Shroud of Darkness (Eternity Series Book 1)

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Shroud of Darkness (Eternity Series Book 1)

By: Cody Grimsley OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Seventeen years old and just starting his senior year at a new school in a new town. Beau Hayes, was looking forward to a normal life and doing things like making friends, getting a job, graduating, looking for colleges and finding a relationship. Unfortunately for Beau, a single night turns everything around. Waking up in the dead of night feeling different with new abilities and a hunger he had never felt before, Beau must now learn about his new transformation. He must undergo many trials to survive an ongoing war in a new word, avoid the vampiric council's radar after being illegally created, and find his creator to uncover the truth behind his creation. He was in for the time of his life, but not the time he expected nor wanted.

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Chapter 1
"Come to me, my child, and the world will be yours. Come to me, and let me show you the powers you possess. Come to me, and let us conquer our foes together. Come to me, my child, and immortality will be yours."Beau sat up and rubbed his eyes before looking around the dark room filled with boxes. With only a hint of light peeking through the window, he could make out enough of his cluttered room to navigate the mess without banging into one of the many boxes. Quietly, Beau opened the door to the bathroom connected to his room and flipped on the light. The sudden flood of fluorescent light caused him to hold up a hand as he shut one eye. Once the blinding light became tolerable, he stepped into the small bathroom. It wasn't much, but it came with everything Beau needed, that being a sink, toilet, and shower. Closing the door connecting the two rooms, he stepped over to the shower he pulled open the opaque door, which rattled for a moment before he reached in and turned on the water. L
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Chapter 2
There was a distinctive chirp ringing in Beau's ears as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. He recognized the sound as crickets, but he couldn't understand why the sound was so loud. He opened his eyes, maintaining a slight squint, only to find he could see. Darkness surrounded him, and it had to be the dead of night, but it was like his eyes had their own personal sun. What voodoo has been cast upon me?His confusion continued to grow as he looked down at his uninjured body covered with tattered and bloody cloth. This puzzled him because how could his clothes be in such a ragged state, but his body be unharmed?What the hell happened to me? He thought to himself. I must be dreaming.He pinched himself to ensure he was awake, and sure enough, he was. Unsure what to make of his situation, he decided to get up and find the nearest piece of civilization so he could find a way home because his mom was going to kill him, especially if she saw his clothing. Placing a hand on the log beside himse
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chapter 3
Lily and Beau spent the better part of the day together before she dropped him off at Jared's place to retrieve his car. Beau had enjoyed their time together. It gave him an opportunity to learn more about her and her life, which in all honesty, had been rough. Her mother passed away from cancer when she was thirteen. That was a year after her youngest sibling was born. After her mother died, everything went downhill for her. She had to take on a motherly role for her family, and her father became almost nonexistent even when he was home. On top of that, he was constantly getting fired for being drunk. Beau felt sorry for her and wished he could help, but how do you fix something so tragic?They quickly shared an awkward hug before splitting. Lily got in her car and left for home, while Beau decided to return to the trail where he had lost his phone. Then the sun was setting, but if Beau moved quickly enough, he should still have enough light left to see the device. He parked his car i
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chapter 4
He bolted from his class, leaving all his belongings behind. He needed to find the closest exit. As he rounded one of the corners to the stairs, he bumped into Mr. Jones, almost knocking him over. Their eyes met, but before Mr. Jones could speak, Beau charged down the stairs as fast as possible. Somewhere in the back of his thoughts, he could hear Mr. Jones, but he wouldn't let himself be distracted. He had to get out of the school.Bursting through the school doors, Beau ran straight for his car. He hopped in, turned the key, and floored it out of the parking lot, almost causing a collision. Unsure of where he was going, he just drove, and with everything that just happened, he wanted to disappear forever. His whole life was gone because he couldn't control this beast that he had never asked for."She should've let me die.", he hissed to himself.Driving was a blur to him as he passed building after building, street after street. He had zero focus and zero care about the roads and eve
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Chapter 5
Beau's heart was pounding as he stared up at the panel of twelve. He began to try and struggle to break the shackles, but it wasn't working. This should've been no problem for him."Don't bother. Those chains are imbued with blood magic specifically designed to nullify vampiric powers. At this moment, you can do little more than you could as a human.", one of the females said with a slight chuckle.Beau fell still as he looked down at the floor.What the hell do I do now? He questioned himself."You face your judgment, you insignificant wretch.", The Vampire, who Beau had the original altercation with, said."Calm yourself, Enoch; this is a professional trial, and I expect you to conduct yourself accordingly. Not to mention this 'wretch' did indeed almost claim your life.", This time, the man in the middle of the bunch spoke.Enoch's face twisted into one of annoyance, but he backed down."Now, my friend.", he said, looking back down at Beau, "I am Talos, your current head of council.
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Chapter 6
Beau wished someone would shoot him dead because, by the end of school, the torment was on a different level of stupid. People had already heard about his mishap the previous day, and then people saw him walking around with the new girl holding her hand due to Lauralye's insistence on the dating act. It was like propane tanks soaked in gasoline, and Lauralye had dropped the match. On the other hand, Beau had been strapped right in the middle of it all when the explosion went off. He didn't understand why this was necessary so that she could teach him about the vampiric world.During the day, she'd go over the history and laws, doing her best to lay out the details for Beau. Even though Lauralye didn't even witness most of what she was teaching, she was a good teacher and had read up on what seemed to be everything about vampire culture. The downside to this was the amount of information Beau was supposed to intake while simultaneously focusing on school. It was hell, and Beau would som
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