The Legend of Gryffon

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The Legend of Gryffon

By: Xiulin OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Gabriella Russo, the princess of Etroana enters a contractual marriage with Myles Hamilton, the hidden prince of a neighboring country. Both enter the contractual marriage with an ulterior motive. The couple has to learn how to trust and care for each other while navigating through the schemes of the nobles Will they be able to withstand all the obstacles life throws in their way or will they go their own separate ways?


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37 chapters
The sound of the jade tea set hitting the marble floor echoed the quiet hallway. There was a scream of a woman. The sound attracted the attention of the palace maids and servants. They ran into the second princess, Gabriella's room, and fear filled their hearts.The second princess's body was hanging from the ceiling. Her body was limp and her pale face was completely covered by her long wet red hair.The servants wasted no time and carried the second princess's body to the hospital wing.Upon hearing the news of the second princess attempting suicide, the Empress fainted and the whole palace fell into chaos.During the late hours of the night, the sound of the doctors pleading for mercy could be heard from the hospital wing. They went as far as to kneel before the Crown Prince in hopes that he will let them off.The Crown Prince sat on his throne, looking distressed. He massaged his temples. His red hair was messy and his face showed signs of fatigue." Is there any hope that she wil
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The esteemed guest I
Servants were lined up to welcome the second princess." Ella was supposed to arrive an hour ago. What if something happened to her?"The Empress felt nervous. She kept on pacing back and forth in the living room. The Empress was wearing a maroon gown with a silver crown and silver and diamond earrings.The Crown Prince, Max, and his father, the Emperor seem relaxed as they enjoy playing chess with each other." Nicholas! Your daughter is missing but you still look calm"" Our daughter is a grown lady who knows what's right and what's wrong. Wherever she is right now, she is probably doing fine", The Emperor said.The Empress sat down beside the Emperor and asked." Do you think that Ella will be upset with the arranged marriage?"" I don't think that she will be upset. She grew up knowing that she had certain duties towards the people of Etroana. Besides, the second prince is most likely to be the Crown Prince and the Emperor later on. By then Ella would be the Empress of Gwacary",
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The esteemed guest II
Gabriella was internally screaming as she curtsied. The man bowed and then went on to sit beside Gabriella." So, Prince Myles, how was the flight", asked the Emperor with a smile on his face." It was fine"Soon the food was served. Everyone began to eat. Gabriella kept on glancing at the man. This did not escape the eyes of the Emperor. He smirked and ate his food happily.----After dinner." Where did this prince come from?", asked Riley." I don't know. Maybe Queen Camilla decided to adopt a child", Gabriella said as she took off her black high heels and put on a pair of pink slippers." But why would she adopt a boy? He will eventually compete with Prince Gaylen for the title of Crown Prince. She already has enough to worry about with Lady Daisy and her daughter, Princess Annie, living in the palace", said Beatrice." Maybe Prince Myles is one of the other consort's son", Helena stated." But giving a consort's son the status of a prince is forbidden. The King fought a lot with
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The esteemed guest III: Lilac's and Lavender's
Gabriella woke up early in the morning and got dressed. She wore a white dress with puffed sleeves under a black strapless knee-length dress. Her neck was adorned with a diamond choker and two silver rings on her fingers. She also wore black platform mary jane heels.She smiled in satisfaction as she looked at herself in the mirror before going to knock on the door of the room Prince Myles was staying in. When the door opened, Gabriella was greeted by the sight of Myles leaning against the door, looking at Gabriella.He was wearing a simple black turtle neck and black pants with a silver necklace hanging from his neck. He was looking at Gabriella with confusion written all over his face." Princess Gabriella, why are you here?", He asked." Um...I...This must be your first time in Etroana, right? Well, I volunteered to show you around. We can have breakfast at Lilac and Lavender's. That place is famous for their-"Prince Myles shut the door in Gabriella's face.' You little-'The door
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Azgul Castle I
Loralye looked awkward as she tried to find the proper words to explain herself. Her eyes wandered everywhere as she avoided looking into Gabriella's eyes." I just decided to come here and check the view from the-"" -The view of the construction site next door?", Gabriella asked." You know what? I just realized that my ring is missing. It's probably downstairs. Bye!", said Loralye before she left.Gabriella went back and sat down." What are we doing after this?", asked Myles." I thought that we can go look around Azgul Castle", said Gabriella." I always wanted to go there"" I thought that you wouldn't want to go there", said Gabriella." Why would you think that?"When Gabriella was about to reply, the waitress came with the food. After the waitress left, the two began eating.----In front of them stood Azgul Castle. It was a perfect example of Etroanian architecture. Each of the bricks used to build the castle was carved to be part of a huge mural. The mural told the tragic s
