Grimoire of Duality

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Grimoire of Duality

By: Aeolus Quill OngoingFantasy

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After the opening of the Pandora's Box, the God of Death, battered and gravely injured, fled to the mortal world carrying half of the Supreme artifact of the Gods he stole. The world, known as Agartha, experienced a monumental change- The transition of flora and fauna in tandem with human civilization into something richer with resources blended with utmost danger. Massive surge of concentrated energy coursed through the world enabling the manifestation of dormant bloodlines, martial and arcane arts as well as powerful techniques. In a secluded village in the depths of Sierra Noluz, a relatively dangerous mountain range with dense forestry is where Lex Azure live. Living his 15 years of life being instilled with vocational education as well as martial arts from his father, learning military arts from retired soldiers in the village, and arcane arts from village invokers, it was all but fleeting. Suddenly thrust into the whirlpool of fate, Lex, compelled by his bloodline, will inevitably have to face off against the God of Death. Why must he battle a God? How can he face against a God? Discover the world outside of Sierra Noluz and explore the vastness of Ageartha with Lex as he campaigns to fight for the survival of humanity. Learning the trinity paths, befriending magic beasts, rallying the nation, finding reliable companions, fighting the dark forces, treading a path uncharted by all. ------- Note: Brace yourselves to get your worldview overturned by different tales and you'll start to believe in magic a little. Stay tuned for every piece of the puzzle will fit perfectly at the end. Please enjoy the journey. Read it now, add it to your reading list and earn a badge.


