Ruling the Infinite Worlds

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Ruling the Infinite Worlds

By: Overlord04 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Professor Louis Einstein, a reknown researcher and business man was betrayed by his family in cooperation with many countries as a result of the success of a trial longevity medicine which has been proven to be able to increase live by a span of a hundred to a hundred and fifty years depending on the age, health status and constitution or body fitness of an individual. He was blackmailed and killed. He thought he had died but fate another arrangement in store for him. He woke up to another world entirely. He vowed to live for himself and dominate the world but....

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Chapter 1
Albert Einstein was dead tens of years ago just after the end of the world war II. But the intelligence continued in his family. Henry Einstein, his son inherited his father's intelligence, he built a multi national that produce arms and ammunitions, he was one of the most successful men and it seems he surpassed his father. But he knew there was a codex left by the late scholar, Albert Einstein that he was not able to unravel and the contents of the codex remains a mystery. He knows he has limited time to unravel the mystery as the spies planted by various countries already sent the information to their respective employers. The United States could not delay as they thought it was a super weapon that could destroy the world. The codex remained untraveled throughout Henry's lifetime. His son, Albert Einstein's grandson took over the company, he was still a little bit experienced though wise and intelligent. This gave the opportunity for various countries to have a copy of the codex
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Chapter 2
Get out, you useless child" That was the only sound that continued to echo in Louis' mind. He has been chased out his father's fief. His father was a baron who got his nobility from the battle field. Jones was a common citizen that joined the army during an inter kingdom war and was able to survive till the end of the war. In appreciation of his gallantry, he was given the title of a Baron with a fief. During the years he spent to defend the Kingdom of Landor, he already had a son. After few months of his being a noble, he got married to one of the daughters of an Earl to seek protection and to maintain the daily activities of the fief. Baroness Milox Jones was so harsh towards Louis. To make matter worse, when Louis was twelve years old, his talent was tested and it was black which means he had no talents. He became an object of mockery in the entire fief and his father neglected him. This gave Milox various chances to destroy him "I will be eighteen tomorrow and I can get
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Chapter 3
Let us go back home", Louis said after seeing the sky gradually darkening and the weather getting cold and that they left without informing anyone. They started the journey back home. They were trotting as the night was getting darker. "Where are they?" Baron Jones was home already and when they were supposed to have dinner, his son and daughter were nowhere to be found. He infuriatingly called the castle guards about their whereabouts."Sir, I don't know where they are...", before he could finished talking Jones whose anger has exponentially increased hit the table with his Zeroeth level middle stage of cultivation. The table broke into pieces. "What is your duty? You cannot even take care of two children? I am giving you ten minutes to get them here or else..." Jones gave an ultimatum and left the room angrily. Just when he was about to look for them himself... "The young master and young mistress is back." Jones eyes which was has fierce and fiery as brimstones cool
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Chapter 4
Gbaam Jones slammed the door angrily. "She actually went to this level just to get rid of Louis and I cannot do anything as my hands are tied, I am already old and could not fight like before and this whole fief is under his control vigilance. I am really ashamed". " He has to go through this alone", Jones thought as he sat and continued to attend to the paperwork on his table. Louis who had already been given a GO AWAY sentence sighed in relief as he went to his former room. He had already heard the maids gisting about what happened and knew he had to leave fast as Milox will stop at nothing to eliminate him. "At least, I survived", he thought as he checked through his bags to see the good clothes he can pack and take with him. "This guy was so pathetic", that was his conclusion as even the best he could see was patched like five times... Knock. Knock. Knock. "Who could come and visit me at this time when it has already been made clear that I am of no use?", Louis mur
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Chapter 5
Louis who just came out of the Baronial mansion looked up to the sky covered with grey clouds, the sun was already setting and it would be very difficult to find a caravan traveling outside of the Earldom. "I have to find a shelter", he thought as he trekked towards the gate of the town where most of the caravan are placed planning for their next journey. "Lafe fief" "Rey fief" "Faro fief" Even though it was getting dark,there are still a lot of people at the caravan Park where several youths are shouting their caravan's respective destination. It is a custom to register at the caravan so as to seat comfortably. Louis continued to walk around to look for a caravan traveling outside the Earldom. Inter Earldom traveling was very scarce as security cannot be ensured as there were a lot of bandits in the wilderness even though there are a lot of escort. After walking for few minutes, Louis found a caravan going out of Samton Earldom. "Just a seat remaining". "Okay. How
