Fake Regressor Apocalypse

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Fake Regressor Apocalypse

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Apocalypse came when a cosmic wave descended upon the world, devastating the human race and Chaos spread everywhere. In this Apocalyptic world. He who had ambition, an indomitable will and was a genius, he awakened a trash superpower after struggling for years. . . When all hope was lost and he was on the verge of Death, he took a gamble with everything he had against the one who come to kill him. . . . . Read the story to find out more :-P The Mc is Evil so read at your own risk.


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174 chapters
The Beginning
When a cosmic wave descended upon the Earth, destroying the human race, the world descended into chaos.Danger lurks around every corner.Animals mutated into feral beasts, strange creatures roamed our lands, and the human race that survived became prey in the ecosystem.Hope was lost until survivors began to manifest superpowers.Humans began to fight back against the waves of foreign creatures that had taken over the majority of the planet.People who awakened their superpowers were dubbed Slayers.And as more people awakened their superpowers, they began to form their own groups, which were now known as guilds.They secured and protected a safe haven for the humanity and opened academies so that those who awaken in the future can use their predecessors' knowledge to help humanity survive the Apocalypse.However, even after doing all of this, the threat remained, as the population of beasts and monsters increased at an alarming rate.The humans were not the only ones who were gettin
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The Natural Treasure
' Wake up to reality! Nothing ever goes as planned in this accursed world. The longer you live, the more you realize that the only things that truly exist in this world are merely pain, suffering, and futility.'Suddenly remembering these words said by one of my favourite anime character, and a legend that I used to watch as a kid, my eyes turned cold and my facial expressions went back to the usual apathetic one.I've never really liked this world.There were some things that must be done regardless of the circumstances.I must stop crying because it was sinful to become weak for me as I have a mother that I have to look after and goals that I have to fulfil.I would never admit defeat and will always strive to achieve victory, no matter the odds.However, for now I needed rest more than anything, I was tired after my awakening and all the things I went through today, it really did took quite a toll on me.Lying down to sleep, I decided to take a one month break from everything and
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The Unknown Intruder
After killing some [chimera snakes] and walking for another 15 minutes, we arrived at the centre of the cave, where a massive monster guarded the large rock, behind which was the entrance to the cave's innermost area.The monster was a hideous green scaled snake with a white goat head that stood about 6 metres tall and towered over us all.It was most likely the final and most powerful creature in this nest, but I knew for a fact that our party could certainly defeat this monster, and only once the monster was killed would the real battle begin.The captain gave the order, and everyone took their positions to form the formation.I was in the back, behind the healer, with the magician buffing the other team members, the two swordsmen in front, and the scout hiding and trying to attack the monster in secret.The monster noticed the captain and swung his tail at him, but the captain gracefully jumped up and avoided it. The other swordsman used this opportunity to attack the monster, but
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Birth of a Fake Regressor
Miracle.What was a miracle ?A miracle was any lucky thing that happens to you, that you did not expect or think was possible.And it was exactly that. When you want a miracle the most, it never happens to you, but the time, the moment when you least expect it, that's when a miracle happens.Because its called a ' MIRACLE '...*****..The moment I lost all hope, the moment when death was was not even a second away from me.My eyes lost vision, my ears couldn't hear anything, and I felt like falling deep underwater with a paralytic body.At that moment!It happened to me.A miracle!My only super-power, the one that I used to call trash all the time [ Miracle Thief ] . It finally stood true to its name.It brought me a miracle, and made me probably the biggest thief in the history of mankind...******..When I used my superpower on the unknown intruder, I wasn't even in my right mind, I didn't even remembered the limitations and exceptions of my power and just wanted to mak
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Infinite Potential
Shortly after gulping the first bite of the fruit, I could feel my body changing. My eyes became sharper, my head became clearer and my muscles became more explosive.I could feel myself slowly becoming strongerGlancing at my status, I noticed my stats changing with every passing second and as I felt and saw myself change, a wave of euphoria washed over me, prompting me to greedily eat the fruit before me.The more I ate the more I felt every fiber of my body becoming sturdier and stronger.After eating the whole fruit, A dark brown penny-sized seed was left in my hand.According to instructions from the system, the seed Should be consumed with the fruit for it to work perfectly.Taking a deep breath, I slowly placed the seed at the top of my tongue.~Gulp!Swallowing the seed, I sat down on the ground When suddenly! an overflowing amount of energy came crashing down my body.It felt as if a dam had burst, making my veins and body withstand the grunt of the water escaping out of the
