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Upon uncovering the unsettling reality of the coexistence of monsters among them, Dane Summers couldn't help but vomit. Following his shocking revelation of his girlfriend's actual identity as a monster, he tragically ended her life as sacrifice. Monsters reveal themselves only when their human counterparts acknowledge them as such... How will Dane Summers confront the obstacles that lie ahead? With his rapid surge in growth, he is now on an unstoppable journey to become the ultimate Monster Hunter in history of...Monster Hunting.


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  • Precious Onyema


    Great plot, the first chapter drew me in ...️... I love this book

    2023-10-27 22:37:37
  • Mwrites


    interesting, love it

    2023-10-27 10:16:24
  • titiksua


    Enjoyed this story, every chapters is getting tense

    2023-10-26 19:19:05
  • Yukides


    Please comment or I'll be sending my most powerful dimensional MC to slay your knees :)

    2023-08-29 19:21:12
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92 chapters
Prologue: Predictable Idiot
On a clear Monday morning, a regular office-goer was returning from his home. He took the other lane than the normal one he used because of a strange caution sign up ahead on the road. He was unlucky, because he was the only one traveling to this side of the city. And the poor man had no personal transport for himself. In this generation.Dane Summer swore to never take another high-class job like his previous one. He was a failure with his polytechnic start-up company, and was forced to be a punctual, regular seat warmer at his new company. But as a mere employee this time. Dane never saw any future ahead of him, until today.A mirage for a figure was running towards him from the valley-like lane. It was a hilly area, and his legs hurt to walk up this one slope alone. He watched the man's shaking figure through the hot evening air and looked around.Why was the street so silent? It's almost eerie!Creeped out of his skin, Dane Summer realized the man running towards him...wasn't 'norm
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How do I look, dear Dane
Dane walked to the funeral home as the man he encountered today told him to. The idea of something existing amongst humans pushed Dane to follow the scribbled down letter like a fool. Reaching the funeral home at the head of the hill, he looked around, trying to ease his tension. It was foggy. It was dark and haunted.Suddenly, Dane hears the noise of bone crunching. It was similar to the sound from rustling leaves…but only more precise to bone fractures.Because he could smell death and blood from over his shoulder. He dared to turn around.Only to see…Five monstrous transformations feasting on a dead body!And the dead body…even with the face chewed out, he could make it out who it was!IT WAS THE MAD MAN WHO GAVE HIM THE LETTER! Dane sprinted out of the funeral house with his life in his hands! The monsters noticed him, and started chasing him as well!But as soon as Dane ran past the gates of the funeral house, the monsters disappeared! Not even their shadows were left behind!
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An unthinkable sacrifice
Panic.Panic spreads all over his body when he hears her gruff voice. It was as if a soul had taken over her body. Ruth looked exactly like a possessed demon, like a monster and her aura shifted to something superficially sinister. Who is possessing her!? Or even better- What was possessing her!?Dane couldn't believe his eyes either. Ut was as if the thin line between reality and fiction has disappeared and the memories will forever clme to haunt him in the worst ways possible. 'This can't be, right? Ruth and I...we have so many plans together. I want to spend my whole life with her, rare a family with her...''All my middle class dreams end with the sight in front of me. For I can never let myself marry a monster."A blood curdling scream leaves his mouth when Ruth pounces on him. Her claws almost get him under her vicious grip. She was close to having him as her next target!Charlize was shaken too, but it looked as though Charlize was coming up to make a hard decision. But Dane
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Tell me everything, Charlize
Sick and battered, Charlize carried Dane's weak butt around while tailoring a perfect story to come up with. However, their perfectly unified story is capable of fooling anyone, but not this city's police officers. Passing by the hospital, claiming for an emergency, Charlize began her act. It was all pre-planned, and now they only had to act.Although half of the acting was real since they were truly mourning for the loss of Ruth. Especially Dane who didn't understand an ounce of what was going on around him. The poor man was another traumatic trigger away from going insane."Whoa," The receptionist screeched at their battered appearance. Not many people walk themselves to an emergency 24/7 hospital unit very often. And the situation was made worse when he sees blood on both of their clothes.The receptionist was a man working late at night. He immediately dialed the emergency doctor and nurses to check into the situation. The squad came into the lounge within a minute. He also speed
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Monsters vs Humans
