Exiled From The Heavens, ARYJIA

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Exiled From The Heavens, ARYJIA

By: MG Bobby OngoingFantasy

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In her 21st year, she turned into a vampire! Her boyfriend got possessed by the spirit of Lilith and an angel fell from heaven. A story of the four chosen to change the fate of mankind.


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Chapter 1
Exiled From The Heavens; ARYJIA. This is after I recovered from my illness. I discovered I did been living in a dream. But this dream was damn true! Every single sentence after each paragraph here brings out the story I saw in my dream. At this point, in my dream, I only get to survive if my story gets accepted in the world.- Author. (The queen of lust possessed me, now she wants me to help her gain power and acquire a unique body, one that is pure and holy. I fear she won't leave my body cause I'm authentic. - Jamie Mac.) ***** 2000's AD. The world can be said to be at the apex of civilisation. With the invention of hover cars to translocators (Machines now developed to ease travelling between States to states.) Not to mention, the robots with a whole functional system! Now even capable of running affairs without the need for programmes! This was not all achievable by man alone! Somewhere in the middle of Kana. Jamie Mac sat in a room with his g
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Chapter 2
Leaving for the ranges in the east. Jamie Mac tensed as he heard Mrs Mkenzie scream. 'My head is steaming?' He wondered as he felt the lightness over his head as his lower body warmed up. What is happening to me? He couldn't understand this kind of fever, did the storm outside affect him? He had no idea as Rachel Mkenzie ran down the stairs worried. "What's up mom?" Rachel asked once she came into sight of the situation. Bryan sat on the couch, with just his T-shirt in his hands, trembling. Droplets of sweat were visible dripping down his bare chest as he heaved up in awe. "Are you ok?"Mrs Mkenzie asked. Right now the Mkenzie stood a meter away from him, all staring at him as he wiped himself off the sweat with his shirt. "I feel really hot," Mac replied as he saw the worriedness and confusion in the Mkenzie. He did not know how he would explain this but he knew he was ok. No part of his body ached, no, just a fever. That was all. "I shou
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Chapter 3
An evil territory. "Will you check your grandma?" Rachel asked as they walked along the road leading to the city. "No, let's get to the city first." Mac had made up his mind. Ever since he did been living with his grandma, he had always been forbidden from the City. It was now over twenty years after his parents left, some unknown persons from the city took them away and up to date, Mac had always wondered where his parents were. A cool breeze swept through them as it picked the leaves on the road swirling them before dissipating leaving the leaves all but scattered again. It was just the two of them on the road at this hour. Living on the outskirts of Kana City was not that easy. People had it that they were the refugees who were lucky enough to get a piece of land outside the city. "What is making you so silent?"Rachel bumped into him as she created some fun. She won't know that Mac just thought of his parents. This was the great city that swal
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Chapter 4
Chasing after, into the ranges in the east. The well-furnished house was now at the edge of being a mess. The utensils in the kitchen were all thrown on the floors and even some tears were visible on the coaches, the pictures on the wall too and vessels on the shelves were shattered. Nothing was making any sense. How long had they been gone? Just an hour or so, and this turned out, they had to follow the jeep. Rachel was out of words, her body shook as she tried to push away the heartbreaking thoughts of what might have happened. The Mkenzie were good people, they never did wrong to anyone. Why did someone destroy their house?? Mac paced around the rooms now. It was evident that they were the only people in the house. "Let's leave this place." Mac who was now reassuring Rachel that it will be alright concluded. This was Rachels's worst birthday in her history. The year she turned 21 will be the year she ceased being Rachel, the cool girl in Kana. The b
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Chapter 5
Descendants of the legendary goddesses. They had finally made it to the first ridge when Rachel suddenly yelled. "Mac..." Her canine teeth had suddenly elongated and her eyes turned blood red. "Rachel!"Mac screamed as he saw the arrow rooted on the back of her shoulder. He looked around but he couldn't see where the archer was. She was injured. Mac tore off her top piece of clothing as he tried plucking the arrow out of her back. "It hurts! " Rachel screamed. A sudden mutation also seemed to be taking place as she groaned in pain as Mac forcible took the arrow out of her. "What is happening to you!" Mac who had seen her teeth now turned and saw her eyes and sharper fingernails. Rachel cried in pain as she suddenly grabbed Mac by his shoulders resisting the urge to bite him. "Babe!" Mac almost fainted from fear as he saw Rachel trying to fight against this odd thirst for blood. "Stop!"Mac yelled as Rachel couldn't stop getting nearer, she
