Hidden Billionaire Son-in-law

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Hidden Billionaire Son-in-law

By: Deliaha Shine CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Eric gets humiliated by his wife, whom he loves so much and has a little son with, he is tagged as a man without identity because he bears his wife's name and doesn't have knowledge of his birth family. His mother-in-law urges her daughter to part with him, then he meets with an unexpected fortune, which is greater than winning the lottery. What will happen when the company where his abusers are working now belongs to him? Revenge is full in his mind and he's determined to make those that abused him go low on their knees.


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Chapter 1
"Why are you coming back now?" She questions rudely."I'm so sorry, I think I'm a bit early today and not late." A slap lands on his face. "How foolish you are, I'm asking why you're returning earlier than usual and you're saying something else." He gritted his teeth and was fuming with anger. But he gulped the anger."I was stuck in the traffic.""Will you answer my question?" Scarlett barks. "I'm not feeling quite okay, that's why I returned home." "What a weakling, you are such an asshole. Imagine coming to my workplace to spy on me like I was some kid, pretending to have a surprise for me," she glared him as if he is only a stone with no ears and emotions."Do you think I'm a child or that submissive wife you guys dominate over." She spat on his face, he wiped away her saliva gently from his face. "I wanted to divorce you, but I changed my mind. At least you're not all that useless but useful in keeping the house clean, cooking and doing other things." "Arrghh!" Another s
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Chapter 2
The house is set for the twenty-fifth birthday party of Eric, he's turned twenty-five today and wishes to surprise the three relatives he has, his wife Scarlett, three year old son, Mako and his mother-in-law, Susan. All went out early in the morning, Susan on a tour with Mako and Scarlett to Hollywood where she works as an actress. He does this in a bit to surprise his wife, who most likely sees him as worth nothing, lazy and of no good. He was really determined inside him to save some of the money he got to surprise Scarlett and make her know after all that he's a man. The dining table is filled with turkey soups, barbecues, a large bottle of red wine, vegetable stew, all sorts of delicacies rarely cooked in the house.He looks at the time, it's 12 PM. He heads over to the drawer, takes out his phone and dials his wife's number."What could be wrong?" He asks himself, brushing his hair with his fingers, in frustration. He walks over to address some stuff that has just caught h
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Chapter 3
"Yes sir, I'm Eric Woodley, my wife is Scarlett Woodley and I came here in search of her, she isn't picking my call." Just as he is saying this, the gate opens and she storms out walking straight to him, Eric is surprised to see her. How did she know I'm here? Who told her? Eric's legs begin to shake, he shivers in fear, the kind of eyes that she is staring at him with is not something to be comprehended, he hasn't seen her so aggressive like this before and wonders what's going on that is making her behave this way."Hey, why are you here?" She questions holding the collar of his shirt."Hello, can you please calm down ma'am. Be civilized." Another officer urges from behind, the one that humiliated him with his eyes would never warn Scarlett because he desires this to happen to him. Eric stares into his face and it's glowing with delight. He's certain that this is what he wanted. Scarlett loosens the grip on him as the officer says this and finally lets go of him. "Can you tell m
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Chapter 4
Eric's frowned after hearing his grandfather's name. Like the man must be joking or a mad person."Are you kidding me?" Eric raised his eyebrows. The bodyguard shook his head in disagreement."You have a grandfather, who has been silent since you were born." The bodyguard revelation shocked him.It can't be true just few minutes ago he was an orphan and now he is having grandfather."Did he know beforehand that where I was"?"Yes, young master," the bodyguard nodded his head.Eric blood boils in anger, his grandfather also deveived him as his wife did to him."I don't want to meet that old man, who let me die in the streets since I was born." Eric shot back angrily. He tried to start the taxi, but cut off in between."He has called you to give your mother's pendant," the other man replied slowly.Eric's heart twitched, recalling his mother's name and her memories.Eric went to his grandfather's mansion, "Storm House". The mansion was decorated with expensive antiques.He envied him f
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Chapter 5
He wanted to know whether he is doing right to take decision or following Scarlet like a puppet is right.As he walks up to his house, Scarlett is sitting at the chair like a devil. He saw her then his heart lit up with happiness."Finally, you are back home." Eric said, taking steps towards her.She stopped him showing her palm on his face. "It's my house. Not yours. So, obviously I will be back home. I am not like you a pet to whom I am giving a house to leave," she flared her nostrils and slapped on his face.He winced in pain but he wanted to end this.He looks down, behaving like the ever submissive husband."Go and clean my room,now,*She yelled angrily on him.After cleaning the room, he'as about to return to his room when Scarlett stops him on the way with their son in her arms. "Where do you think you're going?" "To my room, I'm tired." "Hmm," she scoffs. "When you didn't bring in the right amount of money, you want to go and sleep?" "What am I supposed to do?" "Good,
