Survival Series: Clash Of Beings

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Survival Series: Clash Of Beings

By: De Black OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Centuries ago our universe breeded an alternative timeline where all of voodoo is within grasp and therefore completely legal. But this new universe had some creatures of it's own. And so three beings collide in a struggle for dominion over new this realm. The humans, werewolves, and vampires, all possessing voodoo alongside their many other abilities. But in the midst of this chaos, Jake, a human and in that a government official does the unthinkable, he falls in love with a werewolf. With both their people on red, this lovers can either kill for love, or get killed over it. How much can romantic feelings overcome?

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  • Bur_Berry 💞


    Nice one. love the story structure.

    2023-11-10 16:11:49
  • Princess


    This excites me. I like the writing style and will root for the characters. Totally loved the chaos in the beginning.

    2023-10-27 00:26:17
  • Black Moon


    Good start, excited to see how this turns out!

    2023-10-29 02:11:09
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16 chapters
Centuries ago our universe breeded it's first seed, a like specie with slight resemblance and characteristics. A diverse alternative timeline that coexists alongside the regular. So, the inhabitants of this alternate timeline first labeled everything as fiction (Fic.) before their actual name comes along. Because they were found to be living in a breathing fantasy. On the other hand, one can say that there needs to be an intercourse before a breeding. To this it's fair to say that our universe was once banged, fucked raw by voodoo itself. Centuries ago before the dawn of this incident, a great number of our ancestors gave themselves fully into witchery and raw voodoo, practicing spells bigger than their knowledge, and incantations higher than their mere mortal beings. They performed sick rituals in mass that even the universe couldn't take any of it anymore, so much sin and blood on such holy grounds. And so to survive as it is, our world begat itself an offspring. Making for itself
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Black Aura
A helicopter rampages through the air, over the beauty and richness of countryside grounds. It tears through the thick wind towards a large horse shelter that resembles a warehouse, and drops acceleration, settling down slowly on the grass field.As soon as the landing skids make contact with the ground, Jackson drops from the helicopter in his big black hoodie and bounces towards the horse shelter in gangster pride. His crew of five accompany him each in their uniforms; black hoodies.The Man, a gentle white man in his sixties, fashioned in a long black coat and a cowboy hat, stands at the entrance of the warehouse watching them with his fingers pushing towards each other in impatientness."Jackson. Oh, Jackson, bringing you on board is beginning to appeal to me as a big mistake," The Man spits out words in his Texan accent as Jackson nears him. He gets into his face but unaggressively, "What're you doing? You think getting the government on us is a good idea? Oh, and what about the
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The Way Of Water
"Water," a philosopher's voice narrates from a big Bluetooth speaker that takes the shape of a cube, "though seen otherwise by most, is a living thing in it's own rights. Living, in a sense that it exhibits all our predominant characters. What can arguments work out in this case? Or how many characteristics should a living thing actively display.For one, living things grow, thus water grows too. Or how else do small ponds get filled? Or earth shrink to offer the ocean a bigger dwelling space? Living things move, surely water does too. If you oppose, jump into a river and watch it drive you crazy like the madness of love.Living things adapt to environmental conditions. Watch the flow of water as it curves to dodge hills, and yet progressing still, continuously, nonstop. Or feel it as it lies on hot or cold grounds, then tell me its temperature.Living things feed, yeah water does too. Though it being a cannibal, feeds of its own kinds. For how else does it grow?Living things respir
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Jake's Journey, Jake's discovery, Jake! Jake! Jake!
"If life was easier then as men they'd have enough time to explore and discover, hence finding out our secrets and breaking the wings of our leadership. So we made the world into a jungle, a fight for survival.No asset is truly yours, no business is permanently under you. Every company or whatever generates profit for a person is like a kingdom, and anyone who desires to would overthrow you in the blink of an eye.We made life an online multiplayer video game, and all of Earth a...""Brown," Robert enters the room and finds his son reading a scroll on his bed.Brown hurries to hide it under the bedsheet and walks up to him in bold rage, "Why would you come into my room!" Brown pauses, "Without knocking!" He yells."What're you reading?" Robert throws a question at Brown instead."Ancient erotic novels," Brown throws his arms apart. "What do you want?"Robert makes his way to the bed while Brown holds his peace, watching and hoping that he doesn't find the scrolls he had stolen.Rober
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Jake's Journey, Jake's Discovery, Jake! Jake! Jake! Part II
