The Four Legendary Alkaldrias

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The Four Legendary Alkaldrias

By: Armoniel Melixar OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Humans use magic as tool, using it to do all they pleased in order to satisfy their endless selfless desires. The queen of the dark realm waged war against the humans and created monsters to torment the humans. The goddess of light, created Four Legendary Heroes by the name ‘The Four Legendary Alkaldrias.’ Centuries past and the heroes were reincarnated again, but one was nowhere to be found. “Where is he?” They asked, but no one could figure the answer to the question. Four months later he gains a sense of himself, but could it be too late for him to save the world? Could he have a way to surpass all the others heroes. Due to his late coming, he becomes hunted by many, he said “I have to find a way to survive, but how?” Each month a strong monster is sent to terrorize the humans and the more terror it spreads the greater chance she stands to break free. During this time nothing will go back to normal until the monster is defeated. He became a laughing stock to many, “He can’t even defeat a mini boss,” they said, “How could he defeat the queen of the dark realm?” A hero is supposed to be reincarnated already wielding the weapon, but that was a different case for the shield hero. To make matters worse he doesn’t have a single memory of his past life, nothing about himself other than he is in a fantasy world. “I have to find something that will make more powerful anything to make me level up and which will make me stronger than before,” he said. But what’s that, that will make him stronger? At long last …………… he found ………………… “FINALLY AM STRONG.”