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Azgul Castle II
Gabriella looked around the garden as if it was her first time there. She went around looking at the flowers, getting lost in the maze, and almost smashing her head against a pillar.Eventually, she got tired and the two went back to the palace.When Gabriella arrived at the palace, as she was casually fanning herself with her white lace hand fan, she saw a woman standing in the garden, talking to her brother, Max.Max seemed extremely uncomfortable. When he saw Gabriella, the way he looked at her was as if he was looking at his life savior. He walks past the woman and greets Gabriella.Gabriella smiles and greets him. She pulls him in for a hug and whispers." Who is that?"" The witch of the Stafford family"" Which one? There are many witches in the Stafford family"" Lillian Stafford"Gabriella's smile froze. The warmth in her eyes disappeared. Her grip on Max's coat tightened and Max frowned in pain. Gabriella let of Max and walked towards Lillian. She opened the fan in an attemp
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Scandals I
The ladies-in-waiting were standing with their heads lowered. Their faces filled with nervousness.Gabriella wore a white knee-length dress with elbow-length sleeves. A white cocktail hat paired with white lace gloves, rose gold teardrop earrings, peach-colored high heels, and a white designer bag was on her lap.She sat on a grey couch, looking at the ten ladies-in-waiting." If you confess right now, all of you will be pardoned", said Gabriella.No one spoke. Gabriella laughed coldly and slowly got up from the couch. She walked to the lady-in-waiting who stood at the back. Gabriella patted her shoulder, which made the lady tremble in fear." Is there something you want to confess, Lady Tera?", Gabriella asked.Lady Tera's eyes widened and she immediately fell to the floor. Her long brown hair hid her face. Her fingers' hold on her skirt tightened." I-I- I didn't steal the diadem! Lady Lilian came in and took the diadem! I couldn't stop her!", Lady Tera defended herself." She came
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Scandals II
Lillian finally left and everyone let loose and began talking with each other without reservations.Myles leaned towards Gabriella and whispered." Is dinner here always this entertaining?"" Yes. I feel like I wasted five years of my life living abroad. I missed so much drama!", Gabriella replied, pouting.Myles laughed.-----The moonlight shone brighter than the stars in the dark night sky. A lovely melody rang through the room. A pair of slender hands moved across the keyboard of the white piano.Riley sat on the chair as she played the piano. Tears were streaming down her face as her mind wandered." Just a little more Darling. Just practice a little more. Then you will get your powers"" Why aren't you like your sister? Both of you are my daughters. Why are the two of you so different?"" Why are you bullying your sister?! She is just a timid and innocent girl! She isn't as scheming as you!"" Why are you always in the palace garden plucking the flowers and crying?"The music ab
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The Dwyer Manor I
Gabriella was out for a run in the large backyard of the palace where someone would get lost if they didn't know the place well enough. Some of the maids were already up and working. Other than a few maids, Gabriella didn't come across anyone.Gabriella tried to enjoy her quiet morning jog but she felt someone. She turned around and saw Myles who stood under the sun. The gentle rays of sunlight lay on his face. His blue eyes turned hazel under the sunlight." What are you doing here?", asked Gabriella." Just going for a morning jog", replied Myles"Oh.."------" Do you even know what you are talking about?!", Mr.Newton yelled at Riley after hearing what she said." Yes. I know what I'm saying. I know what I want. I want to annul the engagement between me and Sir Alexander. He doesn't love and I don't love him either. I'm no longer the naive child you could manipulate however you want. I know that he will never fall in love with me", said Riley.The whole room went silent but a few s
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The Dwyer Manor II: Lady Anne
" Mom...I missed you...", said Riley." I missed you too Rae", said Nora, Riley's mother.------At the Stafford manor.Lillian has been in a bad mood since she came back from the palace. The servants in the manor felt like they are walking on thin ice every day.The one who suffered the most was Lillian's lady-in-waiting, Lady Jenna." Milady do you want to attend lady Natalia's tea--"Lillian, who was seated, turned to her left and glared at Lady Jenna who was standing beside her." Do I look like I want to attend that woman's tea party?!"" Milady, Lady Natalia will make a scene!"" Get away from me!!"Lady Jenna was almost in tears by the end of the day." I feel bad for Lady Jenna"" At first I was envious of her as she was the lady-in-waiting of Lady Lilian and it seemed like Lady Lillian would become the Crown Princess but now I just pity her"But Lady Jenna wasn't the only one suffering.Lillian has been sick since she got home. She has been blaming it on the food she ate at t
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