ELEMENTALIA: Tale of the Elemental Guardians

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ELEMENTALIA: Tale of the Elemental Guardians

By: TenTenJOY03 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Joy's family traveled through time from their home in pre-colonial era and settled in our present day. Believing that they are safe, they chose to live normally without using their supernatural powers. But as time passes, evil stirs in the world. Hunting them and seeking for the destruction of both human world and the world Diwata's, Engkanto's and other mythological creatures which we don't truly know exist. This world from other dimension is called Elementalia. This is the story of Joy and her siblings, which are half-human and half-diwata, together with their friends. On their mission of becoming the Guardians by collecting all the Elemental Amulets which will take them to Elementalia world. Did fate choose them to be the Guardians? Will they succeed in finding those amulets? Can they save the two worlds?


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 Three children ran inside a dark forest. They could not afford to take a rest because their lives depend on it. They were exhausted because they were also carrying a big wooden cart.One of them pulled and while the other two were pushing at the back. Before they run out of breath, suddenly everything turned pitch black and they closed their eyes, wishing they would not die.BEEEP BEEEEEEP!They heard a loud noise but can't move.Luckily, the driver managed to stop the car before it hits the children. He goes down and checks them. He also found out that the wooden cart contained a baby and his mother hugging him.He brought them home and took care of them.  Three days later…The mother first woke up and she was so amazed at what she was seeing. A big beautiful room was full of shiny expensive furniture.Distracted after she felt someone approaching, she grabbed a vase and hid at t
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 Mina and the girls wept because they remembered the hardships they've been through before they were found by Charles. Charles embraced Mina while patting her back and said, "There, there… I understand now. I'm sorry for your loss. I just lost my wife too, so I know how you feel." Then he also hugged the girls.Mina also told Charles what happened to Manang, Mr. Chef, and Manong Ben. “So this happened because of your super powers?" Charles asked the girls."Yes, Sir. We are deeply sorry,” the girls apologized."It's okay. They will wake up soon. The problem is they know about your powers now," Charles said."What will happen if people learn about us?" Sarah asked."People will be afraid and panic. They will chase you or even hurt you,” Charles said."Thats terrible!" Peach cried and the other girls grew afraid." I will do anything so that it will not happen!" Mina promised the children.&n
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Chapter 3: THE PROMISE
 "Are you comfortable wearing eye glasses, Sarah?" Charles asked after putting onto Sarah her new reading glasses that he had bought for her."It felt weird at first... but my vision is clearer now and the dizziness is gone too.Thank you so much!" Sarah replied."No. I'm the one who should be thanking all of you, especially Joy. You saved my son's life. Thank you so much!" Charles said to Joy before hugging her.Suddenly they heard someone knocking on the door. "Sir, you have a visitor,” Manang said."Right! I almost forgot. Please let her in so I can introduce her,” Charles said while smiling.Manang came back with a middle-aged girl beside her."Everyone, this is Miss Yuriko Fujima. She will be your tutor from now on. Miss Fujima, these are your students, including this lady here." Charles gestured to Mina."Huh? M-me too...?" Mina thought she was now too old
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Chapter 4: Don’t leave me    
 Charles walked out of the room after his heated conversation with his mother. As he did, he saw Mina crying nearby. "Mina, did you...?" "Leave me alone for now, please,” Mina said, her gaze cast down to avoid Charles's eyes. Then she ran away. Charles didn’t know what to do. Should he chase her or not?   That night, he found Mina at the veranda. "I've been looking all over for you!” he said. “What are you doing here?” "I'm praying to Bathala for guidance,” Mina said while her eyes were still close. "I know that you heard everything, and I really meant what I said." Charles held her hand while looking into her eyes. Mina's face reddened. “Charles."  "Do you love me too?" he asked. "I - I don'