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[Volume I] Chapter 1: Mundo
Ashes to ashes; dust to dust. Singularity emptiness of the cosmos; the point of nothingness. Chaotic energy dominates the universe— expanding, inflating, scattering, accelerating, contracting, colliding. Until that infinitesimally unlikely fated moment. -Primordial Chaos ▪︎▪︎▪︎ Towering trees with sprawling vegetation, intermittent crying of insects and hungry beasts, picturesque mountain range yet a world where only the fittest reign supreme. Sierra Noluz, a range of interconnected mountains with dense vegatation, unique habitats and abundant lifeforms, both at the apex of the pyramid and those at the bottom, consisting a balance.In a distant marsh, a level 15 Grizzly Lunar Bear can be seen eyeing a meek level 10 Wood Deer. A Grizzly Lunar Bear is very potent during the night because they receive additional powers when the moon shines. With its bloodshot eye of the predator, hunger radiates from its pores as it awaits the right opportunity to take its feast.The unsuspecting de
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Chapter 2: Martial Path
Ye, I can see it in the distant horizon, and around Me if I must say so. Encroaching Void of endless magnitude in the vast cosmos alongside a flicker of light, growing, propagating, the Glow. A transition, a metamorphosis that may take eons, or may perphaps may never occur. -Everdark and Constant Light ▪︎▪︎▪︎ Training in the village starts at an early age of seven. The world of Agartha is a world whwre everyone'a constitution is enhanced because of mystic energy, thus, a child's body have so much potential and can be trained at an early age.Of course, the number one reason is the threat of mystic beaats. But still training their body ans mind will never go wrong and will surely aid them in the long run.Shortly after the rigid instructor arrives, the youths, consiting of 54 boys and girls, are now lined up, ready to listen to his teachings and start of training. Although the training grounds is a bit crude, but all the necessary tools and equipment for training can be seen and it
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Chapter 3: Mystic Beasts
Merely, ridic human, merely. unbridledly living and incognizantly dying. Dissension within one's state. A robust fleshly vessel yet feeble noesis and frail animus equates enigma. -Tripartite Symbiosis ▪︎▪︎▪︎ Lifting his sword and concentrating, Lex started feeling his body heat up, then, he tries to move that sensation towards his arms and sword. Right after, with a mighty swing of his sword, he struck the large boulder. 'Kchhtt'Soon enough, they discovered that he leave a mark, not."You also tried to condense your peuma in your sword just like instructor. Unfortunately, you did not succeed," Niles said what he observed in his attack. Niles, who is a few months older than Lex, actually have an aptitude for the Martial Path and focus on practicing the sword."It's a bit tricky," Lex remarks. He really did tried to focus his pneuma on the blade edge when slashing but was not proficient enough in it, resulting in the dispersion of his pneuma at the last second, thus, not being abl
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Chapter 4: Arcane Path
It originates from the Earth, drifts into Water, burns in the Fire, and returns to the Wind. Fire flickers and Water fluctuates. unlike Wind, Earth does not flow. The world exists with this conflicting forces. Elements ▪︎▪︎▪︎The Arcane Path, just like the Martial Path, is one of the three major Paths in cultivation. However, the percentage of cultivators of the former is much smaller than the latter.. Like for every ten awakened children, 5 or 6 will most likely have an aptitude for the Martial Path while only 2 or 3 will most likely have an aptitude for the Arcane Path.Aside from that, cultivators of this path have an innate advantage over martial path. Of course, that is, as long as distance is properly accounted but if a practitioner shortens it, it pretty much nullifies that advantage. It's just that low level spells in the Arcane Path have higher destructive effect than those of its counterpart in the Martial Path.Of course, this is not always true because in the higher lev
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Chapter 5: New Moon Ceremony
Insignificant mortals tilling the field as mighty Gods soaring in the sky. Mythical beasts roaming the lands with spirits and elemental dwellers. Angels and Demons with polar temperaments, evoking epics and nightmares. -Once Upon a Time ▪︎▪︎▪︎ It was a typical night for the common folks of this planet, Agartha, but it was a moment that will decide their fate for the children who will have their aptitude tested tonight under the New Moon.Within Sierra Noluz, the event is happening in a pavillion near the lake where five children nervously waiting for the moment that their name will be called, all looking like they are on a death row sentence.Quite funnily, this is not the end of their lives but rather the start of it. The New Moon ceremony for the children about eight years old with the birth month aligning tonight will be tested for their aptitude. Lex observe the small crowd, he too feeling the importance of this event in his life. Whether he can sunder the heaven or continue te
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Chapter 6: Animus Path
Isn't normal to want? Wanting to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, to touch, and to love. How human that was? As feeble as it is fleeting. -Six Desires ▪︎▪︎▪︎ As the moonlight spilled through the window, Lex can be seen sleeping soundly in his bed. He seem contented with the result of his awakening. Being a cultivator of two paths is something extremely rare even in the vast cultivation world. Just the chance of someone awakening their talent in one of the path is rare, much more with two paths. Though not impossible, the percentage is unimaginably small. His achievement tonight showcased his monstrous talent. Of course, the road of cultivation is long and full of trials that talent alone cannot bring him far. Determination, perseverance, and hard work are equally important. For now, all of those are for the future. Lex comfortably drift through his dreamland where he is the protagonist of his story. “Brace yourselves my comrades, for we are about to face the evil dragon. Onward!
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Chapter 7: Way of Cultivation
A once monochromatic dull life suddenly got colored. Pleasure painted it red, as anger glossed it green. Yet, just a thought can make it yellow. When sorrow and worry collides, whiteness dominates the panorama. On the other hand, blackness spreads due to fright and fear. -Seven Emotions ▪︎▪︎▪︎ Lex left his father's room quite excitedly as he prepare to head to the training grounds. Nothing changes in the village but something is slowly changing within him.He himself feels the changes that occured.'I can feel the mystic energies in the surroundings'This is the clear indicator of a successful awakening. As a matter of fact, mystic energy are virtually present everywhere. However, for common citizens, mystic energy is invisible. It is imperceptible to them. The New Moon Ceremony awakens the latent capability of an individual to sense mystic energy and possibly harness them. 'It's time.'Lex excitedly heads off, raring to start his cultivation. Not long after, he is at the training
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Wilderness Exposure
But how could a bird forgets its nest, or a river fail to return to the ocean. Just as no matter how long or everchanging the tides or seasons are, they will never fade or shift in essence. -Eight Absolutes ▪︎▪︎▪︎ The group of youths led by the rigid instructor arrived shortly after at the village entrance. They joined with the adults who will take charge of the exploration and ensure the safety of the young ones. The village chief, Nyshof, waited for everyone to arrive before announcing, "Young warriors of our village, prepare for a hunt. The threat of mystic beasts are always upon us yet we still stand until today." "We had noticed the unusual number of beasts within the vicinity and their frequent attacks. As the pioneers of Sierra Noluz, we must take the initiative to hunt these beast to prevent complications." "Today and for the next two days, you will go on an expedition to train as well as reduce these beasts," Nyshof continued his speech. "The youths will be divided in
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