The Ability Steal System

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The Ability Steal System

By: Icemaster360 OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Felix was one of the best elite special ops soldier in the world and now he is reincarnated as a bookkeeper with a trash ability in a Esper filled world which thrives on the rule of the strong prey on the weak, when he is give a nameless book by a mysterious stranger, he gains a system and finds out that his supposed trash ability is actually a powerful ability above the SSS rank so now he is determined to find out the truth about the parents he never knew and on the way he meets powerful people and the mysterious stranger who introduces him to a whole new world of adventure and danger.


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60 chapters
"Get up you useless piece of shit, can't even take a punch" A large man stood towering over a weak looking man. "He can't compare to you boss, he is so weak" A red haired man stood behind them watching as he licked the huge man's boot."Call me weak again and this weak man will beat up up so much that you will call me daddy" The weak looking man said so fiercely to the other man that he moved backwards in fear."If your fists were as sharp as your mouth, you wouldn't be in such a situation" The huge man said as he punched the weak man again with his huge fists. "Where is the money Felix, just give it to us and you may be able to escape with less broken bones" The red haired man said to the the weak looking man with ridicule."For once why don't earn yours, you shameless dumb bastard" Felix shouted with anger as he was thrown to the ground again by the man's huge fists."Did you hear that red, he called me a shameless dumb bastard, hahaha" The huge man laughed widely as he lifted Fel
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New Ability
"Ding"[You have killed a F rank esper and gained 100xp][You have levelled up to level 1 and all stats increased by 1 and you have also gained an additional stat point with 200 system points]"System am I dreaming?, if I am not then are you what he was after?" Felix asked the system while searching the body. [You are not dreaming and unfortunately yes, I am what he was after... ]"Don't worry about apologising, I don't blame you, now they are still looking for a book so I still have some time" Felix cut off the system as it was talking.[Actually I was going to say that they still don't know that I have merged with you so you have to burn down your shop]"Oh, you want to get rid of all evidence and make them think I an dead, I like how you think" Felix said with a grin as he heard what the system said.[Yes, you have to make them think that you died in the fire otherwise they will continue to send assassins after you]"Assassins, let them send more and I will kill them as I have kil
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"Ding"[System has detected a F-rank detection ability "Analyze"][Would host like to steal it, the cost is 200 system points]As he heard this, the edges of his mouth rose to reveal a smile."Yes" Felix said in his mind as he stared at Dave's hand."Ding"[Stealing ability (1%..29%..54%..76%..99%..100%)][You have spent 200 system points and gained a new skill "Analyze"][Analyze][Level 1]Rank:F+Cost:100 mpDescriptionIt enables the user to see the stats of an item."Its aura is shows that of a E Rank weapon but the pressure and the appearance of the dagger shows that it is of a higher grade" Dave said with exhaustion as he handed the dagger back to Felix unwillingly."Where did you get this dagger, I would like to buy it but don't worry, I promise to give you a good price" Dave said to Felix as he stared at the dagger with stars in his eyes. "Sorry but I am not selling, I have enemies after my life and if I tell you about it, it will only put you you in danger" Felix said to Dav
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The Massacre
"I found him, I need help to find the book" Felix shouted at the door to the nearest assassin after switching his and the assassin's clothes. "I came in and met him sleeping and and as I tried to kill him, he rushed me so I slit his throat" Felix said to the man when he entered the room as he imitated the first assassin's voice."Oh where is the body? "The second assassin asked him so Felix led him to the body of the dead assassin."Good job, wait isn't this 1's tatt..." The man said as he recognized the dead assassin's tattoo but was cut off by Felix who immediately stabbed him in the head before he could raise an alarm. "Ding"[You have killed a F rank esper and gained 100xp][You have levelled up to level 2 and all stats increased by 1 and you have also gained an additional stat point with 200 system points]As he levelled up, he felt a cool stream of energy flow through his body, he felt refreshed and his mana was refilled."Whew, that was close I need to be more careful, add th
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After leaving the shop, Felix headed straight to an inn where he booked the most expensive room and ordered food and medical help. In the slums, crime was their motto so if someone came into an inn with blood stained clothes and a dead body, as long as enough money was paid, you were never there. "The reinforcements should have arrived but since I didn't leave any tracks, as long as no-one sold me out, it would take long before they track me so that gives me enough time to get my things together and get stronger, system how do I become a F+ rank Esper?" Felix asked the system after tending to his wounds and eating the food provided to him. [Every 10 levels promotes you to the next rank so when you reach level 10, you will be promoted to a F+ rank Esper, you have 7 more levels to be promoted to the next rank]"That's a long way to go, I will think about it in the morning" Felix said as he lay in bed to sleep because he was exhausted and he needed to rest for his injuries to heal. I
