Revenge Above The Sky

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Revenge Above The Sky

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Ryan is a man who has given up on his life. And think to end it by jumping off a building. But when he opens his eye, he didn't recognize the scenery around him. he is in body off six years old boy named Blue, one of the member of the sky dragon human tribe who is at the top of the tower dungeon. He grow up happily in that village, because of the love and attention he had never felt in his previous life. But it didn't last long. An incident that led to annihilation of Sky dragon human tribe by god. Blue was send down the tower to become much stronger and avenge the villagers of the Sky dragon human tribe to god one day.


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1. Great Turn
"Aaahh""He fell from the building" A young man is seen lying on the side of the road, with a half-destroyed body. The gazes of the people around began to fear. "Hurry call an ambulance" "In such condition, he can't possibly be alive" ... "Hey blue wake up""Until when are you going to sleep" Blue opened his eyes slowly, the scenery that looked strange around him, the small bed and wardrobe were crowded together, And the fresh air that came in through the wide open window. A girl looks annoyed standing in front of him. Blue paused and looked back at his surroundings, occasionally wiping his eyes. "Eh, where is this" Blue noticed his hands that look small. "What are you talking about, are you delirious?" The girl turned and left the room."Hurry up, mother has prepared breakfast" His voice came from outside the room. "I, I just jumped off that building" Blue thought and suddenly his head hurt. He held his head as he endured the pain in his head. While holding his head, he not
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2. Turning Point
Two years later. Blue opened his eyes, and once again he was in a place he didn't recognize. The tall and wide rice fields around him made it hard for him to see around. Blue stood with a blank look in his eyes. Walk across the length of the rice plants, and come to a path. He wiped away his tears and continued walking. Just then, a middle-aged man reprimanded him. "Hey, what were you doing in my rice field just now!?" The man was angry and looked at blue with an annoyed look. Blue didn't respond and kept walking. The scorching sun from above did not stop Blue from walking up the path. Blue's mind was in a complete mess at this point. The faces of Raguel, Eight, and their mother continue to haunt Blue. He kept walking away Until at one point he fell and was unconscious. Although a long time had passed since the extermination of the Sky Dragon Tribe village, for Blue it had just happened. The transfer process takes a lot of time because it was done in a rush by Viktor. After all,
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3. Guide For The Beginners
Blue walked through the city on the bustling first floor. Adventurers each have their own group. Blue also realized something as he entered the tower. In order to advance to the second floor, he needed to challenge the Boss of the first floor. But he didn't want to rush and only watched the movements of the other adventurers. Blue's main goal is to get stronger. so for now he decided to understand the tower system first. Apart from that, there are several features in the tower that Blue is interested in. When someone reaches level 5 in the tower, a Class will be unlocked. Each class will be different from other adventurers. So, one could say that class is the potential of the adventurer itself. And to raise his level to level 5, he followed the adventurers who had just entered the tower. Beginner adventurers can use the services of a guide to make it easier for them to level up. Guides are generally people who have experience climbing the tower. usually they stay on the first floo
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4. Reckless Beginners
Field Boss is a Boss that appears at a certain time and a certain place. In one floor there are usually many types of Field Boss. And the strength is much stronger than ordinary monsters. But also weaker than Floor Bosses. And one of those Field Bosses was standing in front of Blue. Immediately a barrier appeared and confined them to the area. This barrier cannot be penetrated from the inside therefore, the Field Boss must be defeated in order to get out of the barrier. Although people from the outside can enter into the barrier. Generally, the Field Boss will follow the floor, so the higher the Floor, the stronger the Field Boss will be. [Field Boss: Anaconda] "What's this?" Kelly panicked. Even though he had reached the 13th floor, he had never once met a Field Boss. After a while, the giant snake wagged its tail at Blue. Blue Calmly jumped backwards to avoid the snake's tail flick. Blue channeled the mana in his sword and stepped forward, The giant snake tried to bite Blue, b
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5. Historical Auction
"Show status"[Blue][Lv 9][Conquer]"Is this class mine?" Blue in bed. Having had a tense battle just moments ago, Kelly rented out a room in the inn as a token of gratitude."Conquer, is that a good thing?""I've never even seen a class like this in any game...""Well, it's different from the game after all"Blue removed the status window and held his forehead. All the adventurers he saw were purely human. So it would be very bad if the horns were seen. He could have been branded as a monster and hunted down.Although that may be too far.After that fight, Blue realized how weak he was at this point. even if he wasn't system-restricted, the gap between him and a god was too great.Tired, Blue fell asleep from the afternoon until the next day. Blue woke up and rubbed his eyes. As he got out of bed, he was surprised by Kelly sitting at the window of the room."Eh, guide what are you doing here?""I booked this room, so it's up to me whether to enter or not"Blue walked into the bathr
