The Scarlet Alchemist

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The Scarlet Alchemist

By: Gunshot OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The village of Birr was attacked by a group of Corrupted Spawn, these monsters are terrifying and dangerous. But what they are infamous for is the poisonous blood in their body. After the monster attack, some of the villagers including Amelia were poisoned by their blood. All hope is lost for the blood will kill any victim within a month and for every week the intense pain will make the victim wish they were dead. With all hope lost, the group learns of a possible cure for Amelia. Damian together with his friends will now venture to save her sister. There will be trials along the way, monsters to slay and tasks to overcome. Will they make it in time?

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Chapter 001
It was a summer day and the smell of grass and plants linger in the air.The hot weather makes it harder for farmers to move around.Activities were done early in the morning and late afternoon before the sun went down.This is the most comfortable time to do any activities.Brand together with his friend Damian is no different.They are both farmers that water their plants before the sun comes up and just finish it before the sun is at its peak.When they finish their job they move towards the tree, located on top of the highest hill and rest under it.Both of them wore thin clothes for easy movement and because it is more comfortable in this season.Brand with his black hair and black eyes and serious looking face looks towards the horizon.The village they live in is surrounded by trees but in the far distance you could see a large peaceful plain. There are several mountains on the horizon after that plain and several birds are flying in the sky.The scenery is the very depiction o
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Chapter 002
Boom! Bang!Smoke started to rise and the smell of burning wood suddenly filled the air in the village.Ting!Bang!Bang!Ting!Chaos can be heard in the eastern part of the village.“Run! Run!”“Children run! Towards the Village Hall!”Several men of the village are guiding the woman and children around towards the Village Hall that is located near the cliff at the northern part of the village.While the women of the villages embrace the little ones as they run to safety.“Hurry to the east wall!”Brand looks at the person who is shouting.A group of women who work in the alchemy shop are running towards the East Gate carrying a larger than fist size ball with both of their hands.They are carrying it like it is the most important thing in the world.“Shell’s!?”A very volatile item that may explode when not handled carefully.They are a mixture of different chemicals found on plants and monsters wrapped in a crafted monster's hardshell as its container.The group of women run along
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Chapter 003
The rope slid in my hand.“Got it!”Someone jumps toward the rope and grabs it immediately.“Hey! Brand help me out here!”The one that grabs the rope is none other than Cain.“EVERYONE! PULL!”With that command everyone pulls with all their might.Bang! Bang!The monster feets lose its footing and it falls down.“ATTACK!”After Cain shouted the villagers started to attack.However, Cain and Brand together with the other villagers who are tasked to hold the rope didn’t participate. Instead upon hearing his command they grab the rope and pull it with all their might.“Graaaa!”“Gaaaaaaa!”“Grrraaaa!”The rope pulled really hard in the hands of Brand that the rope even slid in his hand.Brand can feel the monster struggling through the ropes.“Gaaaa!”“Brand pull!”Cain pulls the rope by stepping backward while facing the monsters.But this time Brand put the rope on his shoulder and pulled the rope vine using his own body.“Get him!”“Fast!”Puck!Slash!Puck! Puck!Brand looked around
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Chapter 004
Brand brandishes his axe and looks at the monster carefully.Its red round insect-like eyes are looking at him carefully like a hunter waiting for its prey to enter its range.Its arms are steady waiting for it's time to cut off the prey’s head.(Brown Sickle… wait for its prey to make the first move.)(If I run it will jump towards me and cut off my neck.)(If I move forward it will prepare until I get inside its range and it will start to attack me non-stop.)Brand slowly moves forward taking one step at time while looking at the monster's arms.He can even feel the blade touching his neck for some weird reason but he tried to calm himself up and slowly move forward.Gripping the jar on his left hand.He continued to slowly walk towards the monster and then.He noticed it.The very description he heard from his training.Click! Click!The monster's body is slightly bent.Then.Fooooossssh!The monster dash forward towards him.He knew that the monster would attack his neck but he ca
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Chapter 005
“What are you doing!”(Resting…)“Most of the villagers are fighting outside. Why are you here?”(Saving myself.)“Why didn’t you go out there and help!”(Isn’t it obvious, I don’t want to.)An old guy looked at him with disgust.“Tsk! You have no hope! You coward!”(It’s alright to be a coward than die.)The old man walked away together with his trusted cane.When the old man was far away someone tugged at my shirt.“Brother…”Damian looked at her sister with tired looking eyes.“Yeah…”“Are you ok? Brother… people… most villagers are ridiculing you right now.”Damian waves his hand.“Yeah I am ok… there are a lot of people who are fighting outside.”Damian proudly pointed to himself using his thumb.“I am the one who is going to protect this village hall.”“But brother… that is the responsibility of the woman and the old man of the village.”(Yap, and young men are fated to die early… Sorry I don’t want to do that.)Damian looks at her concerned sister.(I wanted to live long, long
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