Rising Warriors: Chronicles of a Lion

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Rising Warriors: Chronicles of a Lion

By: Anshul Gupta OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The Reyath Continent was blessed with a diverse range of flora and fauna. There were a total of 24 kingdoms on this continent, all of which were often at conflict over nefarious purposes. The continent's attention was generally drawn to the conflict between the Trothia Empire and the Brolia Empire. These were two of the world's four most powerful empires. One in the west, while the other is in the east. Around this period, a mysterious middle-aged man moved from the Trothia Empire to a little town in the Brolia Empire. He was accompanied by his 4-year-old son and his newborn daughter. What the rest of the world didn't know was that this middle-aged guy was the Trothia Empire's Royal Prince! [ This is a prequel story of my story Rising Warriors. You can read the Rising Warriors story on kindle using this link --> https://www.amazon.in/Rising-Warriors-Anshul-Gupta-ebook/dp/B089KRRZS5) Also, the map of the Reyath Continent is available of this link --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/18Tqi9XLX6g-fuE8izXEM2TNGaDzxcF1K/view?usp=sharing ]


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Purple Gold Coin
 It was the summer season at this time. The days were longer than the nights. At around this time, a blonde-haired man was on his horse while tightly holding two children. A raven-haired 4-year-old boy and a little girl who was just about a month old. If someone looked closely, they would notice that there were some marks on the face of the man, it looked like his tears had dried after a long time. He was completely silent as he traveled eastwards through the forests and reached a village. It was a small village with a population between 200-300. The people who lived here were mostly tribal people. They had a hard time gathering money to even buy clothes from the cities. These villagers used the leather of a beast to create clothing for themselves. Most of the men remained bare-chested while covering their lower bodies. While women wore clothing, which covered their
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In the small cabin, Ryusuke had pulled out his coat. He folded it a single time and placed it on the ground. It occupied a small space. He frowned and thought ‘This won’t be enough… What should I do? Little sister would have to sleep on this hard and dirty ground otherwise.’ He had seen that the villagers hadn’t worn full clothing. They didn’t seem to have clothes for themselves, not to mention extra clothing. He was thinking about it when he heard the footsteps. It was Kudo Tajima. He had returned back now. As Ryusuke gazed at his father, his eyes shone with an excited look, “Father, can you give me your coat?” Taking a glance at Ryusuke’s coat placed in the corner of the cabin, Tajima understood what Ryusuke wanted to do. He placed Ayumi in Ryusuke’s arm, who was all too happy to hold her
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~~4 months passed~~ ~31st October, X3988~ Ryusuke was five years old now, and Ayumi was nine months old. Ryusuke had middle-length black hairs, and his height was around 112 cm. His eyes were a deep red color similar to that of a ruby… Ayumi’s hairs had started to grow. From the color, it was very similar to Tajima’s blonde hair. Ayumi’s eyes were deep ocean blue color like that of Tajima. She had even started to walk on her own feet now. In these four months, Tajima had changed two more villages. Ryusuke was somewhat getting used to the routine now. They would spend around 2-3 months at the new village before moving on to another one. Because of the reason that he had to change villages almost every two months, he didn’t have any friends. By the time he was friends with the kids his age, he would have to leave with Tajima. <
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Taking action
Meanwhile, Tajima was together with the other villagers as he stared at the Village Chief. He had an indifferent look which was a lot different from the indifferent look of other villagers. It has been a long time since an Emergency was issued in the village. Whenever an Emergency was issued, it normally meant that it was on the verge of being destroyed, which truly worried them. The village chief cleared his throat. His elderly voice was loud enough to reach everyone standing in front of him, “I received a notice from the Tsurui Village Chief. The Tsurui Village chief has already captured the Biei Village. It seems as though ours will be the next village he plans to attack.” One of the villagers voiced out anxiously, “Village Chief, why does he wish to attack our village? We do not have any feud with him, right?” “You all know that we are under the
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Tactical Commander
Tajima returned back to the training ground where Ryusuke was supposed to be training. His expression twitched for a few seconds as he sensed that Ryusuke wasn’t at the Training Ground. He knew that Ryusuke was most probably at the house. He starts walking towards the house with large strides. From the expression on his face, it could be seen that he wasn’t pleased that Ryusuke was ditching the training at the first chance he got. He enters the cabin. He looks towards Ryusuke and Ayumi. Ryusuke was running away from Ayumi, and Ayumi was cheerfully laughing as she chased after him. He unconsciously swallowed the words he wanted to say. He stared at his children, who were happily laughing. Ryusuke naturally noticed that Tajima had returned and momentarily stopped to greet him, “Father, you have returned. I am sorry, I remembered that Ayumi didn’t eat breakfa
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Controlling Arrows
The village chief of Chosei village was fearful of the army from Tsurui in front of him. He was following Tajima’s orders, but even he himself couldn’t help but get doubtful. Even though he was the one sending the orders, he had no idea whether the orders were being received by the archer units or have they had already been killed. As the men from the Tsurui Village walked forward, they seemed to be in high morale and had absolutely no idea about what had happened to their 200 men. One hundred eighty-five were killed, and 15 have been captured. Naturally, thinking that his men had destroyed those vexing archer units. He had a great mood. He was finally standing in front of the Chosei Village forces. The Chosei Village forces were 213 in number, including the 40 archers. With a grin on his face, he says, “Chosei Village’s Head, I will not waste too much tim
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