The Handsome English Teacher From Manchester

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The Handsome English Teacher From Manchester

By: Anggin Kenari CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Finding life meaning ,a story of youngsters in global era where people meet and seeking for affection , education and carrer ...where west and east meet and seeking corners to get know each other better in beautiful way.. Finara and Tim Avender greet one another on that corner ...after long unforgettable journey in sweet and bitter taste.


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57 chapters
The Meeting
Finara put the bills into her small handbag. Five hundred dollar for the English course fee per 3 months ...phew ! It's at jalan Martha Dinata street, an elite area in Bandung..all native speaker teachers it's ..her dreams since she was a teenager. Learning English with natives surely more expensive but reasonable,yeah , with the original pronunciation and ...more important for Fin was...she loves their styles ..the westerners..their enthusiastic way and lively means when they move and talk ..well it's a plus value and maybe even the most pleasant matter for her . 500 $ for attending a course would be impossible for her to afford before she married to the old businessman named Abdul Malik. Well alright,many things she get now after she married him . They say money can not buy everything,agreed, but who can deny the fact that money can get pleasure and satisfaction...? Sometimes when you feel lonely you can go shopping even not in need to buy anything..just to see sweet smiles from
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The Café
The preacher define hell and heaven everywhere .Finara see how enthusiastic they are to define how goodness and badness will end there in hereafter...well yes ,it's agreeable...if there is no rewards and punishment how can ones do things without those guidelines...but how to live in this crazy world when things so hard ? How to make it easy n smooth to live and prepare for heaven ...that's the question. She asks that to Vid on their way home from shopping. Vid is her schoolmate secondary school who still on contact as she lives around the town .Fin don't know how to call herVid whether best or just good friend.Sometimes they quarrel on a disagreement of triviality or having be discussion on matters with differ points of views. Anyway they meet at any time they have .Well here they are reaching their fave cafe . Vid looks for the nicest corner where a waiter look at them and give a polite gesture while cleaning the table . "There ? " Fin looks at the site then nods . She
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The Bitter Experience
We better to talk more of better world for better hereafter...Well time has come to separate at the bus halt ...Vid move her point finger fast as a taxi come close in front of them "Bye " she said with thin smile ,giving a wave of phone call later on just before closing the car door .Fin smiles and wave back and stand for a moment to get on the bus she needs.Crowded as always .One get off after another .. pickpocket careful are around public transportation.Work not easy mix with impatient of getting good way out problems always part of daily life .But look ...a street singer who come around the bus ,asking money with lousy words saying threatening tone telling these passengers that he just got out from jail ..then coming around asking money with a razor blade's such crime..look at the reddish eyes ,rude words and menacing gesture ...Fin would pray silently for not showing any fear at coming across such one...being calm and firm is better mean to face that typ
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The Campus
Fin look up again at what date it is .Her husband is going to accompany her to the course .He drive so smoothly whether at middle or high speed and he is type of car owner who likes to drive his car himself as maybe can not confide any chaffeur can do better in driving's about safety and comfort...well ,the day has come for them to go.Sitting beside him make her always feel good in some way ,sure , it's about social class... everyone wants to get higher and higher in every way,if possible. The English course building is there..white ,nice ,with the European wide yards for parking ..trees at sides and green grass all around. Abdul Malik look around with smile "Mmmm.. nice site" he said. Fin step ahead happily .lt was her past dream to have the best foreign language courses and now the dream come true ..native speakers.. Their look , like she often watch on movies... The administration staffs really treat them nicely , professionally. They expl
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In the circle and mechanism of time ,life is such short or long fragments.Sweet and bitter memories come along with future and present days ,mingle in fear and hopes . Screams a shy quiet teenage of fifteen able that time to shout out loud till the limit voice can reach ...? She was a forgotten child of her mother and her mom fave girl always her sister Vinny . Vinny was always luck in every means.Always the best at her class almost each year from primary to secondary and high school,active at several organization and popular .She was smart intelligent funny maybe everyone like her including boys ..she was pretty and slim .full stop. What to do .Life should go on .There would be things to do to fight to get to conquer if possible. Fin was a bookworm.A daydreamer. Books teach ones to fight isn't it .Fin was about fifteen when that horrible experience occured .She was about to be accompanied by her dad as always to come back to her religion school but her dad had som
