The Masked Secret Heir

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The Masked Secret Heir

By: siGNaTure9 Ongoing

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SYNOPSIS Radley Baron, took in the identity of Steve to find out about the disappearance of his sister. He gets betrayed because he is a poor student and kept on being bullied by the rich students and was tagged the school rat. The students doesn't know that the Steve they all call the school rat, is the eighth young richest man in the world and the sire heir of the renowned Baron empire and the world best agent, wild dog. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ SUMMARY Steve was betrayed in school as the girl he fell in love with and thought was in live with him, follow the best friend he thought he has. He got arrested for an accusation and was told to pay a fine. There he calls someone and it was revealed that he is the wild dog everyone talks about. While at the university, he goes in missions and always return successful as usual. He always works at the empire just as his father commands. In the university, he meets a lot of people in different cases. Finally, he founds out who kidnapped his sister and who has been responsible for all the situations at school. His identity as the wild dog and Radley Baron got exposed when the real Steve came back.


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Chapter 1
"Wait!! isn't that Steve, the school rat?""Yes is he. Why is he going towards mia?""I heard they dated.""Who will date the school rat? It's good she left him. He can't afford to buy himself a better cloth."The murmurs from the students were loud enough for Steve to hear, but he wasn't bothered about their words. All he wanted to do at that moment is to find Mia and ask her about the things he heard.He kept looking around, trying to catch a glimpse of her. Mia loves him. She said she does. She can't do this to him. Why will she leave him for someone else. Not just anyone, but his best friend, Kirk.It's all a joke. The school knows the rich Mia, is dating the school rat which is him, and they are all jealous and that is why they made a rumor that circulated round the school.He entered a class and finally caught the sight of Mia, at the far end of her class, along with her friends, chatting and laughing loud."Oh God, Mia. I finally found you." he said and rushed towards he
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Chapter 2
She once told him about been obsessed with a car brand but wasn't able to get it because her dad denied her. That must have been the reason why she dated him. To buy that car, because since the day she brought the car to school, she have been away from him. So this was it, a bet victim.That is what rich kids do in the prestigious, Presley university. They make a bet to get a poor kid and get what they want. Every poor kids in Presley university were given scholarship. They can't afford the high tuition fee of the university. A university, the country's president son attends isn't just an ordinary university, that will be affordable to just anyone.He never thought he would ever be a victim of the so called bet. He is the poorest student and most ugliest. No one wants to go close to him. No one wants him at all. Well, he thought Kirk was his friend, not until now. He might have also been a victim of Kirk bet. Kirk is also a rich student. The eight rich student in the school. He is
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Chapter 3
The bullies attacked him at once, calling him names and asking how dare he date the school princess. Kicking and punching him mercilessly. Steve cried out but it all fell on deaf ears. The students were all having fun, watching him been beaten up and assaulted by the bullies. Not even the school authority will be able to do anything especially when it has to do with one of their founders daughter, Mia. Steve staggered back to his hostel and ridiculed by the students he walked pass by. Even though he was bloodied and wounded, no body cares and only laughed at him for even daring Mia Lawson. Worst thing could have happened to him, if not that he had run away from the midst of the students who attacked him.Steve paid no heed to their mockery because of the pain he felt. His body pain didn't match up to his heart ache still.The pain he felt was nothing compared to everything he went through not long ago. After been mocked and ridiculed by the girl who he thought loves him for who he
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Chapter 4
"We are here for Steve." the me in uniform said.James moved back a bit in fright. The police were standing before him and that got his heart racing fast. He have had an encounter with the police and police station and anywhere he sees them, he gets this nightmare of been at the police station, remember what he went through.Even though the police made it clear that they were there for Steve, James was still scared and moving back slowly, like a criminal who have been running away for months, finally seeing the coos, coming to arrest him.The cops ignored him and walked into the room instead. They had no time for any suspicious behavior and we're there for just one person, Steve.They got a call from the child of an important person in the society mad that is what prompted then to act faster. If they failed to do their job, then their jobs will be at risk as the youngster father isn't to play with.The sergeant brought out his If and showed it to Steve. "You have to come with us to
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Chapter 5
Steve laid on his cell bed, with his palms at the back of his head, and his gaze fixed on the moon, which was visible through his window. It's almost time for his long time friend to arrive. He can't believe he is doing this again after five months. He knows he had promised himself not to live his other life for a year until the issues he had were sorted out, but he has no choice right now. He really has no choice but to ask for help or he might rot in jail for a long time.He cell was opened and a cloth was thrown at his feet, by the cell warden, "You are free to go." he left without saying another word.Steve sighed loudly and stood up. Of course, his help was here and he knew she must have come in with a grand style. Camille will never seize to amaze him. He got up and changed to the cloth the warden brought. When he was ready, he lifted a corner of his lips and came out of the cell.... A lady in her late twenties was the center of attraction in the police station. All eyes were
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Chapter 6
The afternoon wasn't favorable as the sun was smiling in the earth. Wild dog took a break in his swimming pool, getting cooled and relaxing himself.It's been a while since he had fun. It's been like five months now. He missed his old lifestyle but has to keep on with his fake identity just to get back his sister.He had a hard time trying to convince his mother who had called in the morning, to calm down. She heard about the news of him getting beaten up and wouldn't let his ears rest with the questions of who had beaten him up and why he was beaten up.His parent doesn't know about his fake identity as it would be a hard time trying to keep up with his fake identity if they were aware of it. He came up with a lie to try to calm her down and after what seems like hours, she agree to his request of not bothering herself about him, but he knew she wasn't convinced.Even though she wasn't, staying away from his business for will while will be better for him. Camille walked towards
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Chapter 7
Wild dog went back to his apartment, after his successful mission. He looked at the time and smirked. Five hours was enough for him to complete his mission, just as he said before he went for the mission. Just five hours before six am and that means he has to go back to school immediately, before the morning class.An old student will be returning and he wanted to see who that student is. According to the information he got, she left the school when his sister was kidnapped. But before she did, he was told that she always act as if she lost her mind. Wild dog found it suspicious and that was why he has to see her. Now she is coming back after her treatment. Her name is Kristen Benson. A student in the department of business management, the same department with his sister. He found it all strange and that is why he wanted to talk to her.He took a shower and got dressed in his old clothes. He applied some male over to make him look like his fake identity Steve. When he was satisfi
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Chapter 8
Steve paced about in the room waiting for a reply message but got none. James walked into the room and threw a piece of paper on Steve which he picked and read. His eyes widened seeing what was written in the paper."The students are still planning on picking the top ten poor students as a play toy this time." he tsked. "The students never change, do they? My little advice to you my friend is, make sure you attend and don't miss it if you don't want more trouble and to end up in the hospital." he added and went into the rest room.Steve grunted in frustration. Radley Baron was coming tor the ball party and that is disastrous because he is the Radley Baron. That is his real self and identity. Now, he can't miss it as Steve and can't miss it as Radley.He has to visit his parent and ask about this. Why would they fix his schedule without asking him first. Now he has to be in the same place as two different......The Baron estate was a big multi million estate, considered as one of th
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