The Alpha's maid

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The Alpha's maid

By: Renglassi OngoingWerewolf

Language: English

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Alpha Monroe is the youngest most deadliest billionaire alive who hates love to the core but prefers to be addicted to sex and making wealth, hence, what happens when he gets given a rogue who is a hybrid of a werewolf and a witch as a maid that teaches him how to fall in love again... But in doing so, she does not know that Alpha Monroe is begining to develop feelings for her.


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35 chapters
Chapter 01
It's steamy!   The environment is cool.   It was fun throughout the moonlight as I enjoyed my daily medicine.   Tingles and giggles are on fire.   Her breath was pacing from underneath me as I held her like she was nothing.   My claws stretched out while my hormones screamed for war.   "Yes, Derrick! Harder!" She moans kissing my neck as I went in deep. "Oh heaven, don't stop!" She begs squirting all over as I went in non-stop.   Trying to settle my middle leg.
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Chapter 02
Sira [P.O.V]   Wow. Is this a mansion or paradise?   How can one person own this type of place?   It's freaking beautiful.   Every single thing in this compound is eye-catching.   I looked around like a lost puppy.     You wouldn't blame me; I have never been to this type of house before.   Not even in my dreams have I imagined being in this type of house.   Alpha Monroe is truly rich.   Like Very, very rich.     "Common Sira, get in." Mrs. Scott, the Luna of our wolf kind - pack urged me and I quickly ran to meet up with her.   My jaw practically dropped immediately when I entered the sitting room.   This is heaven. I am not mistaken.     "Monroe, we are here already. Come do
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Chapter 03
[Alpha Monroe]     "Wow."   "Best sex ever" she whims.   "You got a huge long dick Alpha"   "Yes, daddy." she cries.   "Harder" she screams as her veins are beginning to stretch.   "More." She says holding my waist.     "Ow." her fingers dive into my skin.   "Ahh" she shouts as I banged her the more.   "Yes, that's it. Faster" I tell her as she rides me   "I love the way you go into me… Alpha Monroe." she cries in pleasure.   The bitch kept moaning till I was done.     We both reached our climax and I pulled out of her.   She took my dick in her mouth, licking my sperm.   She gently stroked it as she pushed everything into her mouth till, I released it all
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Chapter 04
[Alpha Monroe]   I think mum was right. This food tastes different from the one I eat in the restaurant.   Sira can be clumsy but I think she's a good cook.   Her food tasted so delicious. In just three minutes, I was done with the one she dished out for me. Then I dished out more for myself by digging it.   It's been a while since I ate tasty food like this.   Well, I haven't visited mum for a long time.   I quickly finished up my meal and headed back in to prepare for work.   I don't know who gave Sira the guts yesterday.   She doesn't seem scared of me.   I seriously wanted to laugh at the bitch I bought yesterday when she called her a pig. What sort of guts is that? Gosh.   She looks so innocent yet a great talker.   "There are all the others,
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Chapter 05
[Sira]   Jenny? I wonder who she is to him.   But why was she staring angrily at me?   Not that we've met before.   I dropped her luggage heading out when I met her halfway.   "Hey wait up," she said and I stopped.   She looks so beautiful and classy; I am sure she's from a well-to-do family.   She stared at me up to down. Okay. What's her problem?   "What's your name?" She asked, folding her hands.   "Sira."   "Okay, dear Sira. You are just a maid in this house and I don't like the way you stare at my man," she said and I scoffed.   Stare at who?   Her man?   She's Monroe's girlfriend?   "I don't remember glancing at you both, Miss Jenny," I replied boldly.   "First, do no
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Chapter 06
[Alpha Monroe]   That nerve of a girl. Where on Earth did The Luna pick her from?   With that innocent look, she's a very stubborn person beneath it.   I can't believe she dares to slap me.   I mean a slap.   She freaking slapped me.   Even The Luna has never for once raised her hands on me.   No one else has, she's the first.   I will make her pay for it; I will make her regret it.   She wouldn't leave, right? Well, two can play better.   "Alpha Monroe." my door burst open revealing angry Jenny.   She sat furiously beside me on the bed without saying a word.   "What's wrong Jenny? No good morning? Did the Luna upset you?" I asked knowing well that can't happen.   The Luna loves her some much like a daughter and wo
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Chapter 07
[Alpha Derrick Monroe Scott]   She licked every part of my dick and I couldn't help but let out a loud moan.   This lady is good at what she does.   I grab her butts squeezing them in my hand. They are so soft and big.   While she was sucking my dick, I took my two fingers into her fucking her harder.   "Ow," she squealed a little and opened her legs wide giving my fingers entrance to her pussy.   I entered three of my fingers then four. She was so wide that it entered with ease.   She seemed not to bother as she was enjoying it. I mean who wouldn't?   I began fucking her roughly not caring if she gets wounded or not.   I reached my climax but she didn't let me pull out of her mouth and everything poured as she licked them with ecstasy.   Fuck. She's a real bitch. &nbs
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Chapter 08
[Sira POV]   I don't know what you are talking about, leave my hand. You are hurting me, my wolf." I winced hissing loudly but he didn't seem to bother.    He slowly released his grip on me and caged me to the wall.    My hand. The blood. It's hurting.    "You don't know what I am talking about right? Were you not trying to steal my foodstuff but got caught by Jenny? Shame." He speaks.   What? Is that what she told him?    "I will never steal anyone's properties let alone your alpha," I said pushing him away but he is way stronger than I am.    He was also too close.   That Jenny lady.   Must she paint me black?    "Then what happened? Why were you stealing from my kitchen? Jenny can't lie to me."  He said in return.   I
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Chapter 09
[Sira P.O.V]   Who knows, things might change and I will become very rich and famous in the future.    When I gather enough money to build my fashion house.   It's been my dream to own a fashionable house but I can't without money. I sighed loudly, turning to the soup I was preparing.   It's evening already and so I am in the kitchen preparing dinner even if I was tired from today's work.    Alpha Monroe isn't back yet and likewise his fiancée.   Gosh. I wish she never comes back    When I was done, I turned off the gas and headed out when I bumped into someone.   I thought I am the only one at home, right?   I raised my head to see Alpha Monroe staring at me with a smirk plastered on his face.    When the hell did, he come in? I didn't even hear the car ho
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Chapter 10
[Alpha Monroe]   I can't believe we aren't chatting like we used to.    We can even be talking till daybreak and will not still get tired but now, this relationship shits destroyed that.   I took out my nightie, wore it, and made sure I tied the robe.    After I was done, I came out to find Jenny sleeping peacefully.    I sighed in relief. At least she won't bother me with sex.    My stomach rumbles loudly. That was when I remembered I haven't eaten.   I dashed out of the room to the kitchen feeling much better.   The pain in my head had subsided.    I dished some paratha on my plate with a little soup going to the dining.   I kept glancing around maybe, just maybe I will catch a glimpse of her but she didn't come out.    Disa
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