God of System Analysis

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God of System Analysis

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Alucard is in the class, and suddenly an extremely bright white light covers the entire classroom. They felt their whole bodies start to fly, and their consciousness disappeared. It was unknown how much time had passed, and Alucard started to open his eyes slowly. He was surprised to realise that he should be in class; why was he now in this strange place? [Meganovel Winning Contest] [Monthly Boosting Contest] [1st Winner - 'Beware of the Doomsday'] [2nd Winner - 'World Strongest Mage']


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217 chapters
Alucard Russell is currently sitting well in his class and watching the male teacher teaching in front of the course. Alucard is now a 3rd-year high school student and will soon graduate and find a job. Alucard has no unique talents or anything and is just a schoolboy. So he currently needs clarification about the future he will choose. While the teacher was still busy teaching, a bright white light suddenly covered the entire classroom. "What happened?" said a student who was currently closing his eyes. "Who turned on the flashlight? Is it necessary to do something like this to interrupt the lesson?" said another student who thought the white light might be a very bright lamp. "What happened?" thought Alucard. Just as the disciples got questions, they suddenly felt that their whole bodies began to fly, and their consciousness disappeared. They didn't know how much time had passed, and Alucard began to open his eyes slowly. At this time, Alucard sees an extraordinary ceiling of t
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Alucard immediately raised his head and saw a man sitting on the throne and had a golden crown on top of his head. The man has blonde hair with a kind smile on his face. Perhaps the current king is fifty years old and quite old from his face. The king immediately said again, "You must be confused at this time why you can be here. Then I will tell you that right now, we are a human kingdom in trouble. The demon king and his generals, namely the seven deadly sins, constantly attacked the human kingdom. Even today, this kingdom has already lost several cities to the hands of the demons." "Our human kingdom has also collaborated with kingdoms of other races, such as elves, dwarfs, and lizardmen, to fight demon kings, but at this time, we are still experiencing defeat. Therefore, you heroes are summoned to this world to help us defeat the demon king and his followers."As the king is talking, the kneeling male teacher immediately stands up and says, "I won't let you guys make my disciple
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Several people in black robes immediately appear in the room. The men carried a ball made of crystal in their hands. The disciples immediately became confused, looking at this cloaked person who suddenly came to the throne room. The king immediately said, looking at the puzzled disciples, "No need to panic! They are all the wizards of the kingdom. They will help you unlock your status with the crystal ball. If your status has been opened, you only need to say 'Open status' to see your status. But the status you can see is only the status of your job. You need an analysis expert if you see an even more complete status. You don't need much money to see your status through analytical experts." Upon hearing that, these disciples nodded immediately. An old man in a black robe immediately came forward among the cloaked people and said, "Well, you can go forward now and put your hands on the crystal ball. After that, you can already see the status you have, both job and ability." "Well, I'
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The entire throne room immediately panicked and looked toward the screaming person. At this time, they saw that the person who became the hero was Mike, who was very good at sports. Hearing that, Mike immediately said arrogantly, "You guys don't have to worry. I will protect all human beings with my hero strength, haha…." General Levi immediately stepped forward, patted Mike on the shoulder, and then said with a smile, "Hero, with your ability, we can defeat those demons." Mike immediately said, "I will try hard!" Afterwards, the other disciples looked at their work and abilities. Although the other student's work is also great for fighting, it is not as great as the teachers, Zeref and Mike. Finally, it is Alucard's turn to see the work he has. Alucard advanced slowly with great anticipation that he would get a job that was not inferior to the hero. Who is not interested in being strong anyway? Alucard put his hand on the crystal ball, and like the others, the crystal ball immedi
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Several guards currently take Alucard to a luxurious horse-drawn carriage in front of the palace. Alucard felt puzzled as to why he had to ride a horse-drawn carriage. Would he leave the capital? Since a horse-drawn carriage is supposed for long trips, if it just throws Alucard away and lets him stay in the money, then there is no need to take Alucard in a horse-drawn carriage. Seeing the doubts on Alucard's face, a man in a reasonably luxurious dress immediately came up to Alucard with a kind smile and said, "You don't have to worry too much like that. I am a financial officer in the palace. We use this horse-drawn carriage to take you away from the capital and live in another city. Because if you are going to stay in the capital, then it will be more difficult to make money, and the price of things in the capital is much higher, so the five gold coins given by the king will not be enough for you to live in the capital for a year." "But if it is in another city, then it will be much
