The Angel System

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The Angel System

By: ECM_MANGA OngoingSystem

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About 300 years ago a great calamity befell the human race. creatures of untold origin, trespassed Earth through portals located in the western hemisphere of the world. These creatures were faster, stronger, smarter, more durable, and better than the human race in every way, they came in different shapes and sizes with unique mystical powers and energies. The UN nations tried to reason with these beings but all to no avail, one thing was clear, they weren't here for peace, they violently attacked the human race unreasonably. Alas, even with all their missiles and technology, the humans stood no chance against these mighty beings, and soon found out that these beings unlike them could live forever, and if killed would just respawn at another portal. A state of confusion fear and panic soon befell the entire human race, some humans chose to worship these beings who later revealed themselves to be demons. All hope seemed lost until a miracle happened, humans with special abilities began to emerge, humans who could go toe toe-to-toe with these demons without breaking a sweat. These were the first ability holders, the beacon of hope for the human race, they drove back the demons, creating more like them, returning humanity to its former glory. With their newfound abilities, humans built a wall around the western hemisphere, a wall made of holy metal imbued with the holy energy the world came to know as "Mana" Humanity took no rest or celebration for their victory, they built academies and facilities to teach and train their young ones for the inevitable war. Among these young ones was a young and powerless Hiro Bliss. Follow Hiro's rise to power as he becomes an angel and goes toe to toe with Lucifer himself.

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  • Oluwatoyise


    A cool book. I like it keep it up author ...

    2024-01-02 05:04:26
  • Mika Works


    awesome sauce ...🤌🏾 it's a remarkable book ...

    2023-12-12 03:17:32


    Interesting. I love the cliffhangers

    2023-12-08 06:51:39
  • Dragonslav


    Whoa. The book has a lot of promise. Highly recommend

    2023-12-07 04:30:26
  • Emmanuel feany


    Good book with interesting and captivating plot.

