Nightmare of Flesh - Tia Nobunaga

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Nightmare of Flesh - Tia Nobunaga

By: Z_ERO OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Being a prodigy not just just in talent but being a beauty and the first Artificial Hybrid, Tia Nobunaga's life is a roller coaster. Between her creator chasing her down, her image being ruined from a source of hope for kidnapped victims as her existence means that trafficking no longer is of use, to becoming wanted as a military power or for her many crimes. Being exposed to the world, Tia learns that humans and Beasts are similar in behavior and there is a coldness in them that if she keeps quiet about will either get the herself or the people she loves dead. Thus, Tia embarks on a journey of self-preservation but she also has to gets stronger to survive. If a person has to soak themselves in blood to move forward and fend themselves, does that make them a bad person. Hence, she is not exactly a villain...


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   Everyone had to make a living and some people did whatever they could; extreme dark, extreme light, extreme balance and the gray areas in-between. Kazu Nini was going to do it her own way. And if it worked out, one day she might live in the Mountain-Ether of the Pixies. Pixies had excellent gifts and apart from bending laws, there was also mirrors.   Kazu Nini had emerald green and piercing almond eyes, as if they shone. All her edges were angular like the rest of her pixie kind, scrawny and with ground glasses on her eyes. Not because she needed them but for her self-defenses. She rocked frazzled and sometimes hunched, never really talk much, slim lips freckles on her face. Her teeth could be either normal or entirely sharp.   She had the best grades in the Institutions, no one like referring to them as schools because that felt too human, her genius was exceptional. Bright kid, loved by lecturers and despised by the mischievous. Eve
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Chapter 1
   Year 10482 Summer 3rd Month Day 9      “She is a Class 1st Artificial Hybrid, the first of its kind and the only one for a while.”    The man across from her had neon blue suit with neon blue khaki pants with black socks and black moccasins that had diamonds studded along the edges of the soles. The guy was an elf, to be in this job meant things didn’t work out well and he somehow managed to catch the job but he seemed wealthy enough. So, she didn’t look down on him, per se.   Tia Nobunaga was a bit away from them in a playground full of toys, with adolescent trolls who had been formally dressed acting as bodyguards separated by glass and two covered exits. The tuxedoes they wore complimented their ash skin as well as the gloves on their hands and the feet shows they wore. Since they couldn’t stay under sunlight for too long, the 16-foot-tall creatures were hallway up the
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Chapter 2
   “The more we do this, the more we can improve you.” They walked towards the ascending shaft. “I have a whole program; tests, exercises, dialogues, therapy…” They were walking down towards the Ascending shaft by 8 in the morning.   “Sounds fun.” Kazu was in a lab coat and Tia in a simple dress that reached her calves.   She punched her shoulder and the girl slapped her thigh. Yesterday has made her too bold, now she slaps me back. Kazu Nini doesn’t chose to mind it and let it go as they stepped into the space of the Ascending Shaft. “Also, by the time you get to like 7 it will be done.”   The water level in the tube holding the room they were in slowly dropped as she smiled and shouted, “Yay”   “Until you are a teenager and start producing hormones.”   She frowned as the doors opened. “S**t, nay.”
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