The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World

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The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World

By: LuciferVermillion OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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What is fate? Is it something that was destined to happen? Can it be changed? No. If it can be changed, it would't be known as fate, isn't it? They say that fate can be control in our hands. Then, is it possible to take everything in total control in my hands?, I wondered. No, whatever the results is, I'm sure this was fated to happen under my control. This world... will surely go along with my favor. ................ "PLEASE!!! I BEG OF YOU!!! Join the Imperial Knights Academy as a special student or else I will be fired!!!" With such a line thrown to him, the 16-year-old human, Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare, an orphan who was stranded on an island with his little sister and magical pet-- was forced to compromise and attend the famous Imperial Knights Academy as a special student. While spending 3 years in the academy, he would meet his fated ones. After he graduates, he would then become an adventurer to explore the world, unlocking the secrets behind. This, will be the starting of his journey. In a world of sci-fi and fantasy. Humans, beast-kins, dragons, vampires, elves, fairies, spirits, dyrads, archangels, demons, dwarves, magical beasts, and much more, co-exist. Which later then, he would become a king-- leading everyone to challenge against the Celestial Gods. However, that was the boy's fate. ...................................... Everything begins with that fateful meeting six years ago. His fateful meeting with the principal of The Imperial Knights Academy. Yet, it wasn't even the beginning of fate. .....................................


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First day of Spring. January. Current time: 7 a.m. I'm currently sitting at the front door of my house, while struggling my left foot into my jogging shoe. It is a gift from my cute little sister, Restia. Well, it's not that I felt like wearing new things in a new year. Apparently, my shoes exploded yesterday. As for the details— I had this little curse by The Black Cat of Misfortune, which I stepped on a trap, a landmine that I installed to prevent from those dangerous magical beasts that’s lurking in the forest nearby. After tying my shoelace, I face the corridor. “Done yet…?” “Restia is coming…!” A black hair, red eyes, and a 163 cm girl with an energetic look immediately replies, while storming out from the end of the corridor, where the dining
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Chapter 1.1 - The First Person, Lucifer Nightwalker
Finally, Central Imperial Island-- Imperial Knights Academy.Ever since 3am, it's been a total of five hours ever since I travel across the ocean, on the X-586 helicopter.I'm quite fed-up.Ignoring the warnings from the pilot while I unbuckled my seat-belt, I jumped off from the helicopter without a parachute, where it's 8000 feet high in the sky.After diving across the sky to search for an appropriate spot to land, with my sense of equilibrium, I flip my body and land with my feet......while creating a hole on the pathway with my shoes half-sunken into the ground.Damn, the tiles are more fragile than I thought.The spot I land is the main path towards the main gates of Imperial Knights Academy, where the back of it is the path to the city.Like a forest, the sides of the path is covered by thick trees.No one would catch me in an act of vandalism on destroying the pathway..................."Gargh...!
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Chapter 1.2
"……Stop standing there and state your business already."   After a cold sigh, with a voice like the murmuring of a clear stream— the girl spoke to me.   Maybe she had been patiently waiting for my response, she furrowed her brows from displeasure and glared at me afterwards.   "…H-Huh? Oh, yeah. Sorry."   I find myself to be apologizing instinctively. It was probably I was staring at her for too long.   …Come to think of it, I almost lost myself there. What is she…? It's like I'm getting sucked into some sort of abyss.   This girl is dangerous— really, really, dangerous. I need to be careful not to get draw in again by her eyes.   "Erm… I just transferred here today, and I got lost somehow, can you show me the way to the Student Council building…?" I asked with a smile.   For how eerie and awkward my smile is, I guess
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Chapter 1.3
Instincts, intuitions, and sixth sense, though similar, but they are three completely different things.   When you decide something and act without a need to think, that's instinct. When you understand something without the need for conscious reasoning, that`s intuition. When you were given awareness that's not explicable in terms of normal perception, that`s sixth sense.   My instinct only kicks in during dangerous situations, especially in a matter of life and death. My intuition acts on solving problems and escapes, especially when dealing with an awkward atmosphere. My sixth sense is active when I`m in combat mode, especially against sneak attacks.   I placed all three of them under the same category— gut feeling.   There are certain situations where someone would tell you to ‘trust your gut’ or ‘listen to what your gut tells you’. But your gut is actually a part o
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Chapter 1.4
Damn, I`m going to be late. But that's okay, the Student Council President`s building is just right in front of me. It's the same as the picture.   I'm currently at the left side of the building. Then, the main entrance is probably at the other side facing the other buildings.   Thus, I walk to the main entrance, clearing the rest of the icicles sticking on me at the same time.   “Phew… just in time.”   I patted my clothes, getting rid of the rest of the snow on me, then walked towards the main entrance as I fixed my collar, tie, and sleeves.   As I step by the outside of the blurry glass door, the doors opened sideways, allowing me to enter.   “…!”   My foot immediately stopped from the surprise.   Isn't this… just a lobby?   Wanting to observe clearly, I walked in.   The lob
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