Serving Dane a cup of hot chocolate, Charlize sat beside him on the couch. She was trying to keep things together, when all were falling apart. "Did you know Ruth was a monster before you were friends?" Dane asked, after blowing on his cup gently. Charlize nodded her head as he scoffed."That's why it was so easy for you to kill her. Didn't it mean anything to you, Charlize?""Like I said, Dane. My duty overpowers the need for friendship and love. My duty—""Fuck your duty!" Dane threw the glass on the ground, spilling hot brown liquid everywhere. He rushed to the other room and locked the door. As if even electricity wanted to give up on him, the lights are turned off by a power cut. "Just great." He mumbled to himself, his left elbow bent over his forehead. 'Ruth…you were my everything. Whoever did this to us…deserves retribution. Even if it is the creator or the destroyer of worlds. I'll seek vengeance from whoever took you away from me.'Dane cried for a few minutes, uninterrup
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Hot Dr. Chen
With the sun had finally come up, Dane started closing his eyes. He hasn't slept a wink for the whole night! Charlize watching him sleep made her sleepy as well. She would rather skip work and 'mourn' for her friend, staying back home. But not before covering Dane with a blanket to make him feel cozy to finally slip into slumber. While Dane slept peacefully after a night - a week of wholesome and gruesome incidents, Charlize got up and started preparing for a bath.She didn't realize she still had the blood stains of the monster on her clothes. Thank god they were dark colored - or the police might have another round of questions ready for her. Taking a long, warm shower in her bathroom, she tried to relax her mind from vile thoughts. What if it wad just some random person instead of Ruth? Would it have been more easier to drive the rebar in their chest or harder than she did it with Ruth? She couldn't decide.Fifteen minutes pass, but the time only seemed ticking faster on her wat
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I am a what now?
"Yo, Dane. Stop staring at her." The man was staring at the doctor nonetheless. He was infatuated. Despite being thrown out of an intense relationship because of his girlfriend's death, Dane still loved being around women.Or maybe it was the feeling of falling in love all over again that excited him. Shamelessly.Or that he just wants to sex her up. Dr. Chen turns to Dane, running her eyes up and down his seated figure. He looked fine. He looked more than average, actually. "Dane—!""What is your full name, boy?" The woman asked Dane who furrowed his eyebrows. "Dane Summers..." he answers, not understanding her question. Because he was sure Charlize had already introduced him before, uttering the same name. Dr. Chen stared at him nonchalantly. There's no way a normal human like Dane can be so dumb. "Full name, Dane Summers. Full. Name." Dr. Chen was sounding pissed. She gave the man one more chance to prove himself. If he doesn't, she's going to take the universal sign and leave
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Sparkling sword of Dr. Chen
Dane was terrorized by the presence of such women around him. One was a monster, her best friend's a psycho mass murderer who can plan an 'accident' so well that she can fool the police. And the other one - her boss, apparently - is one of the most psycho personalities he's ever seen in anyone else.A diamond sword!?Shivering in his timbers, his body was curled up inside the warm blanket he carried from the bedroom to the hall. The TV was playing a Bible in full volume, reading the notes and explaining it precisely. "What the fuck man...?" He expressed his distaste in the narrator's reading. He was monotonous, much more like a donkey bred with a man and gave him the interest in preaching the Holy Bible. But, changing channels now was like suicide. He was too paranoid to even move an inch. He shouldn't realize that someone close to him was a monster, right?Seemed like an easy task.Until it did not.What if he went across a public street, suddenly realized how many monsters would
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Suck it up, 'cause you're a man
Many emotions surfaced in his mind. He didn't know his parents would miss him just as much as he did. All he wanted was their presence.But he couldn't say much. They'd take him as a girly gay boy if he cried in their lap and told them everything that's happened to him. Hence, he chose not to tell anything to his parents. No matter how 'lovely' they are.However, they sniffed the air around him instead of giving him a hug. They looked at each other. Quietly and talking through their eyes, wordlessly. "Mom? Dad? What's wrong?" He asked them, trying to hide the tears by faking to look at the spider web on the ceiling."Nothing, son. You didn't lift your phone. We tried calling you many times." The mother indicated. "Oh...that. I left it at my friend's house. In fact, I just returned from her house." "It's a her?" The dad questioned immediately. Dane turned around, giving his father a look, "We're just friends, dad."Sure. Charlize was one heck of a friend.Helping them carry a few
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An awakened human!?
Dane glared down his mother about her words. An awakened human!? A stink!?"Ma! What are you-" Dane suddenly realised about his fate. His parents no longer remain human, but that also means...he has the blood of monsters coursing through his veins!?The last thing he wanted in the whole damn world to turn into a monster. A monster that forced him to spill the blood of his own girlfriend, few hours ago."M-Mom! Get down! We- we can talk about this! Please don't kill me! I'm your son!""That is purely why we must feast on you, son. You smell so fresh, and young.""And meaty," his father added. The two monsters, his parents who stuck against the wall began crawling towards him. At this moment, Dane couldn't figure out what to do. It's almost as if his mind had completely detached itself from his body, and he couldn't wait to die rather than go through this kind of feat all over again.Ruth's monster awakening was more than shaking to the poor man.He doesn't even love his parents as much!
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