World of Cultivation: Book of Life and Death

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World of Cultivation: Book of Life and Death

By: Bystander OngoingFantasy

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What would happen if you got a book that would tell the fate of your life until your death? Of course, we will try to change that fate. Lin Feng changed his destiny from a mortal to a god with the Book of Life and Death. But unfortunately, when Lin Feng entered the realm of the gods, an absolutely terrifying crisis occurred. “No matter how secretive the enemy's schemes and monstrous plans of the ancient gods are, I am the only one who will know the future developments! With the book of life and death, whatever choice I make right now, will affect the future!"

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  • Hin Ata


    not bad, from a mortal to becoming a Martial Artist then becoming a cultivator, and now in chapter 120 he has become an Immortal who no longer relies on age. Watching his journey was a joy, quite unexpected as he entered the plot of the Ancient Vajra Sect.

    2023-04-04 06:33:30
  • Robert


    Is the book completed? No updates forever!!

    2023-09-07 23:34:52
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216 chapters
Chapter 1 - The Book of Life and Death
Have you ever imagined how sad reality is? The more we know the truth, the more we know how cruel reality can be. All dreams, dreams, and desires will simply be forgotten when one's age increases.No, maybe it's more accurate that we have to let go of all such fantasy dreams in order to adjust to social life.But that doesn't mean things like that are bad in the eyes of other people.Then have you ever imagined a situation where we make a choice between A and B, which will affect the future? Some people will have a regret when they choose the wrong choice, but some people will also feel grateful for having made that choice.But what if you have an artifact that can tell about your life and death in the future according to the choices you made before?This is the story of a transmigrant who owns the artifact of the book of life and death.Mortal>Cultivator>Immortal>Supreme>Outer God>???----------------"Lin Feng, this month's vegetable harvest tax must be paid, no later than tomorrow
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Chapter 2 - Raishan Fist!
Lin Feng first calmed down so that his heart would not be too excited.Then after calming down, Lin Feng muttered quietly in a low voice while looking at the book of life and death floating in front of him."Activate!"[Insufficient balance, the current balance is 3 points left, activating the ability of the book of life and death in the Houtian realm requires 10 points, does the user want to refill points?]This......?damn!After breaking through to the Houtian Realm, this actually required ten taels of silver, just now Lin Feng had replenished five taels of silver, and now he only had eleven taels of silver left in his hand. With Lin Feng's current strength in the Houtian Realm, it was still very difficult to make money.But as long as Lin Feng didn't provoke some of the big powers in Wu City, then he could live a reasonably stable life.“Refill the ten taels I have!”[Refill successful, user's current balance is 11 points.][Do you want to use the ability of the book of life and d
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Chapter 3 - Treasure
Lin Feng took twenty-seven taels of silver from under little leader Hua Ye's bed and went straight home.When the little leader Hua Ye died, the Tiger Gang members around the market would carry out a thorough investigation. But Lin Feng was sure that the people from Tiger Gang would never suspect a small cultivator of killing the small leader Hua Ye.Moreover, Lin Feng was also prepared to leave this area after finding the Bone Grass.This area is too small, even the small leader Hua Ye who has ruled the Market for eight years can only save more than twenty taels of silver. If Lin Feng wants to quickly improve his strength, then the market area here can't satisfy him at all!"Refill twenty-five taels of silver!"[Reload successfully, the current balance is filled with 20 points.]*Refill points will be absorbed 20% by artifacts of the book of life and death*[Would you like to activate the ability of the book of life and death now? It costs 10 points to use once. ]"Yes, activate!"[A
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Chapter 4 - Golden Physique Technique
Lin Feng walked over and picked up the parcel beside the golden bone skeleton, and twenty-nine silver ingots were lying within the parcel.Apart from silver, there were also books that one did not know what material they were made of and some unknown potions.Lin Feng first threw away the useless pills.Then Lin Feng took a wooden stick, carved a hole, put those bones with a faint golden glow into them, and buried them with earth.With a slight bow towards the small tomb, Lin Feng turned around and left the cave.Then back to the fishing boat.Lin Feng put away the parcel containing silver taels and opened a book that only contained five or six pages."Those who have obtained the knowledge of the golden body must kill the people of the Medicine King Sect!"When Lin Feng opened the mysterious book, he saw several red-colored sentences written in blood, it showed the emotions of the people who wrote these sentences deeply hated the Medicine King Sect in their hearts.Lin Feng then turne
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Chapter 5 - Tong Mansion
