rid of the Devil with magic that will be issued by 96 Gods at the cost of 100 Human lives, so the Demon King will die without touching it, even though the ritual has been carried out but the magic will take about 3 days to heal. kill the Demon King. The Demon King knew this, but instead laughed while talking to his dragon, "You wait for me to come back and sleep while waiting for me, don't you dare wake up or disturb Humans," the dragon nodded and went to his pl
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help the principal
In the late afternoon, we got off the horse cart and entered the kingdom, we walked to the center of the kingdom, as we walked we talked about mother, house, and cooking at home, I felt offended by that, because I had no place to live and people old. there I thought I really had no where to go, I finally decided to separate myself. We saw merchandise on the side of the road and it was an opportunity for me to launch my action.finally they focused on seeing the merchandise they wanted to buy, there I immediately ran to a nearby alley, I looked back while running, I saw they were looking for something while panicking, if I thought about it like they were looking for me, but the desire I have made up my mind to separate myself, I finally distance myself from them.Day before night. the crowds can still be heard in my ears, I walk hungry, my stomach keeps asking for food, my stomach feels like it's burning, I decide to sit down and rest on the side of the road, I'm just waiting for som
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become a new student in magic school
It was getting late at night, the principal and I went into his house, let's say the principal by the name of Mr. Agra.we entered and was greeted by a woman and it was his wife, Mr. Agra explained what happened to his wife, his wife allowed me to stay. Mr. Agra took me to the lowest floor room, the room was so neat then I asked "whose room is this" he replied "that was my son's first room, now he disappeared while on duty to the forbidden forest, hearing that I felt guilty for asking, "now you take a bath there" he said. then I went to the bathroom, when in the bathroom there was a sound of water flushing in the bathroom and I thought it was like someone was taking a shower, then I went to the dining room because I was hungry, then I saw Mr. Agra and his wife were telling something, then I was invited to eat with them while chatting, I approached them, and saw a lot of food served on the dining table. Then we ate dinner while talking about what happened earlier, then his wife, Mr
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the arena match that was planned by Mr. Agra
That afternoon everyone was cheering seeing Erina and Michiko who were fighting. Erina opened her spell and summoned her magic arrows, while Michiko took out her magic shield, both of them were children of nobles of famous people in this kingdom. Michiko immediately charged forward, Erina released her arrow and shot it, but Michiko had a shield in her left hand and Erina's shot didn't work either. Michiko slashed her sword, but Erina jumped past Michiko's sword slash, Erina looked for a suitable place for her, the distance and accuracy were already in Erina's favor, finally Erina took out her signature move "a thousand arrows" as the arrows emitted light and thousands of arrows came out. arrow from his bow. Michiko had time to hold him but soon his shield broke and he was knocked out of the arena, immediately the place became chaotic again because Erina won. After the match, I approached Erina who was resting, "wow, you were just amazing," I said. "Heee, I'm used to winning matc
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practice in the meadow
That sunny morning, I went to school while feeling my curiosity about the name of the Dark Flame, I decided to go to the school library to find out the name during school break. When I got to class, I was greeted by 4 boys and 2 girls. then they approached me while introducing themselves, their names are Gobzo, Ranga, Ryogo, Ran, Ryuko, and Ayumi, they are Erina's friends, they are also descendants of the Nobles except Ranga, she only has family ties with the nobles. they asked me to eat together later when I had a break, "sorry I can't, I have important things to do" I said. they understood it and invited again the next day, then the first teacher came, the first lesson began. After the break I met up with Hiuga. "Hey Arth, your nickname is Arth, if I'm not mistaken?" he said. then i said "yes" I told about my problem to Hiuga, he was confused while curious then he said he should ask Erina, because she is a person who likes to read books in the library. then Hiuga told me to
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against the 7 giants and the red sword
