The Blind Consortium's Heir

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The Blind Consortium's Heir

By: Divina X Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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What if you discovered that everything you ever wanted lies in your past? Living a happy but riddled life with his wife, Aidan's life took a drastic turn when he lost his sight and his wife whom he thought loved him tells him the real intentions behind their marriage. Being blind means been expired and his wife's tycoon family has no use for such, he was considered a liability. Just when he thought the worst had happened, an accident creates a turn around and his past offers him an empire and a revelation that makes him thirsty for vengeance!


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It was almost dusk, Aidan had numerous thoughts going on in his mind. Today is his and his wife's wedding anniversary, and he dearly wished to see her. It's almost a year since he had a tragic accident that almost took his life. He is alive, but he lost his right to see, his world was in pitch darkness. His wife brought him to her family's house, so they'll care for him properly there, though his in-laws who used to adore him before now treated him like a rejected seed, the servants in the house are treated better than him. A hand tapped him and shook him from his thoughts, he guessed who it was, “Jonas, done with planting the seeds?” He inquired.“Yes, in a few months, we should be blessed with their magnificent views and smell,” Jonas replied, taking a seat next to him. He'd grown fond of Aidan since day one, despite being blind, Aidan got this remarkable sense of his environment and he commands immense respect from people around him, except of course his in-laws. They've made li
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Aidan was in pure agony, his inside was churning with pain and suffering. His wife is in bed with another man on their wedding anniversary, this fact alone is like a death sentence to him. He walked in, his inside shaking with anger, he'd loved his wife dearly, she was the only reason he was putting up with her parent's tantrums, and she was here, in bed with another man, on their wedding anniversary!He knew exactly where their king-size bed was, he was heading straight there, but a barrier came in between, he stumbled upon something, and he couldn't regain his posture immediately, so he fell, dropping the gift bag and misplacing his aid stick, informing the lovers of an intruder. Arissa's face was burning up, either due to interruption or due to shame. She wanted to withdraw from her partner's membership but the man wouldn't let her go so easily. With little struggle, he changed position, faced her down on all fours, inserted his throbbing member, and hit her hard from behind. Th
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"Poor thing. You must be feeling bitter right now, it was never my intention to hurt you Aidan, but in everything I do, my family business comes first. I intended to spend more time with you, but your loss of sight has made things a bit complicated, so you'll have to leave my life, I can't tolerate a blind man."For a split second, something indefinable flared in his face, before the mask fell and his expression became unfathomable. FOOL, a voice in his head taunted. How could he have fallen into such a trap? Arissa had deceived him cruelly, he had trusted her implicitly. How did all this happen? He thought that he'd finally found some form of peace in his life when he met Arissa but here she is, in her matrimonial bed, with her ex-lover, telling him that their marriage was nothing but a contract. A contract he never had an idea of. "Don't be so hard on yourself Aidan, any man would fall for Arissa's charms, she is such a beauty, a brain, and a sly crook of a woman, " Draco commente
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Aidan woke up with pains aching all over him, he remembered being hit by a car, and he could swear it was intentional, the car meant to kill him, being a blind man doesn't mean his sense of reasoning is blind too. "You're awake finally." He heard a voice say. There was excitement in the voice, and it sounds vaguely familiar to him. He just couldn't place where he'd heard it before.He made to stand up but the hand held him down and said, "relax beauty, you're saved.""Jonas!" Aidan gasped, surprise evident in his voice."What's happening?" He asked, "take me away from here, my life is in danger in this house." He said alarmingly, making a way to stand up again.Once again, Jonas held him down, "you're completely safe Aidan, the Pedros have no idea you're here, we're not within their reach." He said, reassuring him. "Why do you feel you're not safe in Pedro's environment again? Remember, that house used to be your heaven on earth."Jonas asked as Aidan relaxed. "You won't believe wha
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After recovering from his eye surgery, Aidan was taken to a shop, and he bought some fine designer suits, and shoes. He was given a makeover and once again, he felt like a man in control of his life. He was transported in convoy and addressed with the utmost respect, in all this development, Jonas was always with him. He is now a changed man, giving orders that are meant to be carried out immediately after he voices them out. He's indeed a man with apt order. In all this transformation, he was still in a daze and confusion. He's very eager and scared to meet the man behind all this. Who's he? The day finally comes, men in black and the latest cars await him outside their five stars hotel. He was well dressed and as usual, Jonas was by his side, assuring him that all would be well. Despite his hard and calm facial expression, his inside was in chaos and different questions were dancing in his head. He entered one of the many cars and the convoy began to move. After a few minutes o