Four days later, at noon.Lin Feng's figure appeared outside Wu City, still holding the 'harvest' basket in his hand, and three bone grasses hid in the basket.Lin Feng's vision at this time is far from being comparable to before, but he still found only four bone grass on the island. It seems that there are only four plants on the island. Lin Feng took one and found that although bone grass is a good supplement, it can enhance Houtian-level warrior cultivation speed.But it didn't matter much for him, who was as bloody as a dragon.It is better to sell some of these bone grasses and stack the golden body technique to the seventh layer.......The Tong family is very famous in Wu City, even if it is the strongest Tiger Gang in Wu City, they have to give face in front of the Tong family.All this is because the old lady of the Tong family, Tong Qian, is a Grandmaster martial artist. Although she is old, as long as the old lady Tong is in one day, the Tong family is a first-class power
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Chapter 6 - Yin Building
"Ouch?""How much silver?"The old bustard stretched out two fingers and said with a smile, "Just two hundred taels of silver, you can hire Miss Qing!" "“Miss Qing is a woman of high culture, if it wasn't for her family being hit by a disaster, how could a clean woman like Zhu Qing come to such a miserable fate here? In all these years, no other man has touched Miss Qing!”Still clean?Lin Feng's eyes showed shock, then he threw twenty silver ingots at the old bustard, and said lightly."Here is the money!"The old bustard took a silver ingot then chased away the other girls with a big smile on his face, he hugged Zhu Qing and looked at her with affectionate eyes, and said:"Miss Qing, you must accompany the young master tonight!"After the old bustard and the others left the room.Lin Feng felt that this woman called Zhu Qing hugged herself from behind, a pair of mountain yang gently pressed against Lin Feng's back, this woman's small mouth breathed a seductive breath into Lin Feng'
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Chapter 7 - Subjugation
boom!The door was opened with a bang from the outside, and a group of people entered.They saw the room inside was littered with women's clothing and a shirtless young man with a large golden knife sitting at the table."You're the one who got the forged bone plant?"Ding Ze who was the leader of the group of people who entered the room glanced at Lin Feng with jealousy flashing in his eyes.As a Huotian-level martial artist, he was one of the people the true gang leader of the Tiger Gang trusted, but he was even reluctant to spend fifty taels of silver to sleep for one night in this Yin building! Now an ordinary farmer without having the bitter experience of survival actually relied on luck to find some bone herbs and found something that ordinary humans would never obtain.Some of the other Tiger Gang members squinted at the bed, even though Zhu Qing's whole body was curled up in the blanket, her beautiful body still looked energetic. Several times they also thought that after prac
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Chapter 8 - Chaos in the Tiger Gang
Wu City, the headquarters of the Tiger Gang."True leader, there is bad news!"Hua Xun was just lying on the bed frowning when he heard the screams of his underlings outside the courtyard."What happened? Why are you guys so panicked?"Forced to bear the unhappiness in his heart, Hua Xun got up and lit the oil lamp.The subordinates outside the room also heard the true leader of the Tiger Gang's dissatisfaction, and quickly said,"Real leader, Ding Ze is currently seriously injured when he came out from within the Yin Building!""What?"Hua Xun frowned, opened the door, and walked out."What's going on? In Wu City, there are still those who dare to be enemies with my Tiger Gang? Could it be that Ding Ze has conflicts with the people of the Tong family?" Hua Xun looked at the people in front of him and said in a cold tone.The underlings bowed slightly while speaking in a frightened tone, "True leader, Ding Ze has now been sent back here by the people of the Yin Building, to be precise
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Chapter 9 - Breakthrough Xuantian Realm
As soon as Tong Rulong's words came out, Zhu Qing's white hands that were making tea involuntarily trembled, and her eyes were full of disbelief.The teenager who had experienced spring with him last night turned out to be a Xuantian-level martial artist.But the entire Wu City had only produced three Xuantian-level martial artists in a hundred years!Now the only one left alive was the old Granny of the Tong Family and the leader of the Tiger Gang, Hua Zheng!Although there is some disbelief in the heart. But she also knew that the head of the Tong family wouldn't be bored enough to come and make such jokes with them in person!Lin Feng looked at Tong Rulong with a smile and said, “Do you think Xuantian-level martial artists are strong? What if I am not a Xuantian-level martial artist?”“If the young master is a Xuantian-level martial artist, my Tong Family is willing to give up half of the property that the family owns and only ask the young master for twenty years of protection!” T
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Chapter 10 - Discovered a Cultivation Method
"Select one."The moment Lin Feng made his choice, an enormous internal force was injected into his body, and it calmed down after a while."This… Breaking through to become a Xuantian-level martial artist doesn't seem to greatly increase my strength!"Lin Feng frowned slightly, although he could feel the increase in internal strength in his body, Lin Feng had cultivated the Golden Body Technique to the seventh stage. The power of a single punch with his entire strength had exceeded thousands of catties, and he could stab an enemy to death with a single finger despite only having the Houtian level.Although Lin Feng had never fought with a Xuantian-level martial artist, his internal qi cultivation had also improved now, even Lin Feng felt that he could kill a Xuantian-level martial artist with just one move."It seems that the technique of this golden body is not simple, otherwise the Vajra Gate would not have been destroyed by the Medicine Sect with a cultivator sitting to protect th
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