ELEMENTA - The Tale of Immortality

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ELEMENTA - The Tale of Immortality

By: T OngoingFantasy

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I hear screams every time I close my eyes. And every time I open my eyes, I start a new life. How many times have I lived like this? How many times have I died and reborn… And how many different screams I woke up among the nightmares ?! ... Sometimes I wonder who the screams in my dreams belong to. The screams of the Dead Gods who have taken the liberty to be my enemy ? Or 'Innocent People' who made the mistake of loving me? ………........................................................................................................................... ElementA is a WebNovel in the style of Fantastic fiction-Light novel written by Tolunay Çelikbağ. ElementA is the work of the Turkey's first wuxia writer. It is the author's first long-term work. The average number of words in chapters is between 2200-2600. The story is mostly based on Martial arts, Sci-fi and Fantasy. * We will briefly watch our main character, Ren, strengthen and overcome many challenges. * Other names; Yuánsù - 元素 (Chinese) عنصر (Persian) элемента (Russian) * Genre: Action, Natural, Dance Arts, Fantasy, Adventure, Shounen, LightNovel -WebNovel * +16 * Not recommended for children under the age of 15, as there are no repetitive childish 'ecchi' scenes and absurd situations, but there are sexually explicit and unsuitable adult scenes for younger readers!

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46 chapters
First Prologue
-နိုးထ °•○● Elementa – The Tale of Immortality – Book 1 -  PROLOGUE 1 -/ T                                                                                                °•○●     I don't know what my real name is! But for now, I call myself Ren. I am one of those who was washed and reborn in the river called " 7 "..in succession...countless times..... .. I guess what makes me different from other living things is I can vaguely remember my previous lives. My previous families, my bloody wars and many cold nights where I died of illness. I've fallen in love many times. Sometimes I was mass
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Second Prologue
-နိုးထ °•○● Elementa – The Tale of Immortality – Book 1 -  PROLOGUE 2 -/ T                                                                                            °•○●     Never forget this! I’m not a good person. The 'good' are condemned to lose in this universe. ... If you ask me why I'm a bad person..Hmm. You know, there are things that will never come back.  The things you miss dearly. Especially the people you loved, like your family. You live by dreaming of another place where you will meet them when you die. In some cases you live in a torture and wait for the end of misery. You wait
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C1 °•○● The Hidden Cave on the Hill
-နိုးထ         °•○● Elementa – The Tale of Immortality – Book 1 - Chapter 1 / T                                                 "The Hidden Cave on the Hill" °•○●     A little boy was whistling. Then he looked up the shop he was passing by. He rushed for a few seconds to examine the products on display in showcase. His eyes looked very calm and clever while checking details. He was totally different comparing to his age when it comes to business-related things. He finally relieved to saw what he came for in the showcase. He quickly entered the shop and approached the counter, avoiding a few quiet and scary customers inside. The boy didn't know the name of the burly guy who didn't have a very good
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C2 °•○● First Bomb
-နိုးထ         °•○● Elementa – The Tale of Immortality – Book 1 - Chapter 2 / T                                                 "First Bomb" °•○●     It took a minute or two until Ren lit the torch. He was ready to enter the passage to the bottom of the cave. When he had entered a more tidy, earthy room than the ground at the entrance. Without the passage behind it and the cave-like area visible from there, it would have been possible to assume that it was a normal mudbrick house belove ground. Ren didn't dare to enter here on his previous visit (fall). He didn't have the knife he brought with him and he had no torch. Yesterday things were different. He had found the small hunting knife taken from home and bought one or two torche
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C3 °•○● Sorcerers and Warriors
-နိုးထ        °•○● Elementa – The Tale of Immortality – Book 1 - Chapter 3 / T                                                "Sorcerers and Warriors" °•○●  He was relieved when no one asked why he smelled bad as he went home and helped his mother cook dinner.He was terrified of his mother, especially after learning that they were living in a clan that sold materials used to make explosives. He was probably sensitive to the smells of that sort of thing, right?In the family, her mother mostly worked in distribution and transportation. His father, on the other hand, was just a regular employee doing errands. Ren was sure they would both instantly recognize the smell of gunpowder and smoke.
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C4 °•○● Shocking News
-နိုးထ        °•○● Elementa – The Tale of Immortality – Book 1 - Chapter 4 / T                                                "Shocking News" °•○● Monk still kept his hand on Ren's stomach as both the boys and Diana awaited what the Clan chief would say. He suddenly withdrew his hand and turned his head to Diana and spoke with a confused expression. "Can you look at his body too?"Without any idea of ​​what was going on, Diana hurried over to Ren and held out her hand. Her face turned serious the moment her fingers touched Ren's body. She closed her eyes and grimaced as if concentrating on a difficult task.Looking at the sweet face of the girl nearby, Ren thought that when she opened her eyes, she would give him ve
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C5 °•○● Metallic Sound
-နိုးထ        °•○● Elementa – The Tale of Immortality – Book 1 - Chapter 5 / T                                                "Metallic Sound" °•○●Diana took out a small book from among the thick clothes she was wearing. it was a few pages long, but Ren accepted it as a book anyway. The little sorceress moved slowly as she handed Ren the thin book, as if she were holding out the greatest treasure in the world."This book contains everything that a mage might look for in his first year.When Ren took it, he saw it only had a small symbol on it look like a"X". There were symbols of trees and leaves with interconnected branches at the corners. But clearly, X in the middle was the most important piece."This symbol was
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C6 °•○● Weixi de Nuren Auriel Pandora
-နိုးထ          °•○● ELEMENTA- The Tale of Immortality - Chapter"6" -/ T                                          "Weixi de Nuren Auriel Pandora!" °•○●A few seconds later, a voice was heard right behind the door. Although the voice resembled a human voice, it was more muffled and thick."Могу я чем-нибудь помочь?"Ren stood for a while, surprised, as the speaker's language was a foreign language. While hhe was ready to face many possibilities, she had never thought she would meet a stranger either. After a moment's pause, he spoke in a hesitant voice. "Are you the owner of the metal box?"Ren had tried to open the door because there were treasures inside, and then rang the bell out of curiosity. But he never thought about what he woul
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C7 °•○● First Kiss
-နိုးထ           °•○● ELEMENTA- The Tale of Immortality - Chapter"7" -/ T                                           "First Kiss" °•○●   From where he stood, Ren saw a strange ripple just inside the door. It was as if an invisible barrier was covering the entire room. He suddenly realized that this strange woman, who was looking at herself with a smile, was not as funny as she said. When he looked at Nuren as if waiting for an answer, he realized that the woman who was struggling with herself was approaching, and continued to stand still. "What I'm going to give you right now is not a curse, a bad mark, or a blessing. It's something that will make a lot of people in the universe envy you. Therefore, you'd better not tell anyone what happened now. Its you
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C8 °•○● Separation
-နိုးထ          °•○● ELEMENTA- The Tale of Immortality - Chapter"8" -/ T                                          "Separation " °•○●   Gan Villa..As Ren ran with all his might, he was happy as if he had encountered a great treasure that had fallen from heaven. He didn't even care about the sickness in his chest and his physical incapacity. Thanks to the goddess he had just met, his belief that he would become a great sorcerer had increased.He whistled past his house and ran straight to the largest of the warehouses.
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