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 "What is it, Miss Joy Malaya? Do you happen to know him?" the teacher asked."N-No, Sir. Sorry!" Joy just on her chair, feeling embarrassed as her classmates laughed at her."Okay. Mr. Martinez, please introduce yourself,” the teacher said.Cedric stared at Joy. “My name is Cedric Martinez. Nice meeting you all.""So handsome!" a student whispered."My prince, please sit beside me!" another one said.“No! He's mine!" a third one protested."Thank you, Mr. Martinez. Please take your seat behind Ms. Malaya near the window,” the teacher said.Cedric ignored his classmates as he quietly took his seat. As the first-period finished, the teacher announced, "That's all for today, class. We have an emergency meeting this afternoon, so you’re free to do club activities or go home."The students cheered."Let's practice!"“I wanna go to the mall!"Read more
The pixie started to fall but Joy caught her. They gave Roe almost all their food, but she didn’t like any of it."There! A fruit!" Roe said after seeing some fruits on the table. She flew on it then started eating an apple half her height."Roe, can we ask you something? What are these Guardians that you are saying a while ago?" Sarah said.“The Guardians? They are powerful warriors who protect both the Human and Elementalia world!” she explained while chewing.The triplets just looked at each other while Ian listened from afar.  After few minutes... "Thank goodness you're all safe! Where's Ian?"Their mother Mina quickly went back to the house after she saw that beam of light passing through the clouds."Princess Hannah! You are alive! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!" Roe suddenly appeared and hugged Mina on her cheeks."Roe? How did you get out of the book?" Mina asked.Read more
Chapter 7: PART-TIME JOB    
 "According to Philippine history, Mt. Tataalwan was the original name of Taal Volcano. Its first eruption occured between 15th and 16th Century,” Sarah explained. "You mean we are old grannies!?” Peach complained. “I can't bear to think about it! Besides, the effect of the sealing ritual did not wear off completely!" "Stop complaining, Peach,” Joy admonished. “We are still teenagers at this time. and we still look normal, so don't worry! What's more important right now is how we can pay for our rent!" "That is why we are looking for part-time jobs. But we already applied for 10 companies..." Sarah said. "And we still have no luck!" Joy concluded. "Maybe because my beauty is for modeling or acting! I should try to call for some famous producers!" Peach said, walking like a model. They had no classes today, so the triplets was using their
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Chapter 8: GULA
  "What are you doing at the edge of the city?" Nanay Mercy asked."I was looking for a part-time job,” Joy replied while pretending that the boxes were heavy."What a coincidence! My boss wants to hire an employee. Just wait here and I will call him!" Nanay Mercy hurried upstairs."So, are you the applicant that Nanay Mercy was talking about?"Joy was sitting patiently at the living room when the owner of the house descended.It was Cedric."Nanay Mercy, it never came to my mind that my classmate will become my boss. Thank you so much for the offer, but I need to go!” Joy was about to head for the door when Cedric spoke again."What if I give you a good offer, will you still refuse the job?" "What?” Joy’s sisters shouted in unison."Your new boss is the transfer student?" Peach wondered."Cedric?” Sarah added. The triplets met at the city where
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 The Malaya siblings and their mother stood on the hill with the Balete tree, preparing to go to Elementalia for the first time. "Are you all ready?" Mina asked. "Did you bring the things you will need?” "Yes, Mama!" they replied.  "But I don’t think we can carry all of them!" Sarah added, glancing at the large bags. "Let Roe handle them,” Mina said, nodding at the pixie. "Yes, Lady  Mina. Step aside, everyone!" Roe said. She flew around the bags three times. And as she did, the bags shrunk down. "Now you can fit them in just one pouch!" Roe said proudly. "Wow! Your powers are so handy, Roe!” Peach said. “Literally!" As the triplets placed the tiny bags inside Ian's backpack, he began to complain. “Just why do I have to carry all these things?" he said. "They are not hea
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Chapter 10: GARUDA
"Ian, behind you!" Roe shouted when she saw a Kinnara was about to attack him. Ian raised his hands and a small black hole appeared where the Kinnara was standing, sucking the creature in before it vanished. "How did you do that?" Roe wondered. "I don't know,” Ian replied while looking at his own hands with disbelief. "Ate, help,” Sarah screamed. "Let us go,” Joy shouted. The Kinnaras had caught them. And when Ian turned around, a Kinnara grabbed him and Roe as well. Peach saw it, but she was still fighting two of the creatures. And as soon as the other Kinnaras flew away, the ones facing her Peach followed their comrades, leaving her behind. "Let them go! Don’t take them away from me,” Peach yelled. She chased after them using all her strength and superpower, but she soon tripped and fell from exhau
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