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Chapter 6
There is this office of Carlos, a very special office where he stores the documents of his assets all over the world, lots of money he doesn't wish to keep in the bank. Eric is awed as his grandpa takes him into the innermost part, showing him all his secrets, assets and even those ones no one knows about. "Grandpa, I never believed that one day, I'll be faced with this fortune, I'm so grateful and happy. I thought it was all over when you send me out." "I know you would, it's quite okay. It's a normal thing for you to be excited." "I wanted to ask you something, grandpa." "Yes, what's it?" "What about grandma?" When he was sent out, she was still with him but recently he has not caught a sight of her, neither has he heard her talked about. "I haven't heard you talk about her since we met. I hope she's fine. This' the only thing that's keeping me worried." "We divorced or should I say she divorced me, she's now living with her new husband in Italy." "Oh my goodness, why did s
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Chapter 7
As usual, Scarlett abuses him as he returns even with the accurate amount of money he brought, she adds to her complaint by questioning why he came back so early. It was 10:45 PM when he came back, meanwhile she was expecting him to come back at around 11 PM or any minute past twelve. Eric smirked to her ungrateful attitude, he received a slap before he went to bed. She found that disrespectful, and she ought to punish him. She warned him never to disrespect her, lest she'd hire a gang and ask them to strip and beat him outside where everyone can see."I'll personally film it and get it into the internet and the whole world would get to see you." This particular statement of all she made reoccurs in Eric's mind as he prepares to sleep, even recurring in his dreams. "I'm gonna avenge all these insults," he says to himself on his bed with a wicked grin. "So sad she doesn't know I'm the new CEO of the Hollywood that's making her boost she too much." He decided inside him to keep bein
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Chapter 8
Eric rushes out early in the morning pretending to go drive, but not actually. He decided to begin his management sessions with his granny's consultant who has served him for many years. He first heads to the Storm Residence to greet Carlos. Along the stairs leading to his room, he wonders if he is even awake. He has no option but to continue. "Good morning sir," a maid greets, bowing low. "How may I help you sir." He smirks. "I'm okay, good morning. I'm here to meet Mr Carlos." "He's still having his night's rest, and hasn't woken up yet." To her, she indirectly means that he doesn't want to be woken up whenever he's asleep. She can't speak this out directly because of who Eric is to her boss, she looks timid. Eric smiles, understanding what is going on in her mind. "I want to wish him good morning, hope there is nothing wrong with that?" "Fine sir, you may go in." She steps forward and opens the door for him to go inside. He gives a slight nod as gratitude, despite his new
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Chapter 9
He becomes unsteady not because of what Carlos told him about his wife but he assumes he was not who he is now, it would be disastrous. Scarlett was serious about kicking him out of her life, he is pretty shocked by her buying a family home, who knows if she isn't pregnant already for her boyfriend. He is puzzled at how everything is taking place without his knowledge. He knows his worth now and can never let any of those things bother him now. The time draws near for his private class with Mr Harkinson, it's a few minutes to nine. The dressing room assigned specially for him is just by the adjoining room, he takes excuse from his granddad and hastens over, sliding the door half-closed. He walks around the thousands of pairs of corporate wear his dad has ordered for him, many expensive suits, various colors and textures which he has never seen anyone wear before. They are specially made for him. If not for protocol, he would just go for casual wear after all this wasn't his resum
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Chapter 10
Eric now takes full possession of Hollywood, he starts making changes but the changes would basically affect Scarlett and Susan. News circulates the whole world that Hollywood has been handed over to an anonymous personality who wishes to remain so until he decides otherwise. People are tensed to know who Pat Carlos, one of the world's richest handed it over to. Eric schedules a special meeting with the new head of the personnel board, he's in charge of recruiting, promoting and dismissing actors and actresses whom he feels have breached the terms of contract of the movie industry. This meeting is termed to address an issue Eric had always had in his mind for sometime now.He and Mr Eloine sit in on a round table discussion. Eric begins by clearing his throat, he had already mandated all the senior staff of the industry to keep his identity a secret or risk many years jail term. He's now in power and capable of doing all that, they are afraid of this and play by the rules."Eloin
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