FERAN (The Rise of The Worthless Live-in Son-in-law)

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FERAN (The Rise of The Worthless Live-in Son-in-law)

By: Gem Lynne Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Feran Anderson was seen as the worthless live-in son-in-law of the Miguel's for years until he takes the bold step one day by returning to his affluent family whom no one in the Miguel family knew he was a part of. He takes over the business and crafts plans to seek revenge on his foes one by one. To fufil his dying grandfather's wish and also get back at his ex-wife whom he secretly loved but got engaged to someone else, he takes an unbelievable decision by having a contract marriage. Cheerful and bold Jeana Sanchez (Feran's fake wife)assists him in taking down his enemies but what would the smart billionaire, Feran do when she gets to know his true reason for marrying her?.


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46 chapters
Chapter 1
The deafening noises from every corner of the market pierced deep inside Feran Anderson's ear, waking him from oblivion of where he was. He scratched his head, a bit confused about being here, as the menacing stare of the shopkeeper in front of him displayed that he was not someone to play with. His blue eyes fluttered under the luminosity of the midday sun. He was about 6 ft 1, and had about a week's growth on his cheeks. It was one thing being not able to get the necessities he needed, and another to be confused when getting something with his little penny. At least, he had to accept what his life was now, a part of him he loved. Today, he was in the center of a flea market, getting a gift for a person he would not describe as likable, however, he must do this. It was a long time ago since he slid away from his comfort zone. You wouldn't imagine the son of a reputable family was now in a local market. "Sir, are you still here?" He waved his hands, waking him from his t
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Chapter 2
Feran couldn't help it as everyone roared in laughter to his dismay."Honestly speaking Feran, don't pick that ill-looking thing you call a bracelet," Clara's husband advised in the most despicable way he could."Exactly. Take his advice, dear worthless live-in son-in-law," Mark's new girlfriend who accompanied him added and all laughed again.Feran gritted his teeth and beard the humiliation as he snatched the bracelet from the floor."That's even far off being a bracelet, you know, Feran," Tasha, the wife of Laura's second brother, Damon stated with a frown.Tasha has always been mistaken as the sweet loving younger daughter-in-law of the Miguel family because of her innocent face but who actually is a wolf in sheep's clothing."Damon sweetheart," Tasha cooed her husband standing next to him. "What do you think about this?""It's actually," Damon paused and cleared his throat. "It looks more like a useless cord tied up for a bracelet," he said and they all laughed again.Laura's fac
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Chapter 3
"What? Fake?" Tasha asked, furrowing her brows.Mark hurled the flute glass of wine in his grasp to the floor, startling everyone apart from Feran."How dare you?!" Mark growled."You're damn atrocious and impudent to utter that, Feran," Damon said."This vase is actually fake. You all need to believe me. Even though my gift was nothing compared to you guys', it was far better than Mark's fake vase," Feran said, staring boldly at Mark."This vase is not only fake but its coating is composed of a toxic substance. If grandmother places this in her room, in a couple of days she might get ill because of it.""Nonsense! Just shut the hell up, hopeless dog," Clara's husband barked with a grimace. Mark was actually his best friend and that's why he couldn't tolerate Feran soiling his name in mud by pronouncing his vase was fake."Well, I'm poor but I did the best I can while Mark just bought a freshly painted fake vase and claimed it's an antique specifically made for grandmother which is wo
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Chapter 4
Mark thought his doom would come soon for his grandmother, ma'am Miguel was an expert on recognizing genuine things and would tell the difference in a second.He dreaded the thought of being cast out of the family for bringing a cheap fake gift to his grandmother on purpose and if his father knew, he couldn't imagine what he would do to him."Sure I would love to," ma'am Miguel said and stretching out a hand, one of the maidservant standing behind her held onto her hand and stood her up."Good. Please go ahead, grandmother," Laura said. Everyone held their breath with furrowed eyes to see how this would go.Laura had believed that her worthless husband could at least be held in high esteem this time by her grandmother since he had done a great thing for her, after all he's her husband and both would take the honor. But she was a bit angry with herself too for she couldn't help the sudden urge to completely trust Feran.She regretted her move even more when she saw the looks on her gr
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5Feran stared at everyone waiting for him to obediently apologize like he has always done. The smirk he saw on Mark's face made him sneer.He glanced at Laura as she walked back to their spot. Observing his hesitation which was starting to irk her, Laura motioned at Mark when Feran darted his eyes to her.Feran slowly shut his eyes. There was a brief silence."Apologize now, you fool!" Mark ordered, making Clara and his girlfriend giggle.Triggered by the, Feran folded his fists and flicked open his eyes."I, Feran, won't apologize," I stated boldly, making all of them gasp."I won't apologize to Mark, the lowlife who has done wrong!""Feran!" Laura bawled as she rushed up to him. She pulled him to face her and slapped him so hard across the face making him stumble back.Feran held his cheek in anger and astonishment but when he saw Laura obviously trying hard to fight her back her tears, his anger slipped away."How are you willing to make me face humiliation everyday? What