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12 chapters
Chapter One
“Humans, how am tired to watch them as they strive to satisfy their unfruitful desires. Going to war against each other in order to increase their boundaries and territories. One thing for sure, is that the more they acquire the more they need and the greedier they become, can’t they become satisfied with the little they have?” “I hate everything about them, but there is one thing I love about them. One thing that no matter how many times I watch it and it repeats itself, I will always enjoy it. Seeing the humans dying in war as they fight for what they think it’s worth fighting for. They go to the battlefield to die and slay each other like hopeless flocks. The soldiers fight for their kingdoms in vain and bear everything on their shoulders as their families wait for them at home in vain. They are never treated with royalty whenever they head back victorious. Slaves to the king who treats them with cruelty. They are loyal to the kingdom ready to die for
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Chapter Two                      
He was distracted by a metallic thing that fell from his ragged cloth. He took it and examined it, ‘This seems like it belongs to a spear,’ looking at the sealing, ‘what was I doing with it?’ The following morning, two soldiers entered their cell while one remained at the entrance. “Hey wake up,” kicking Zeomora countless times, whose head was between his knees. He reached down to force him to his feet, but Zeomora pierced him on his throat using the end of the spear which he was holding in his hand. The other soldier started running towards him, Zeomora kicked him and he fell crushing on the floor. He took the sharp thing that he had pierced the previous soldier with and threw it towards the other soldier piercing his eye, and killing him. The other slaves in his cell woke up in shock, but he told them, “Don’t worry, I don’t mean you harm.” He took a spear from one of the dead soldiers and took the keys, freeing the other slaves. A sla
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Chapter Three
“We are too late, they are already here,” said the old man with a worried face. The old man was destructed by cries outside the building. “No, no, noooooo don’t ki……….” shouted a man from the outside of the building as a monster attacked him ripping off his limbs. Screams started becoming more and louder as the monsters attacked them. The wolves started attacking the people and killing them, a wolf bit a woman’s neck spilling the blood on the old’s man window. A man opened the door, but a wolf pierced the man’s back killing him. The wolf jumped on the old man, the old man said, “Please help me, young man, please don’t let this be my ending, please!” Tears started flowing down his face and he asked the old man, “Do you think I can help you? And how am I to help you? If I can’t even simply help myself?” He started hearing sounds of a man saying, “Remember you are not and will never be
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Chapter Four
He started charging at the monster, Uhpheldra had frozen when she saw the woman’s blood, remembering how her parents had been killed, making tears to start flowing down her face. The snakes’ eyes on her chain started glowing red and they started squeezing her neck and waist. Zeomora hit the creature with his shield and it slightly moved backwards. Raivhar jumped towards it, but it scratched her chest with its claws and she fell to the ground, as her chest started bleeding. Zeomora punched it making it move backwards. Raivhar stood up and said, “Dark arrows,” clouds started gathering and Zeomora moved backwards, countless dark arrows came out from the clouds and attack the creature. It growled and created lightning from its body, which it directed towards the dark clouds and they disappeared. Zeomora shouted, “Armthrust,” hands which were made of rocks came from the ground and held the monster down. Raivhar made her hand become a blade a
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Chapter Five
Blood started coming out from Uhpheldra’s mouth, while Raivhar struggled to stand up. The creature fell to the ground as the chains started activating and it started struggling to break free. Their surrounding started glitching, Zeomora asked, “What’s happening?”Uhpheldra said, “I, I, it’s goi….. going t.. to bre….. ,” Raivhar ran towards it and touched the ground a shadow covered the creature and after some seconds it passed out and the glitching stopped. Zeomora asked, “What was all that about?” Uhpheldra lifted her arm and the pain made her cry in pain. Zeomora asked, checking on her wounds “Are you ok?” He bandaged her wounds and gave her some medicine to drink. He also did the same for Raivhar and gave her a potion.He looked at the creature and then said, “This is a big one, what are we going to do with it?” Uhpheldra answered, “We can keep it and it can be a new member of our team.” Zeomora looked at the status and said, “It has already been added to the team. Uh, we al
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Chapter Six
Zeomora asked putting his guard up, “How did you know?” He told them, “Don’t worry, as I told you I am not dangerous. The spell you used only hides your identity, on low levelled humans, but as you gradually become stronger, it will become more effective.” Zeomora and his team stopped using the spell. The man asked him, “Do you know that there is a great reward for anyone who takes you to the authority? Weeks ago, it was reported that you had been seen in some cities and towns, then suddenly you vanished again,” Zeomora asked, “And why is that?” The man told him, “It has been four months since the three Legendary Heroes were reborn, but you were nowhere to be found.” Zeomora fell to his knees and started looking at his hand as they shacked in terror, he said, “No way, it has been about three weeks, since I had sense of myself,” the man asked, “What do you mean?” “Three weeks ago, I found myself in this body, I was being transported as a slave and after some incidents, I ended
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Chapter Seven
He hurriedly closed the door and told Ezeldmelrak, “The soldiers have found me.” The soldiers told him, “Come out from the house slowly and will not have to use force.” Ezeldmelrak smiled and said, “I shall go out there and explain to them that you are not dangerous.” Zeomora removed the arrow and held him back, “They are going to kill you, because you helped me.” He said moving towards the door, “Don’t worry, I will be ok.” He opened the door and walked out of the house while his hands were in the air. He said, “The shield Alkaldria is not dangerous, he just wan………,” a soldier interrupted, “What! His siding with the shield Alkaldria?” He said, “No it’s just that ………….,” the soldier reached to him, hitting him with the edge of the sword and he fell to the ground. The soldier held his head preparing to cut off his neck. Another soldier said, “Come out from where you are hiding, or else your friend here will die,” Ezeldmelrak shouted, “Don’t come out, they wi
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Chapter Eight
The leader of the adventurers fell backwards in shock, as he saw the body fall on the ground together with his staff. He pressed a trap with his hand unconsciously as he went behind, a hole appeared and they all fell inside. Saiberlygh stood up as he growled in pain and Zeomora followed standing after it. The leader started crying, as terror filled his eyes since he had never witnessed such deaths before. Zeomora shouted, “Watch out!” Saving Uhpheldra from a monster’s attack by pushing her away, but the monster slaid the leader of the adventures belly into two, falling to the ground. Uhpheldra was filled with terror, she moved backwards looking at the carcass on the ground. The monster had blades on its side and was made of rock. It charged at Zeomora using its blades but he dodged the attacks, the blades hit the ground and they became stuck. Raivhar ran towards it and jumped on its back, her nails became long and she started rippin
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Chapter Nine
The leader moved behind in terror, “Impossible!” He became angry and looked at Zeomora, “you are going to pay for that.” He was about to attack him, but soldiers arrived and shouted, “Stop!” Zeomora said while standing and running towards Saiberlygh, “We have to, g…….. before they……,” his team members went on Saiberlygh’s back. Saiberlygh started running the opposite direction, but an arrow was shot at them, it pierced Zeomora and he fell to the ground. Uhpheldra shouted, “Noooooo,” but Zeomora said, “K-k-k-keep goi…… I'll be fine……..,” his vision started becoming dark as he watched the team members enter deeper into the forest. Zeomora started having flash backs, ‘He was a small baby, his mother reached to him, kissed his forehead and said, ‘I love you.’ Zeomora woke up in shock and found that he was chained and was being transported. He looked around and saw that he was surrounded by soldiers and mages. He used all his might to break the chains, b
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Chapter Ten
Tears flowed down his face while they took him and returned him back to the palace. He was taken in a prison for temporary bases, he fell to the ground and tears continued flowing out from his eyes. When the time arrived, they took him out of the palace and forced him again to his feet. The man who had been speaking said, “The time to carry out the sentence has finally arrived.” The king stood up and said, “People, the time of his unlawful acts are finally over and he shall finally be put to rest, in order to seize his acts. The other heroes couldn’t attend, because they had things to take care of,” one of the councils asked, “My lord isn’t this too harsh for him? If he dies there won’t be a reborn,” the king looked at him and said, “Don’t worry, his nothing but a burden.” He ordered the sentence to carry on, suddenly a storm arose which was made of lightening and whirlwinds. A woman said, “What’s happening? This area doesn’t receive thi
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