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Timothy Evander
Barry smiles and said hello to everyone.Fin smiles back .She took a chair , a bit shy in realizing how tall Barry was.The English book contains was interesting with oily thick colorful papers ..the topics also admirable .. grammar.. vocabularies.. structure etcetera..there ,the lesson was about detective stories..a crime and after reading comprehension then talked about it in small groups...Barry asked what you would do first if the burglary happen to you .Fin answered ,"l would save myself first" Barry seemed attracted by Fin perfect English accent...many said so ... Barry even humorously asked why she learn English as her ability is already good .Fin said at her own heart ,she loves meeting westrener and that's the reason why ..any opportunity to meet and talk to them.. Barry often showed his being proud of her .Her serious means at study . He appreciated her skill in writing. Fin really admired Barry as a perfect teacher .. patients,funny, enthusiastic and all the professiona
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The Pub
Yordan will be his next destination before America .It was long before America banned tourist with middle east names .After going Hajj and did some more businesses there were a few states he would visit .Trade and business ways seem to most people as road to richness..and it really is .They who really dream and fight maybe achieve a top line in their class with struggle and so so .AbdulMalik began his small trade by bringing and taking goods each year he pilgrims .He took goods from mid east then sold them with higher profit in lndonesia and vice versa ,taking goods from lndonesia to mid east which having much higher price first stage he could cover all the ticket fee to go and fro abroad then when the trade ran well he got higher and higher benefits so from time to time he saved money till he was able to build a factory.He was proud each time telling Fin how he reached that level become a factory owner ." I did try several kinds of business..buying second hand cars, had th
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The Jurnalist
Fin was fourteen when she knew Yan the funny intelligent radio announcer.Her brother Sham handed her a radio transistor as he knew Fin was alone in her room and might need something to listen ."Do you want to use this radio? I just repaired it " he said it while he met her at the stairs.Fin was was her great entertainment...she smiled happily and took the radio."thank Sham ! "Sham smiled.It is always good to please others .She held the radio while sitting and moving the button to search an interesting program...mmm.. Continental it was..A clear pleasant voice ...The radio announcer name was simple to remember and pleasant to say " Yan " .The program was interesting...he talked about social problems politics , culture in clear funny way ..he was so smart and giving positive aura ..making her wanted to friend him ...she listened to that program intensedly ..She was so happy to plan of writing him a letter ..From that day she knew that he will be her best
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The Eclipse
It was morning ..the day was still young but the city was not like as usual as the road were rare and there were only a few people walking along the road .Weeks before the eclipse happened,all medias announced that there would be eclipse that happens only once in a hundred years..and it was hazardous to see the eclipse straightly since it can cause blindness.People can see through something...a sunglass or through water ,Fin didn't recall precisely,all she remembered was what happened to her when she walked along the pavement.She believed that it was not necessarily fear too much to go out ,as along as keeping the important point to not looking at the sky where the eclipse was there is one of nature phenomenon. Well ,that would be rare views when you know it was total dark for some moments at daytime when it's normally clear..Experts from all over the world came to was really important time for everyone then.Fin walked straightly ..her eyes were wet ..and she began
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The Past and Present
Fin said no ."We need the experienced ones " That's all he responded.So it was obvious that he rejected her.she walked away after smiling and thanking him .That's all.What then ?Debt to school. If she could not pay soon she would lost her face ..she used the money of the students books and she had to return it to her workmate who asked her to sell and she got some profit but...well...she thought about suicide...many times since long but never dare to do it ...but is it time to make it ....?hellfire... desperation...No ! Think.."Hello...""Yes""Can l speak to the BBC manager ?""Ok ..wait "He sounded a bit doubt as surely you must speak English well if you want to talk to a native as the native possibly can not speak your mother tongue language but he did not ask whether she speak English fluently as it would be impolite to ask that ..sure she knew that she must speak English if she wanted to talk to the BBC manager.Fin waited ,she hold the phone .The evening radio progr
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