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Alucard does not know how he uses the monster analysis system. At this time, Aveline spoke again in answer to Alucard's question. "The monster analysis system is a system where you can get complete information about a monster. Mr Alucard can get complete knowledge about the monsters that have been analysed, be it the monster's abilities, food or other things." Hearing Aveline's explanation, Alucard became even more confused and asked again, "Then how will this ability help me escape from this state?" "If it's just monster analysis, then it will indeed be useless, but you are the God of Analysis, so the monster analysis system you have also developed more powerfully. Mr Alucard can make all the monsters that have been analysed one hundred per cent. But Mr Alucard had to pay some money to make the monster he had already analysed. But Mr Alucard can make them as much as possible as long as it is fully analysed and has enough money. All the monsters created by master Alucard have full l
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At this time, two soldiers boarded a horse-drawn carriage. They were in front of the horse-drawn carriage and controlled the horses in the carriage. At this time, they looked very lazy to control the horse and looked at the road ahead. "Why should we be the ones throwing this kid into the abyss maze?" said a soldier who was currently holding a rope holding the horse in front of the horse-drawn carriage. "Because we are the weakest guards of the palace. We are only level five and in the palace are not very useful. Therefore, we are the ones who are sent to do this work. After all, this job is not difficult at all and easy to complete," said another soldier who sat lazily in contrast to the previous soldier, who was busy controlling the horse. This soldier does not need to be active because he is much more senior as a palace warrior than the person beside him. So he does not need to control the horse. "Weakest, huh?" said the soldier who controlled the horse and then said again, "But
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Alucard stopped thinking about the problem of this level increase and looked at the junior soldier who was still sitting on the ground in a daze, watching his senior being eaten by the lion king. The other lion kings managed Alucard as if to ask what they should do to this living soldier. Alucard just shook his head and told those lion kings to let him live. This is because this soldier previously had concern for Alucard. So Alucard couldn't act too cruelly and told these lion kings to kill him. Perhaps Alucard's actions seemed very naïve because if this soldier was still alive, he might tell the royal party about this incident. But how can Alucard not be naïve? After all, Alucard is a disciple who comes from the earth. Suppose the person is cruel to Alucard like the previous senior warrior, then Alucard will strengthen his determination and kill him without hesitation. But Alucard, a few hours ago, was still a disciple on earth who had a peaceful life without murder. So, for this ju
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Alucard and Lelouch are currently on foot, heading to a nearby town in search of a horse-drawn carriage. Lelouch advised Alucard to dispose of the carriage given by the palace because the palace's horse-drawn carriage was different from other horse-drawn carriages. After all, the palace's horse-drawn carriage was very luxurious. There was a royal emblem on it, so they left the horse-drawn carriage along with the corpses of the previous senior warriors to make it look like they were attacked by monsters so that even though the royal party found them, then they would think that Alucard and Lelouch might have died also brought by monsters as their food. After arriving at the nearest town, they spent five silver coins to buy a new horse-drawn carriage. Lelouch paid for the horse-drawn carriage because Alucard only had gold coins. The salesman of the horse-drawn carriage could not give change for his silver coins. The city is not too big or arguably relatively small. Even the city wall is
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Alucard could soon see an island in the distance. Alucard could see a city on the island, but unlike the town Alucard had seen before, the City had no gate. The ship slowly approached a port that, at this time, looked much smaller than the port in the previous trading city. The ship immediately approached the port and stopped. Then, people started to get off the boat and headed straight towards Labyrinth City. Alucard, who had just got off the ship in his horse-drawn carriage, immediately returned to look at the maze city with shining eyes. Lelouch obtained this carriage at a lower price after selling the last horse-drawn carriage. More precisely, these horse-drawn carriages were cheaper because they were no longer in the trading city. Seeing Lelouch's skill, Alucard began to think that Lelouch might be very suitable to be a trader. Although the labyrinth city does not look as rich as the trading city where Alucard previously came, the labyrinth city has a uniqueness that the tradin
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