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Your abilities are gained from the past you have lived. Young Tora is on a journey to change the current norm. will he have the power to do it or will he be consumed along the way?


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Crimson skies were all that was seen for miles without end. As though someone had spread a blood-red clothe across the entire sky. Black smoke could be seen from far away as fires burned the remains of their intended targets, soot and ash filled the air, creating an opposite effect of a beautiful snowfall.Crows sang songs of joy as they called out to one another while feasting on the corpses that littered the land for miles in all directions. Scavengers of all sizes crawled out of their homes to partake of the feast that was laid out before them. Groans and pleas for death created a symphony that would gladden the deity of death as men cried like infants and prayed for an end to their suffering.It was in this same field of despair and death that I stared down at the one who had come to claim my head. With the last of my strength, I pushed myself to my feet. I used my sword to support myself as I stood to my full height, never once letting my enemy see the pain and agony I was passin
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Tora's POVSwinging blades have always been a way to focus and calm my mind. Strange as it may seem, a blade is as reliable as one who swings it. And for one who makes it his way of life then it becomes more than that. Waking up every morning before the break of dawn to go through the sequences and forms over and over again has become a part of me.Some find it strange but at this point, it has become strange for me to wield any other weapon other than the blade. The daisho gifted to me by my master when I passed the final test of the dojo quickly became my most prized possession. And as someone who has had to work for everything I have, it was a strange feeling to receive a gift, even if it was from the master.The burning sensation from repeated motions gradually spread from my arms down to my abdomen before quickly reaching my legs. Again and again, i swung my sword with vigor and tried to make each motion faster, quicker and stronger than the one before. By the time the sun had ri
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Tora's POVOne could clearly see the precision in his movements. For someone of such a large build, his speed was quite surprising. The lackeys were already writhing in pain on the floor and the confusion could clearly be seen on the face of the challenger."What the hell did you just do you bastard?! Do you believe something of that level will be able to dissuade me? You're delusional".With that, he rushed the large-looking fellow who just stood on the spot while watching him with a bored expression. With a simple side-step, he moved out of the way of the challenger's fist at the last moment. Using the same momentum, he struck the loud mouth at the back of his neck instantly knocking him out. Giving him one final look of disgust he walked away as the crowd that had gathered made a path for him as he approached.Well, the morning seems to have started off on an interesting note. The lessons flew by in a blur and finally, the appointed time was at hand. Students filed into the auditor
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Tora's POVWatching her as she walked away I couldn't help but wonder what caused that feeling of familiarity. Nothing surprising happened after that, there were a few red level incarnates even fewer supernaturals but a lot of humans. Once it got to my turn I walked up to the mirror wanting to quickly get it all over with. Standing in front of the mirror I was lost in the white smoke-like appearance that it had up close."Anytime today"the professor said. I could clearly hear the impatience that laced his voice. Taking a deep breath I raised my palm and laid it flat on the mirror. Staring at it intently for almost a full minute, nothing happened. I turned to the professor with an inquisitive look. He just raised an eyebrow in reply as he grunted in disgust. Seems someone has a strong dislike for non-incarnates. Already I could hear the murmurs that were beginning to rise.Feeling the stares of the other students boring holes through me I put removed my hand from the mirror and took a
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Tora's POV Jumping back my hand went to my sword as I began looking for the source of the voice. However, it hit me as a shock to realize my daisho was gone. Quickly taking a physical combat form I looked around slowly still trying to figure out where the voice came from. "You have a white flame that burns bright in your soul boy. I like it" At this point, my almost permanent stoic expression had obviously morphed into confusion as I looked back at the statue of the samurai warrior. To my utter surprise, the statue moved. I stood there shocked as I could not understand what was going on. Upon reaching its full height, the statue was about sixty feet if I had to guess. As it moved to take a step towards me it began to shrink till it was as big as a regular-sized man. Color began to appear on its features and suddenly it hit me like a wooden sword in the gut. This was the warrior from my dreams. "Miyamoto Musashi" With a calm expression, he replied with a nod. Walking towards me he