Thud! Thud! Thud! Palo's feets knock against the floor as he bounces to the middle of the red zone in majestic steps and ice-cool calmness. "Relax guys. You don't want to hurt this people," Palo preaches to his men and then turns to Jackson wearing a grin, "They put food on all our tables." He scoffs and walks closer to Jackson, pushing his own forehead against his gun muzzle. "That doesn't mean you should ever disrespect me, Jackson!" His voice suddenly swifts to show rage.In a sudden shift of moods, Palo begins to laugh again, nonstop. In the fifth second Jackson chuckles, coldly though.In that moment, confusion quickly establishes its throne amongst everyone in the room, as they stand their ground wondering whether to drop their guns low or hold strong.Still in the joyfulness of the moment, Palo gives Jake a handshake and then a quick buddy hug.At this point the answer is pretty obvious, the men drop low their weapons and rather choose to observe in alert."Like always, your m
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The Meeting
At the other side of the countryside, six quad bikes ride towards the horse shelter in good speed. In the following minutes, they ride into it and pack their bikes at one side of the wooden house."Is The Man inside?" Jackson questions one of the staffs who's combing a brown horse."I think he is."He and the crew bounce towards the underground elevator except for Jake who sits still on his bike in his disguise wearing a sad face full of regrets and retrospect.He just watched a couple die right in front of him and didn't do nothing. He ain't suppose to just watch a couple die right in front of him. "I'm a cop goddammit," Jake murmurs to himself in sharp anger."What was that?" Bravo questions him with eyes staring directly into his."Nothing," Jake replies briefly. "You didn't go with the crew?""I came to get you. C'mon," Bravo bounces towards the elevator.Jake stands up reluctantly and follows him. At this point it's beginning to dawn to him that this is the sacrifice he needs to
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What Is Misery?
Struck by the sharp glare of death Jake's brain quickly floods up with ideas. He puts a leg on the steel table from his siting position and throws a backflip supporting his hands with his chair. As he returns to the ground he flips his chair up and hooks Megan through the chair with the landing velocity.With Megan trap in between the chair, at least Jake is more assurred that he ain't getting his neck twisted today, but the possibilities of that horror lay in great number all around him. He quickly races for the exit, taking an high jump that lands him on the stairs.Unfortunately, Jake is not the only one that can jump. Behind him Jackson's crew chases after him in their number, a stretch of a hand is all that separates them. Nonetheless, Jake has his way.He hurries up the stairs like a stopwatch counting 123 but rapidly, behind him the crew follow up close, jumping and chasing him like the stuntmen that they are.As he reaches the last of the stairs, he finds the dark hallway star
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What Is Misery? Part II
In slow motion Fredrick poses with a punch that's no doubt gonna blow on Jake's face. As he launches it, halfway, a large thick red fireball collides into him pushing him backwards.Megan and Elsa who were mostly relaxed to this point instantly regain agitation. They watch five Saint Soldiers (the SWAT force of the nation) as they bounce up to them in symphony with an anger-inspired grimace...They stand up to the three werewolves with no knowledge of who they're up against. Jake takes advantage of the unfolding incidence and creeps out of the way in haste, not even turning back one time."You've been found guilty of assaulting an officer. The penalty is life in prison," The commander of the five men squad announces to the wolves.Just then Fredrick stands up from the ground in rekindled anger, and wipes the dust off his chest stylishly while his dagger-like eyeballs are unwaveringly fixed on the saint soldiers.Megan taps Fredrick's shoulder calmly, "Get the spy. We can take care of t
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Black Aura Awakening
"Yesterday," a voice from a speaker tells, "the streets were filled and minted with joy. But today, well today's different. The streets have grown scanty, for what once intrigued them as mere myth, lacking the ability to touch them, has unveiled itself in their reality, now with the full capacity to grip them where it please. Who invented the term werewolf? What led to its novelty?Are our minds extremely creative as they say? Or are we being deceived? For the mind, in its own right, feeds on what's real to fabricate fiction. If so, then what is fiction, and what is nonfiction? Is it a term designed to make us imagine our world as a much safer space? Why else do our parents tell us to stay away from forests and bushes? Nonetheless, it all doesn't matter now, werewolves are real.So when next you go to the market, take heed, stay on guard, for the man standing next to you, trying to act as nice as possible, might be a werewolf. Forbid your arms on this day for they will do you no good,
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It's Raining Werewolves
"...Forbid your arms on this day for they are useless, employ only your legs, for that, that only might save you some time before your doom connects," A voice from a speaker tells."Babe, how does it sound?" Kareem yearns for his girlfriend's opinion.They're both in beach wears, lying on the sand of a fine beach in a small island village. The sunset giving off a lovely sight as the evening breeze blows them calmly. They're the only ones around."You and your dumb podcasts. This one sounds good though," Kathy compliments. "But what if they ain't real, babe? What if they're just rumors?""Five Saint Soldiers down, plus a Blacky. How often do Blackies die in this country?" Kareem points out facts. "They're out there sweetie, but we've got each other.""Ohh, look who's being so nice to me today," Kathy teases.Kareem sits up, "What you talking bout? I'm always nice to you."Kathy curls her lips and blinks in a fine troublesome face. "Uh-uh.""Confess the truth. Confess now or I make you,"
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