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Origin Of Arts and Weapons
It had been a week since I became a Fake Regressor. Except for the fact that I finally moved from my old house to the Regressors' house with my mother, all I did this week was train and plan for my future.I already had a story prepared in case any questions about why I live with my mother and care for her arose in the future...When i will reveal my potential as an S rank, many people would try their hardest to dig out my history and secrets. They would try to use little things to throw dirt on me and drag me down. They will not care about me being a potential S rank slayer who will one day save them from the monsters that resides on the other side of the border.They will not care that humanity may loose one of its potential pillars in this Apocalypse. All they would do is to drag me down for their own benifits and selfish desires. That reminds me of the saying' Some people aren't satisfied until they sabotage someone else's happiness. Be careful of who you trust , not everyone
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Formless Lightning Style
' System! Extract all the martial arts from my memory and analyse them to make me a sword art that is best suited to my body. Take the rank 7 sword art as the base '.I finally ordered the system to create / deduce a new sword art for me.[ Ding !! Task Established ! Extracting the Data from Host's Memory ][ Extracting Data 10%... 59% .... 100%! Extraction Completed ! ] [ Starting Deduction ! Estimated time 71 hours ][ Do you wish to start the the Deduction for a new swords art ? Y/ N ]' Yes ' i said in my mind.[ Deduction started ! Remaining time 70:59:59 ]One by one the system continuously promoted new notifications in front of my eyes.The estimated time is 71 hours and if I include a few more days for training to get up to atleast a rank 1 swordsman then it will take about a week in total." Just enough time for the event "The first event was coming soon and it was a big event that I had to participate in at all cost.One of the strongest swords the world would ever see is
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To Delvon City
Ranking up as a professional was similar to ranking up in your body talent level because the closer one gets to their limit, the slower their training becomes. As a result, the higher your potential, the faster you trained, and the same is true for the arts a person practises.The closer a person gets to the pinnacle of their craft, the slower their training becomes.Someone like me, who has no limit to his body's talent level, had no concerns about my training speed, but I was comparable to others when it came to ranking up as a professional.Having a sword art that is unique to you, something that is designed to complement you, was a huge advantage that I only discovered after training in it.Not only was it an 8 star sword art, but it was so compatible with me that whenever I swung my sword and used my art, the amount of synchronisation I got was surreal. Although this didn't make my training as fast as my Body talent level, but when combined with the experience I gained from the
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First Meeting with Sylvia Oxford
I walked out of the taxi after paying the 750 primo coins, and after getting out the first thing I saw was the board above the main gate of the building.|| Sunshine Apartments ||Looking down and picking up my luggage, I moved inside and got a better look at everything. It was a run-down apartment building on the outskirts of town, with damaged walls and peeling paint. The moisture that seeped in from the humid environment gave the building a dull appearance.In my taxi when i was about to reach this appartment, i already gave a call to the manager here, and i didn't had to wait long as i saw a short fat man was running towards me." hufff! Huff! ... Welcome! Welcome! Mr.Noah, Come with me, let me show you your appartment. "He was breathing hard and trying to intake as much air as he can like a drowned man who just got saved.In a cheap place like this appartment, it was almost close to impossible finding an empty room, but 'where there's money involved there's always a way.'By p
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Be my Friend
" HAHAHAHAHA " I laughed out loud looking at her speechless face, Making her blush a little.Controlling my laugh, i asked her with a genuine look on my face." Why are you making that face ? " " That's because I don't understand. Why would someone give their life for you, when they didn't even know you, for no reason ? Its somewhat understandable why you would fulfill his last wishes though."" Hmmm... " Looking up directly in her eyes I made a serious, deep thinking face. " Do you have some free time "." Why ? "" Lets talk about this over a cup of coffee and some pastries in a cafe. I know you haven't eaten breakfast, I can easily see through when people lie to me "." I am sorry but you don't have to, why would you care so much ? "" I like your eyes, I want you to become my friend, is that reason enough ? " I said Shaking my head." Wait what, why ? " She became flustered hearing me compliment her and ask her to be my friend." I just felt like it, can't I be friends with so
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