The Coming of the Traveler

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The Coming of the Traveler

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Tired of ordinary life? Boredom and monotony hang their veil of dullness? One job and no rest? Then you should look at the majestic beauty of virtual reality, walk through the ancient cities and see unimaginable magic spells. There are many things in that reality, but not only all the charms of our world were transferred there. The other world also has many sides and not all of them are so pleasant for contemplation.


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62 chapters
ProloguePrologueWork is home, work is home. This is how many people live in my city, including me... By my almost thirty years, I managed to earn money for a one-room apartment on the outskirts of the city. After five years of work, I finally managed to take a vacation, and just for three months. There was such an abyss of free time that I did not know what to do with myself. I didn’t have any relatives or friends, so I didn’t want to go anywhere at all, and I’m too lazy, to be honest. However, summer has just begun. On the first day, I did the most important thing in a long time - sleep. But then my life began to change, for better or for worse, you can’t immediately determine.Searches in the global network gave me one idea - to try to play an online game with full immersion. After reading a whole bunch of forums, I found a lot of interesting information. Most wrote that the game, called Reinea, is absolutely indistinguishable from the real world, and also surpasses it in many
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Chapter 1Character editor. Race and class. The choice has been made.Before my eyes appeared a vast space. The strangest thing was that I did not see my own body at all, but I still felt it, a kind of invisible. I noticed a large, about three meters high, oval mirror with a pale gold border, which hung freely in the air. A message flashed before my eyes.Choose a race! Hmm… I wonder who I should start playing as? I flipped through the list and poked at the first word that came across. A healthy monster with pale green skin appeared in the mirror. Her black hair was pulled back into a small ponytail. The evil look of the black eyes caused me some kind of hostility. From the lower jaw, two fangs rushed upward. The muscles were bulging so that any bodybuilder would choke with envy, looking at this misunderstanding, but such a character is not for me. I never liked orcs. Let's try again.Now a short, broad-shouldered dwarf with a lush red beard appeared in the mirror. A bulbous nose,
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Chapter 2Reinea's world. Achievements or a pig in a poke? Target.The room dispersed so quickly that I didn't even have time to realize at what point in time it happened. Now a vast forest lay before me. The color of the leaves was so deep green that I thought some settings were off. However, the system showed perfect performance. I felt like I was in a fairy tale. A light breeze greeted me, running chilly across my palm. Wonderful landscape and blue sky without a single cloud. Not at all like our cloudy reality. A squirrel with a magnificent red tail ran along a thin branch and disappeared into the crown of a tree. In the distance, among the forest giants, a hare flashed. The birds were flying, completely oblivious to me. Hmm ... curious, so many living creatures. And some strange feeling. Breathing became somehow easier and ... more pleasant or something. How calm and good! Now I will definitely spend more time here than I originally intended."Greetings, Reinea!" I shouted, suc
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Chapter 3First monster. First problems. First trip.I wandered through the forest for about an hour, but I could not find the right direction. Yes, and the area on the map opened up quite a bit. The dimensions of this world were amazing, and if I remember correctly, then Reinea is in no way inferior to Earth, and many believe that it is much superior, if we count the Hellish Abyss, Bright Heaven, and a number of other planes.However, even without them, it is truly huge, and most of it has not yet been explored due to difficult regions, high-level monsters, and the remoteness of some locations from inhabited lands, although there was still a fairly large list of reasons.Very strange, usually players who have just come to this world appear next to small towns or other busy locations inhabited by many low-level mobs. And there is no one here, which, in principle, is not so bad, because I really did not want to communicate with the players.It just so happened that from a certain point
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Chapter 4The dense forest is my home. Goblin. Fly agaric.This place turned out to be very interesting and beautiful. The sun's rays broke through the crowns of trees and pierced the ground with bright spears, dispelling the shadow around. A lot of green grass and moss grew below, hiding the berries and mushrooms that I intended to find, but so far it did not work out, apparently, my observation skill was not yet pumped enough. There was still a long way to go, so I started looking through the things that I managed to collect. Fangs, tails and other nonsense that was needed to create potions and pump the Alchemy skill did not interest me yet, but the seeds and the coin are very even.Linden SeedsDescription: Preserved by the fruit's hard bark, the inner seeds are a highly prized ingredient for a number of powerful elixirs. They are seeds glowing with a dim light, very fragile and sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. For growth, the emanations of the Infernal Abyss, the Ligh