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Dimension Ring
[You have killed a F+ rank Kreed and gained 200xp and 400 system points]"Isn't that a kreed, how did you sense it" The man said with a shocked expression as he looked at Felix like he was a monster, kreeds were one of the medium non human tribes but they were know for their stealth, it was almost impossible for someone of the same level to notice a kreed so kreeds were sometimes feared because they were lethal assassins but right now this man before him had sensed it and killed it instantly."Why is a kreed here, aren't they found in the darkness continent" Felix said with surprise because even he was shocked by the appearance of a kreed, he had sensed it's presence long ago but since he had not sensed any bad intentions from it he had thought it was one of Connors men but immediately he sensed the slightest killing intent from it, he had attacked with his full strength."Yes they are, so it being here shows that something is wrong, please excuse me, I have to report this to the patr
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"Who is he, what family is he from, how powerful is he" The proud man's thoughts kept racing as he stared at Felix who was being attended to by the manager himself, the manager who could wipe out his entire family. "Thank you sir, is that all?" The manager asked with a smile but secretly he was surprised, he also had a storage ring but his was obtained through hard means and he was also surprised by the calmness displayed by Felix when he spoke to him, he was used to people treating him with fear and respect but this man in front of him showed no fear."Actually no, I would like to buy a high levelled bow" Felix said calmly with a smile as he received all the daggers which had been carefully packaged then placed them in his storage ring. "Okay sir, right this way" The manager said with a smile as he led Felix up the stairs to the second floor. "Let's go, we have nothing to do here" The proud man said as he walked out of the shop without waiting for the beautiful woman or his guard.
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Magic Weapon
"Okay straight to the point, I see that you are a straightforward person, I would be making a trip to the F rank beast forest to hunt and also gain experience and I want you to accompany me" Connor said with a wide smile as he explained his mission."So first you send someone to tail me and now you want me to accompany you to a hunting trip, what do you think I am?, a mercenary?" Felix said angrily as he glared at Connor who smiled in return."Please forgive me for my rudeness, I just thought you wanted to gain some experience, we will be on our way if you don't mind, we won't disturb you ever again" Connor said and turned to leave as he pretended to be sorry, an act which didn't fail to be recognized by Felix keen eyes."Wait" Felix said as they were about to leave, it wasn't that he didn't want to go but it was just too suspicious for him, he couldn't just want to build up good ties with him, there had to be a catch and why did he keep on smiling, it irritated him. "Did you change
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Meeting A D+ Rank One Eyed Frost Ape
"The target has gained the help of the Alexander family but that shouldn't change anything, kill them all and eliminate the target at all costs" The leading purple cloaked figure said in a voice that could send chills down someone's spine as they followed the group.Meanwhile the targets were already encountering monsters which were easily taken care of, Felix knew that he could gain experience from killing these minsters but he wanted a monster that could challenge him raise his battle intent so he left these for the others who finished off these monsters easily without even using their abilities.The others stared at Felix weirdly especially pig face who looked at him smugly because he thought Felix wanted to act mysterious but he didn't know that even if he acted normal, to others he would be mysterious.Connor just smiled like he knew what he was thinking, he also wanted to fight a monster that could challenge him so he only watched as the others finished off the monsters but slow
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Killing The D+ rank One Eyed Frost Ape
He was thinking of how to escape when the Ape glanced at his direction with its one eye and immediately he looked into its eye, he lost control over his body and at that same moment, all the monsters rushed towards him.His camoflague ability was also deactivated so he was clearly visible to the approaching monsters. This was exactly what he was afraid of, the One Eyed Frost Ape was as skilled in soul attacks as it was in physical attacks and the skill it just used on him was called "Soul Chains" and he knew that it could kill him instantly but it wanted him to be ripped apart by the raging monsters."System is there any way that I can escape, I can't move my body" Felix asked the system with a panicked tone. [There is a way but it isn't available to you at the moment]"So I am doomed" Felix said and for the first time since he arrived in this world, he showed genuine fear which seemed to please the ape in its own twisted way.As he watched the approaching monsters, he felt like he
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