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6Laura forced a smile and nodded hopelessly to Feran's surprise. She tilted her head and stared at the bed, paying no further attention to the important question he had asked. She thought he was just pulling her legs or day dreaming of rising up to the top in a blink of an eye and changing her fate with a magic wand.As always, no one ever took Feran seriously because they considered him useless because he barely had good jobs all these while and not to mention Laura doesn't think he had any talent that could change their depressing story."Laura? You're not saying anything," Feran said, making her flick an unhappy stare at me."What can I say? Please, Feran. Just don't worsen my mood by asking me stupid questions," she requested in the most polite way she could and arose."I'm heading out first," she muttered with a frown and left as Feran stood up.He stared at the ceiling for a while before heaving a sigh and walked out of the room.Feran arrived at the huge living room a
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7All the members of the Miguel family went from silent to excitement, mostly the granddaughters of ma'am Miguel who were still unmarried.They were overwhelmed just by imagining how wealthy this mysterious guy from the Anderson family would be and everyone of them wished to get married to such a wealthy man."Grandmother," Kayla, the youngest granddaughter in the Miguel family said, stepping forward."I think I'm the queen the man seeks to be betrothed to." All were stunned by what she said and the other single granddaughters pulled a frown."Shut up, Kayla. You're talking nonsense. The man certainly doesn't know a twerp like you exists," Gigi, another daughter-in-law scoffed."I know him. He has intentionally sent all these gifts to grandmother to seek my hand in marriage in a grand and stupendous manner.""Oh, save us the perry lie, Gigi," Averly, the last of the single granddaughters of the Miguel, cried. "You too don't know him. I've met him and…""And who is he?" Ma'am M
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 "No, mom. I'm not going to divorce Feran," Laura stated firmly as the driver halted in their house and they got out of the car. "I thought you were going to consider it considering how quiet you were when I talked about the divorce," Mitchel said, walking over to her daughter. "I was contemplating. Not really though," Laura said. She had been mesmerized by her mother's suggestion earlier on their way home. Though her marriage isn't a bed filled with roses, she'd never thought of opting for a divorce. "Listen to me, Laura, you…" "Please mom. Don't try to convince me," Laura said and went into the house, Mitchel following behind. "Welcome, my dears," Laura and her mother were stunned to hear her dad, Frank's voice. He was seated in the living room, smiling at them when they walked in. "Dad, you've returned?" Laura asked, walking up to her dad. "Yes. Thought of giving a surprise return," Frank said and giggled. "So you came straight home really forgetting it's your mom
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Chapter 9
Feran decided to see his mother who he had sent a message to a while ago to meet up with her in a five-star hotel she was staying over the hotel for the night. He wanted to make a good move to topping up. He had already given his wife his word and he hoped to hear something good from his mother. When he reached the hotel, he already had on a nose mask, rendering himself unrecognizable. He talked to the receptionist on the ground floor about who he wanted to see and was given the room number. "Feran," his mother called immediately he knocked on her room door and walked in. She rushed up to him and embraced him. "My son, at last. I get to see you." Feran didn't really feel anything about this mother-son reunion. He dislikes them all. His mother never spoke up for him back then. She just let his brother and grandfather casted him without interfering. Now, he wondered why she's been filling his inbox with messages and unending calls, wanting to see him for a while now. He was als
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Chapter 10
"Where have you been for a while, Feran?" Laura asked, the minute Feran walked into their room.”Uh, just around and…""Busy doing nothing,as usual. Am I right?" Laura said, feigning annoyance. Feran sighed and shook his head."Laura," he called as he attempted to gold her hand but she took a step back. "I know you just made a useless promise to protect your pride earlier, okay?"Feran's brows creased, bewildered."What do you mean, Laura?""I meant that, I understand why you said what you said earlier when you got home before you wandered off.""No. I actually," Feran paused as she held up her hand and waved it back and forth, looking away from him."Just stop giving me hope. You're hopeless yourself," she said and before he could utter another word, she climbed on the bed with her night robe to sleep."Just…why is it hard for you to trust me?" Feran asked, almost in a whisper. Laura heard him but turned to face the wall, pretending to be sleeping."It's alright. I'm worth ignoring.
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