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Chapter 5Dwelling in the forest. Exercise. Showdown with a bear.The house made me happy. I was afraid that it would look like a somewhat large fox hole, but no, it worked out. The room was illuminated by the dim turquoise light of several mushrooms growing in a special vessel on white stones that looked like chalk. There was a lamp on a round oak table. Nearby were two massive chairs made of the same wood. There was also a closet with a bunch of rubbish and dust. And two more doors: one was locked, but behind the second there was a large pile of dry moss, covered with large pieces of cloth, as I understand it, this is the place where I will sleep. Well, that's pretty good. First of all, I set the anchor point in the bedroom, I will call this room that.So, simply put, the grandfather said to find some creatures, kill them and collect loot. If flocks of damned rabbits don't run after me, then there won't be any problems. Oh how wrong I was...The power of the Guardian of the Forest
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Chapter 6Skills. Track. Strike with the most terrible weapon.I woke up already in the morning. A moment later, I was filled with pop-up windows, which were impossible to brush aside, and they very quickly blocked my view.The Observation skill is increased. Current level: 2Description: Now you can see a little more than before. Perhaps you will be able to spot such a cute bear early.Note: Although… not likely.So, turn off this explanation. And at the same time significantly reduce the message that pops up at a critical level of hitpoints.Achievement earned: "Tom and Jerry Ι"Description: Like the ancient immortals, you managed to get out alive from a fight with an enemy whose level is more than 10 times yours, with a critical health bar that you restored without using potions.Reward: The ability to become invulnerable for one second.Class: EpicAchievement earned: Marathon Runner ΙDescription: Running at the limit of your abilities can bring not only good, but also harm. Howe
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Chapter 7Eating death. Battle results. Inventor.The look of the bear was filled with relief and ... gratitude, I guess. Wow, I was able to understand the final death of the undead, well done developed! So to implement something like this ... it must be a genius! And then the bear crashed to the ground, and system notifications rained down. Death Corrosion has been dispelled! The bone bear is dying!Received 1000 experience!Your level goes up! Current level: 5! Amount of experience: (1432/1600)Received 5 stat points!Earned 3 skill points!Achievement earned: "David and Goliath Ι"Description: Fighting someone you couldn't defeat, you showed not only "bravery", but also skill with ingenuity, which allowed you to defeat an enemy that surpassed you in level by more than 10 times.Reward: +1% chance of completely absorbing the attack of opponents that are superior in level to you; +1% chance to deal critical damage to opponents that are higher than you in level; +1% to evade attacks
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Chapter 8Echo of the Gardens of Death. Bear target. Cunning Guardian.I stood near the stone for a good half an hour, or rather evil, because I did not understand at all what the bear needed from the stone. Any bone fleas tortured him, and he decided to scratch himself? Somehow, I highly doubt it. If I had an extra stick of dynamite, I would gladly blow up this obstacle. I sat down on this ill-fated stone and continued to think. Slightly dozed off, after which I almost fell, so I decided to lie down and rest right here. You never know what I can do, or maybe my luck will work. I did not rest for long, until from a rather comfortable position I bumped sideways into something sharp. It was a piece of bone, barely peeking out from under the stone. An attempt to move him away was unsuccessful. Even the lever from the first shaft that came across did not help much, there was a catastrophic lack of strength. Forgive me, conscience, but you have to invest a little in this parameter. Ther
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Chapter 9Completion of the task. Scull. Old coin.“Just wait, I would like to ask you something,” I stopped the goblin, who was about to disappear spectacularly. “I met a creature called a bone bear here. Do you happen to know anything about this?The guardian of the forest and the fox looked at each other meaningfully, as a result of which it immediately became clear that there was information. Still, well done, these developers, how nice it is to see true emotions on people's faces ... and ahem ... in general, it's understandable.– Stranger, have you already seen this monster? The fox's voice was surprised, and after I nodded, she continued. – This is another unusual creature that lives here, but unlike other monsters, it is straight from the Gardens of Death. Try to avoid such creatures by any means, as you cannot defeat them.“Um… but me.” Words won’t be enough, so I took out the elk-tar from my bag. “Killed one recently.- How?! How did you do this?! the fox exclaimed. – No mat
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