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Chapter 6
The horses were tired and all the passengers already had pressure sores after a long journey so the caravan stopped again that everyone will rest before they start the last sprint of the journey. Everyone disembarked to stretch their legs. The guards caught some unranked wild game and it was shared as everyone individually built their own fire to make barbecue. "I want to urinate", a young lady said shyly as she wanted someone to escort her. It's getting dark and no one wants to be far away from the camp. "Ease yourself there", a young handsome guard said pointing to the rear of the caravan. Everyone ate and went to sleep as the guards stay awake and make sure the fire was not out. It was around three o clock in the morning, the galloping of horses accompanied by the fierce shout of the bandits was heard. Everyone scrambled awake and the bold able bodied men brought out their weapons, they joined the guards to provide everyone. The bandits obviously waiting for someone di
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Chapter 7
"These fools thought I had given up", Louis thought as he continued to wade in the waters against the flow. River Oseta was one of the major rivers in the Continent, it separated Samton Earldom from the Kingdom which made the Earl had the final say as orders from the kingdom can't reach them. It is believed to lead straight into the ocean so Louis had to try his best to make sure he was not carried away by the river or all the previous efforts will be put to waste. "Hahaha, Hahahaha", all the bandits laughed as they saw Louis struggling in the river. Even the bandit chief, Row who wanted to shoot his arrow at him returned the arrow to the quiver and joined his subordinates in the roaring laughter. "I can't give up, I won't be tired, I will not be weary", Louis motivated himself as he was quickly losing strength. The laughter continued as they can see him slowly drifting away. "This current is too high. According to my memory, no one had ever gone and come back. Let me tr
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Chapter 8
POOSH one of the limbs of the tortoise hit his buttocks as he was thrown into air, moving towards the island. "I hope this little boy land on the right place", this was the tortoise's thought as he sank to hide from her enemy. Louis who tightened his grip on the claw he removed from the tortoise's wound was thrown out unprepared. The distance was not so far so Louis got to the island in seconds as he luckily landed on a marshy area of the island. "My cloth is dirty again", Louis grumbled as he dragged his mud soaked body out of the marsh. He wanted to remove the clothes before he remembered that he had no other clothes to change into. "I don't know if there are wild beasts here whether ranked or unranked. I don't know if there is a shelter on this highland. I need light as it is getting really dark", all sort of thoughts passed through Louis's mind as he trudged on. "Anyway, I know I will survive this mess. My luck has been good thus far", he concluded in his mind. At t
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Chapter 9
SWISSH Louis disappeared as the intensity of the Golden light suddenly increased. The Artifact spirit that materialized after Louis was teleported away shook his head in deep thoughts. "I hope this boy will grow up and become a real strong man in this world". "This little lad is very curious, let me add the history of this continued to his memory which he will able to recollect gradually", he though as he can into thin air, his face filled with laughter. A Golden lined hexagram appeared in the sky and the figure of a boy fell through it. JEEZ. "I was dropped into the sky by this old cunning guy", Louis thought as he was falling with a very fast velocity towards the ground. He looked around and all he saw was a thick forest, he could not see the soil as there were canopy of branches filled with leaves. "This old man must have done this intentionally". Louis was a none cultivator and a fall from such a height will result in instant death. He was now in the canopy of leave
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Chapter 10
Adolor led them on the return journey, he used his sword to cut all the vines and branches obstructing their path. He was on the look out for snakes and poisonous insects because it was getting dark and insects and reptiles are more active during the night. They trekked for a few minutes before they joined an untared road. Many trucks and modified small vehicles were carrying goods and passengers to the city. A black stylish car parked in front of Adolor's group, Adolor opened the door for Dofy who entered and signaled to Louis to enter. Adolor entered and the car zoomed off. "Who is this?", the driver of the car asked Adolor as he noticed an additional passenger through the mirror. "Just an unlucky boy". Adolor who answered very briefly closed his eyes which stopped the curiosity of the driver. All the other vehicles traveling on the road drove off their way and greeted them respectfully. The car which was moving at a very fast speed soon got to the gate of the town. "Thi
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