    2023-12-06 14:13:40
  • Blessing Okosi


    This is fascinating. I love this. Ride on author

    2023-11-15 05:00:54
  • Emperor Elvis


    Good read, a true change to the system genre tbh

    2023-11-12 20:04:38
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76 chapters
“You are late,” A deep male voice said followed by a heavy slap to the cheeks of a young, red-eyed boy, the slap reverberated throughout the dark and poorly lit dump site. “I'm sorry Senior, I won't ever do it again. ” Hiro the red-eyed boy said while groveling on the floor absolutely worshipping the light-skinned, fat senior. “Sorry,? Sorry doesn't cut it, I don't pay you a plate of food a day to come late. ” The senior said before kicking Hiro once again in the stomach, shattering his ribcages. Hiro groaned in pain as he spat out blood and his breathing became ragged, it sounded like it was a cry of pain. “I promise to deliver all drugs early no matter what, ease don't kick me out senior. ” Hiro begged, why wouldn't he, how could a poor orphan not beg when he was about to lose his only source of income? “Get away from me and never show your face at the water dragon tribe, ever again. ” Jason, an 18-year-old boy said before swiping his fingers, tossing Hiro away and into a dump
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Angel System
The Angel System chapter 2Angel SystemWaking up with the worst headache of his life, Hiro's eyes slowly fluttered open trying to receive light and bring him back to consciousness. ‘Huh, what is this, where am I?” Hiro thought as he racked his brain, trying to figure out what happened. The last thing he remembered was being beaten by his Senior and the leader of his gang before being kicked out like a dog. ‘Did I die?, How long was I out for? ’ Hiro thought, his mind instantly went to the pain from his lungs, he hurriedly touched his stomach but couldn't feel anything wrong, in fact he felt better than ever before. Hiro stood up grogilly, sleepiness still battling with his mind as he looked around his room, ‘The circle. ’ Hiro thought as he remembered the circle that his parents had gifted him, he looked around trying to figure out where the circle was but it seemed to have truly disappeared. “What was that thing I saw again? . ” Hiro asked himself trying to remember the last few
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First day at military school (1)
The Angel System Chapter 3First Day at Military schoolHiro woke up with a bright smile on his face, he had barely slept for two hours yet his whole body felt rejuvenated beyond measure. He felt lighter, faster, and more light headed, even his senses had improved beyond measure.Hiro happily began to hum and sing joyously jumping from place to place as he freshened up. His mind was going through the infinite possibilities the system could bring to him. His mind soon wandered to somewhere else, Yeah sure he had found a way to get more powerful, but that didn't mean that it would protect him from the bullying and harsh treatment of the academy.Soon enough his mind began generating images of him getting bullied or being used as a slave by his fellow mates, all because of the power gapHiro stopped what he was doing as soon as he finished dressing, his mind kept wandering to different places, imagining different scenes and different outcomes, some good and some bad.The beeping of his w
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First Day Of Military school (2)
The Angel System Chapter 4.First Day of Military school (2)(A/N: In future chapters, "Mana" may be referred to as "Holy energy, and "Mr.Jake" may be referred to as "Mr.Yukimich)6:00 AMHiro was already seated in his class, which had 1A written boldly on it, There were three classes which were from 1-3 each class was determined by the number of years spent in military school. "Good morning students my name is Mr. Jake, and I will be your homeroom teacher for the rest of the year." A man with a dashingly handsome look said as he walked into the class, he looked to be from one of the old Asian countries as he looked like the old Korean band made up of only boys but he still looked more American than Asian. He had a beautiful blue katana strapped onto his waist and wore an all-black tracksuit.Out of curiosity, Hiro activated [EYES OF GOD] to inspect how powerful this teacher would be, ever since he discovered Jace had two abilities it had become second nature for him to check out an
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Abilityless combat
[I am still a beginner so naturally my first chapters may need work, please read until chapter 20 before you consider dropping this work]The combat hall was just a wide metallic hall with a wide variety of weapons hung on the walls and a wrestling ring in the center.A guy named Cade Walker, walked up to the arena with a confident aura, like he was very sure he would win.His steps were filled with elegance and it was clear that he had a trick or two up his sleeves.Hiro walked up the ring with the grace of a falling rock, the gauntlets were too bulky for him and were a bit heavy but he could manage."Are you both ready?" Mr.Jake asked outside the ring."Yes," Cade and Hiro said at the same time.Cade had a similar body structure to Hiro, he was a dark-skinned boy with brown eyes, hair, and lips, if it was a battle of looks, Hiro would have beaten Cade hands down."Start," Mr.Jake said in a booming voice.Cade arrived in front of Hiro the next instant with a fist aiming for his gut, h
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Stereotypic bully
[Authors note: I know the novel looks bad now, I am still editing some parts][DAILY QUESTS100 PUSH-UPS100 SIT-UPS 100 SQUATS 1KM RUN]REWARD +2 stat points+2 EXPHiro closed the system as soon as he heard Mr. Jake's voice, he planned to focus on what Mr.Jake had in store for him.“As the winner of this competition, I hereby present Hiro Bliss with a level one Tiger Gauntlets martial arts book.” Mr.Jake said (A martial arts book is a book that acts as a tutorial teaching people different martial arts skills).[MARTIAL ARTS BOOK DETECTED, WOULD YOU LIKE TO ABSORB] [YES]. [NO]Hiro clicked no cause it would be weird If a book just disappeared in mid-air, he simply held the book by his side and stealthily left the hall. After finishing the day's class Hiro went to the training ground and completed his daily quests. Hiro moved on to my room next preparing for the next day before a thought flashed through his head, Hiro was at level one when he unlocked his system and he was only a
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Meet the roommates 1
A few days had gone by since the bully incident and Hiro was still at level 2 of his systemThese were Hiro's first thoughts as he woke up, to the sound of a shower running.‘It's probably Jex’ Hiro thought and pretended to still be asleep, he turned my eyes the other way when she was done with the shower and was changing thinking we were all fast asleep.'I heard he was beaten up by that stupid bully, Is he okay? ’ Jex asked herself as she made her way close to him, she just planned to check on Hiro's condition. Hiro activated [Eyes of God] as soon as heard Jex making her way towards him, he did not trust her in any way. “What are you doing?” Hiro asked in an inquisitive voice when Jex was too close to him, he flipped over and looked her dead in the eyes.Hiro had never actually noticed his roommates because he always left early and went to sleep early, but now that he thought of it, Jex looked extremely beautiful she had rosy red lips, light skin, a well-endowed figure with a perfec
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And with the rise of another sun came the day the Christians know as the Day of Worship Sunday.Religion also had its various roots in the 23rd Century, Hiro was a Catholic and had attended his service before coming back to his dorm and completing his daily quests. He then proceeded to the school gym so he could have a chance at completing the [Lover Boy] quest, which was what led to Hiro's current situation.*Pant**Pant **Pant*Hiro was excessively panting he had been training for two hours straight while using an energy siphon to refill his energy.He had his gauntlets on and he also had a sword in hand, a katana to be precise, his gauntlets were mainly for hand-to-hand or close combat while his sword was for mid-range fights.His gauntlet skills were far better than his swordsmanship due to the gift Yukimich gave him.Hiro activated [EYES OF GOD] to check if there was anyone in the vicinity he even checked if the cameras were on but they weren't.Unknown to Hiro Mr. Yukimich was
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Turning Failed
The Angel System Chapter 9Turning FailedMr.Yukimich placed his thumb on Hiro's forehead and began to draw out the Angel energy within Hiro directly to his arms. He then tried to mix it in with his core.*Boooom*A loud explosion rang out, originating from Mr. Yukimich's body. MR. Yukimich flew across the room and crashed into a training dummy splitting it in half as he began coughing up blood profusely.[Turning failed; the core of the subject is unsuitable for transplant.]Hiro activated my [INSPECT SKILL] and looked straight at Mr.Yukimich Name: Yukimich JakeAge:23H/C: 8Ability:??????Race: HumanHoly energy:???Ki:????Energy:???HP:???? Speed:?????Strength:??????Agility:??????Mr.Yukimch's Ki stat began decreasing rapidly and his body was healing visibly before Hiro. Mr. Yukimich stood up and looked Hiro straight in the eyes wondering where it all went wrong.Immediately the Angel energy entered his core it detonated like a bomb attacking all areas of his body and destro
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Jace, Jack????
The Angel System Chapter 10JEXThe next day was a school day, Hiro had gotten up early and completed his daily quests.[+2 EXP][+2Stat points].He freshened up and took his new phone with him before he left for class. Hiro had gotten to class very early as he usually did and decided to pass the time on his phone by playing games but the voice of the teacher made him focus“Ability books, What are they?” Mr. Yukimich asked a question. “They are the books which give us abilities.” A boy said.“That's not quite correct, an ability book is a physical manifestation of a special Holy energy. ”"‘The originals ’ability books are not known to anyone except themselves. The originals are a group of people or families with special abilities that they keep peculiar to themselves. ” Mr.Yukimich said "Speaking of Originals can someone please tell us the big 4 families in the world?"."The Fox Family.The Dracone Family.The Noir FamilyThe Aqua Family”A boy in glasses said brilliantly, he touc
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