That hot afternoon we were curious about the voice earlier, "you heard it?" he said. I nodded my head, Then Erina came to me. "Are you curious about that voice?" said Erina while holding her chin in confusion. I didn't have time to speak, Erina asked me to take a look so her curiosity disappeared. "Come on," he said, taking my hand. We really went into the forest looking for the origin of the sound. we passed by a pine tree which was so big that our vision was blocked by the trees. "brruuugg" the voice sounded very clear some distance in front of us, we approached the voice earlier and hid in the bushes trying to peek and digest what was happening. In the bushes we saw two horned giants fighting for something. the giant was about 7 feet tall with enormous churning muscles. I looked at Erina she looked very confused. "why?" I said. "As far as I know the giants live in groups and like to live in groups, but this time there are only two of them" he answered confusedly while holdin
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meet again with the person who took Mr. Agra hostage
I opened my eyes, my body felt very weak and hot due to the blanket covering my body. I woke up my body that felt very hot and opened the blanket from my body, but there was a hand on top of the blanket so it felt heavy, it turned out to be Erina's hand. it seems like he keeps watch over me when I'm unconscious, but he seems to be sleeping next to me. "You've woken up," said the owner of the house who had just come from the next room. I saw the girl who came "where is this?" I answered with great curiosity. "You fainted during a forest fire, and your friend said someone used fire magic and hit you unconscious, then he asked me to take you to my house, maybe you fainted for about four hours, now it's night you better sleep ' the woman replied as she left. now that i remember what happened maybe Erina lied to keep me out of trouble. I tried to stand up even though I felt weak. "Looks like Erina is still tired" I said while looking at him who was still asleep. "kreek" I opened th
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one group with Ginny during the decency test
"DUAARR" I was startled by the sound of the pot until I woke up. "Hihi, get up now it's time to prepare for this afternoon" Erina said while hitting the pot. I was so surprised that I immediately woke up from my sleep, I almost forgot that today is a day of decency for students at my school, maybe I'm ready for today's exam, what makes me curious is who will I be grouped with? Will I easily interact with my group? If it's a matter of winning or losing I don't care, after all I'm still a beginner. I prepared myself, so did Erina, she seemed to be preparing herself."Krekk" the sound of the door being opened, are you ready for the exam later?" Erina said while opening my bedroom door. "of course" I replied.We said goodbye to Erina's mother and went to school, while on the way there were so many people celebrating this exam with great fanfare. "Hey, during the exam you and I will be enemies, we will be in different groups, as far as I know, ordinary people and nobles will be divided
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magic ball fight
That night Ginny and I went to Goro and Lyfa. "Goro, Lyfa, there is danger behind us, prepare your defenses" Ginny said firmly. Then we headed towards the sound into the forest, me and Goro in the most position and ready to attack, while Ginny and Lyfa were behind us.Goro and I hid behind the bushes and it turned out that group one and group three from the noble group were fighting over the magic balls and were fighting. Camus and Takimuya fought so fiercely. Takimuya attacks Camus with his sword but is blocked by Camus and attacks him again with his iron fist. "iron punch" Camus said while hitting Takimuya's sword and "prengg" Takimuya's sword broke. Then Camus sent out his second punch and hit Takimuya on the head, knocking him unconscious. Camus was so exhausted from fighting Takimuya, it could be seen from the look on his face and the sweat pouring down.Goro and I are still hiding in the bushes. Suddenly Camus ran and we followed him without his knowledge. It turns out that C
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Beautiful night, with moonlight and stars. We repaired our broken tent and burned the fish that Goro and I had caught from the river. "Sip, the tent is ready" Suddenly I was called by Ginny into the tent, I approached her and sat beside her. "I saw you had a wound from the inside, here I will treat it" said Ginny suddenly. Ginny is a student of medical magic so she knows about someone who has a wound even though the wound is deep. Ginny took off my shirt and healed my chest. "This may hurt but hold on!" Said Ginny who was treating me. As soon as he started treating me the pain from inside came back until I screamed in pain. "Shut up, weak boy," he said, laughing mockingly. It wasn't long before the treatment was finished and it was felt afterward.I sat next to Ginny and suddenly Goro came in. "The fish is cooked, come on, my stomach is hungry," he said as he came out again. Ginny and I went out and ate the fish that had been served."I felt happiness at that time, being able to
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