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6. The End Of The Auction And a Small Hint
Blue couldn't say anything, his mind was filled with rage, in the end he knew where this incident was going to lead. The auction continues, and the current bid is 12 million coins from one of the priest's associations in the tower. even so the big families did not give up and offered a higher price. "13 million from the Newton family" "14 million from the Watt family" "15 million from the einstein family" And the bidding stopped at the 15 million bid by the Einstein family. Applause began to sound loudly in the audience line. "Wow, as expected from the Einstein family" Kelly was really amazed to see the item. even the other adventurers were mesmerized by the energy released from the item. "Next item, same as before, this item has been tested by the item rarity testing team, and 93 percent holy energy, here it is..." The red cloth on one of the objects was opened."Heavenly Horn"A horn that also emits a large amount of holy energy is stored in a glass case. This made the adven
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7. The Man With Unbelievable Power
"Even though the guide had said to remember the boss's attack pattern." The man laughed at the crowd of people who were blown away.The man is seen taking a pocket watch from his pocket. And wring on his arm. Suddenly he moved swiftly, whose movements were even difficult for Blue to see.'That's fast' Blue marveled.The man used his fist and hit the leader of the Gnolls. Even though in the end both the Gnoll and the Man were both blown away."Ukh, damn time is up" The man tried to get up. He kept a close eye on the pocket watch on his arm. But not long after, the Goblin Leader ran towards the Man.Blue quickly blocked him. His lightsword filled with mana, he jumped up to the level of the Goblin leader and swung his sword forward.Ting*Blue's attacks were blocked by the Gnoll Leader using a long chain that became his weapon. Blue stepped back and took a stance. Meanwhile the other adventurers had gotten back on their feet and were attacking again. This time carefully.Even so they con
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8. An Offer From The Man
A while later, there were only five Adventurers left including Blue, Arthur and the man. The goblin also looked completely unharmed. This made Blue think hard."Hey, can't you attack him" Arthur asked the person. While enduring the Goblin's powerful attack. Occasionally dodge."No, for now I can't" The person replied in a tired tone. Currently that person could only dodge attacks from the goblins.Blue tried to attack by flowing mana into his sword and zig zagging forward to avoid the goblin's attack and made it to the goblin's front.He managed to launch a slash and make a wound on the Goblin's body then retreated back. Blue realized that while the goblin's attacks were powerful, their defenses were completely non-existent. Even Blue easily injured the goblin's body."Josh!" Arthur glanced at one of the surviving adventurers. Josh ran and dodged the goblin's attack and thrust his spear forward, that also dealt a lot of damage to the goblin.But after receiving the attack, the Goblin
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9. Finding Lost Member
"Huh.. what are you bringing outsiders for?" A man with a large build was annoyed at Qier."Yeah yeah, calm down first, he's my friend" Qier looked like he was trying to calm the big man down."Joel, been missing and not back for a week, and you want to add more trouble""Hey stop it, if the young master says he is coming with us, then he will come." A man with round glasses held the big man's shoulder."Joel's problem, we'll look for it together"The big man was named Tom, and the bespectacled man was called Hon. They are twins, although they are far from similar.There was also a woman who was playing with a cat in the corner of the room named Finia. Also the last member was Joel who was not there.While Blue waited outside the room. Currently they were in an inn that seemed to belong to the group Qier was referring to. Blue looked around and looked out the window.Just like on the 1st floor, the 2nd floor also has a city that is also busy with adventurers. The only difference is th
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10. Member Collaboration
They quickly entered the barrier. Inside the barrier was a man who was dealing with an ice golem. [You enter the Field Boss area][Field Boss: Ice Golems] A notification appears on each of their system screens. They ran simultaneously in the direction the man was fighting. "Joel!" Tom shouted. Joel's condition was really bad, he even staggered to avoid being hit by an ice golem. Joel turned to Scream. His face was filled with blood. Qier took out his pocket watch and wristed it on his arm. And the super speed as before is back in sight. It ran over and threw a punch at the Ice Golem. doom* The ice golem was only pushed a few meters away, Qier jumped backwards in the direction his group was at. While Tom picked up Joel who was having trouble standing and took him away. "Hahahahah, even though I can beat him alone" Joel laughed with his condition full of wounds. Apart from Qier, the others also prepared an attack, Finia cast a Skill and a small meteor fell right on the ice golem
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