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Chapter 6
Introduced to a new world! Mac thought over it. He pretended to be interested as he now ignored Rachel and smiled back at the slimy man. "We have a deal." He did say. "What!" Rachel who had not expected to be sold by her boyfriend just squealed as the slimy man filthy took her by the waist and snuggled her up his skelly body. "You are mine now. I will protect you." The slimy man tried to vibe but Rachel spat in his face. "Stay away from me!" She raged but Mac quickly moved to her side and pinched her arm lightly. They needed money, and this man was giving out money for free! Rachel for mere seconds floated as she tried to reason why Mac was giving her an ugly face after the pinch. 'Oh, you want me to play cool?' Rachel now connected the wire. 'I wondered where you got the strength to sell me.' She now turned upset as Mac grabbed her hand. "Say sorry to the Lord!" He ordered Rachel who bowed and begged for mercy. "Hahaha haha, no problem my beautiful
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Chapter 7
Another Angel has fallen! 10,000 years after Iblis' rebellion against the highest order of the gods. A prophecy was foreseen, that a sect of mortal beings will achieve eternity by unholy means and defeat both the dark and holy deities in pursuit of universal parallelism. This was against all gods and deities' wishes. If at any point the humans who were gods' creation, achieved the so-called divinity and managed to transcend to the higher dimensions, the equivalent of the ethereal realm may break and lead to the apocalypse prematurity. This will cause the highest God's apocalyptic reign to affect the heavens too. A disaster that will wipe out both mortals and immortals. A set of rules was set by the gods under the mountain of Olympus, and a monument was erected with the power of a macrocosm to ensure the balance between the heavens and earth. This had laid peace for over a thousand years before the heavens were suddenly attacked by the watchers who had emerged o
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Chapter 8
Risking for the sake of a better future. With the Mother of earthly immortals securing the gate pass to heaven and ensuring the balance between earth and heaven, the highest God had no fear of losing his kingdom but doubt that the mother of earthly immortals might get blinded by love for her daughter, Sapphira. The highest God, the most powerful and first of all gods, knew his greatest failure was creating a woman. After Iblis, one of his Angels of light had ascended and achieved the mid-tier between heavenly and archness, a great prophecy had been scribbled on the walls of the palace of prognosis. That a predictable war will break out and result in new world order (NWO). The revelation showed the rise of mankind into holiness and a world where all races lived together in harmony. No gods to rule over the vastness nor deities to ensure and record the wheel of time and responsibilities respectively. All this had begun the day Iblis fell in love with Lilith. No
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Chapter 9
There is always a spect of goodness in everything. Sometimes being the villain is an option, but even the hero is a villain too! There can't be good in everything too! Night crawled in steadily with thunderous frightful flashes across the now dim sky. On this night, the gate to hell shook as demons shrieked and howled. The long-awaited hour had finally come. "Angel Sapphira, step aside!" Hazakiel strictly warned. Though Sapphira had served as the ALL Angel for centuries in the Heavens, it had been known that she had been exiled from the heavens, thrown out though politely, but never to be seen again in the heavens. Hazakiel knew this, and he was not going to show any mercy to Sapphira. "I'm warning you for the last time, Sapphira..." Hazakiel wanted to let Sapphira know he had duties but the latter didn't give him a damn ear but summoned her corundum. "I will kill you Hazakiel!" Sapphira angrily declared as she activated the corundum that sparkled with bl
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Chapter 10
If you can't fight em, join em. "Shouldn't you just report your failure?" Hazakiel asked the ashed leader. But instead, he received a punch as the squad leader, greedy as his higher-up saw profit in capturing two angels plus a void mana pocket with two otherworldly beings. "Why don't you see the importance of acting on instinct?" Sapphira questioned Hazakiel as she lifted him. "Did you kill the man?" Hazakiel worriedly asked as he saw the man sputtering blood. "He has the mark of Iblis!" ***** Just some seconds ago, Hazakiel had been slow to defend himself from the squad leader giving the opponent the chance to deliver a mighty hell-pound punch,(from the formidable hell techniques) that ripped his belly apart. Now a hole ran straight through his abdomen leaking his spiritual power. "Did you kill the man?" Hazakiel too worried about the situation couldn't stop asking this. At the moment he knew he couldn't help if a fight broke out, his body was now
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