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There was an expression of pure surprise on Aidan's visage. Is this man in the right frame of mind? What's he talking about? Different questions run through his mind. He just couldn't understand what the man in front of him was insinuating. "How can I be your grandson? I don't even know my family, I've been in the orphanage for as long as I can remember." Aidan said, confusion evident in his voice. One could see that he's very indisposed. "Calm down young man, I know how unbelievable this might sound to you, but it is what it is." Mr. Kal said, as calm as still water.With questions swirling in his head, he began to feel a slight headache. He just doesn't understand what Mr. Kal meant by stating that he's his grandson, he has no family. He's been alone ever since he left the orphanage which was family to him. "Get me the family photo album, Jonas." Came the sharp command from Mr. Kal. Jonas took a slight bow to show his respect and left the room. Mr. Kal gets dressed and asks Aid
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The woman wore a very simple one-shoulder top and skinny-fit jeans; on her left breast, which was slightly covered with the top, he could see a marking similar to that of his own, the only slight difference was that her breast swelled making her own to be uplifted upward. The gorgeous girl's pendant was exactly like his own. "Is that my mother?" Aidan asked in a shaky voice, feeling a bit dizzy. "Yes, that's your mother. That picture was taken on her 20th birthday, she was the apple of my eye. Everything began to go wrong when she fell in love with a church rat and refused to marry the man I chose for her." Mr. Kal explained to him. Aidan peered more at the photo, he shared a striking resemblance to this woman. "And here is your father, Mr. Luke Bryan. He was a businessman but with the bad economy back then, getting a job wasn't a piece of cake, but your mother loves him." Mr. Kal said as he flipped the photo album. His supposed father looks great too, he now knows where he got h
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His grandfather looked at him and noticed his worried facial expression," Aidan, don't stress your thoughts over this, you'll get to know everything in due time." His grandfather assured him. "I'm sorry sir, I just found all these revelations baffling," Aidan confessed.Mr. Kal's face looked displeased, and Aidan saw it and got confused, "did I say anything to upset you, sir?" he asked. "It's nothing, son." Came the sharp reply. Aidan shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Mr. Kal studied Aidan's face and liked what he saw, his grandson is a good observer. He didn't like the fact that his grandson addressed him as 'sir' and he was greatly displeased by it. Aidan had noticed this but he wouldn't let him know he was displeased, he had to be sure that he meant well to him. The room went quiet, and it was interrupted by the sound of Jonas's footsteps, "here is the file sir." Jonas said, handing over a file to Mr. Kal.Mr. Kal dropped the file on the table in front of him."I've kept a rec
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Aidan locked eyes with his grandfather, as he sat down again. He wanted to ask what it was that his grandfather found out but he decided to let the man tell him everything at his own pace. "The accident which claimed the life of your parents was all planned." Revealed Mr. Kal. Aidan's eyes widened in shock and there was a questioning look on his face. "Your father's business partner's hand work. When your parents attended the party organized in honor of their child's third birthday, they tampered with their car. You were just five years then if memory serves me right. I was enraged when I found out that their accident was planned and I decided to ruin them." His voice was now full of anger and Jonas quickly told him something in Greek and he calmed down."I was planning on their ruin when I received the news that you were found. You were washed offshore and found by a fisherman who took you to the hospital, from there an orphanage took you in when you couldn't answer any questions
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Aidan stood up, staggering backward, what's happening? How's this possible? How can one family be responsible for all the miseries in his life? Jonas quickly stood up to support him, but he held out his hand, "please Jonas, I'm fine. Just sit" Came the sharp order. Jonas looked at the young man with pity, he knew things won't be easy for him, it's such a strange world.Mr. Kal was immediately alarmed seeing his grandson's face going pale. "Aidan! Sit!" He ordered, but Aidan was in da aze.His anger was slowly consuming him, he needed somewhere to cool off. The room seems to be suffocating him and he wants to go out. "I need to go out, please." He pleaded with clenched teeth "You're not going anywhere. Sit Aidan." Came the old man's order the second time. He really wished to grant his grandson's wish and let him be alone but he can't, he has little time left. He'd cheated death for a long time. AiAidan'snger took over him, he needs to cool off... He began to head out but some he
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