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Tora's POVThe professor speaking made the realization finally dawn on me that we were already in his office and I was still standing close to the door while he was already seated. His emerald green eyes seemed to glow in the shadow that his large frame created from backing the sunlight while being seated behind his large desk.Giving the room a once over I realized it was bare of any extravagant displays of wealth and only seemed to contain a large bookshelf, a smaller table where a chessboard rested, and a few other minorities that were required. The only thing that stood out was the painting that hung over the fireplace in the office. It depicted a plethora of draconic species soaring in the skies and seemingly in a series of weird dances with a massive rock-looking egg floating in the air. Presumably being carried by the wind."If you're done have a seat so we can get this over with."Professor Pius POVLooking at the student seated opposite me even an untrained eye could tell he
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Tora's PovIt's been a week since the whole fiasco occurred at the evaluation hall. I was still a hot topic for most of the student body but I ignored it because I had to focus my attention on more important things. Like the magma-like flames that were being hurled in my direction by the Professor. He had started training me personally after the incident like he said he would and it was by no means a walk in the park. We were working on my reaction time and movement speed today. Hence, my swords were taken from me and I had to stay alive and on the move for the better part of two hours to avoid the flames that were approaching me from various directions.The muscles in my legs were screaming for a moment of reprieve while my brain was in overdrive mode. Dodging a ball aimed at my midsection I jumped to the side while calculating the distance between the professor and myself. This lesson will only come to an end if I'm able to get within 5ft of the professor. Hiding behind a rock to ca
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Tora's Pov Immediately after I struck the professor, my mind went blank as I felt the strange rush of power leave my body. While my consciousness was drifting in the peaceful darkness, I felt myself get sucked in an invisible vacuum and when I landed harshly on my back, I opened my eyes and found myself in a forest clearing in front of a cave. Standing up I took in my surroundings and also took a moment to appreciate the solitude of the place around me. Bamboo shoots and other trees mingled with one another and spread out as far as the eye could see. The sunlight that filtered in gave the place an ethereal shine that would make any artist fall head over heels in an attempt to put on canvas what nature did without any difficulty. As I was still basking in the beauty of the place I heard a shuffling sound behind me. Turning around I noticed a shadow moving in the depths of the cave before a pair of glowing white eyes with blue highlights opened up and stared directly at me. Slowly th
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Unknown PovNot being able to contain myself after what I had just witnessed, I threw a kunai aimed at his neck with deadly precision. To my surprise, the kunai seemed to bounce back after apparently hitting nothing in particular. Looking at my target closely I realized one of his swords was in his hand. Strange, I don't recall seeing him pulling out the weapon. Before I could think further on it, I felt the cold steel of a blade on the back of my neck."Thinking it is possible to hide from me is a deadly delusion."A deadly voice spoke from behind me. It was at that moment I noticed that the target wasn't close to the door any longer. Smashing a smoke bomb to obscure visibility, I dashed towards the exit while leaving a trail of caltrops and poison bombs in my wake.Jumping towards the darkest shadow close to the entrance to make my escape, I was only able to keep my head by quickly using a hook lodged to the floor to stop my momentum and leap to the left. Looking at my previous dest
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Tora's PovHaving the Knowledge that Byakko had passed on to me had given me a huge boost. Though I can tell that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The image of a tiger on the hunt, its presence not being seen, and its prey unsuspecting as the timer on its life was quickly running outplayed in my head. The tiger's strike was invisible and totally unseen by the prey until it was too late making it seem like the tiger vanished. A perfect way to envision the technique that I was about to unleash."KIERU TORA"Spinning in a perfect circle without leaving the spot where I stood, I unleashed a slash that spread out in a circular motion around me. It was seen for just less than a second before becoming invisible to the naked eye.A perfect line appeared around me before the darkness began breaking apart. Seconds later, it had completely fallen to pieces and my senses had returned to normal. What I didn't expect to see, however, was my attacker with his hands in the air in a state of surr
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