The Unexpected Son-in-law

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The Unexpected Son-in-law

By: Pjjordan OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Liam Tate is the son-in-law they never saw coming. Neither did they expect him to be married to their daughter. After being shamed by the Grayson family for being poor, Liam meets a man who changes his life. Now the Grayson family is on their knees begging Liam for forgivness.


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86 chapters
“You ready for this?” Nova Grayson asks, taking her husband’s hand in hers.‘’No,’’ Liam Tate replies.‘’What? You are about to meet my family.’’‘’Yes, a family I know nothing about because I have never spoken to them before.’’‘’Don’t worry, they will love you.’’‘’Is that just an assumption or a known fact?’’‘’Liam, just relax. Everything will be fine.’’‘’Yeah, until they find out that we are married and think that I am the reason you haven’t been home for the past two years.’’‘’Nothing like that will happen, my family is very accepting.’’‘’Right, and what will they think after finding out that I’m poor, a pre-med student because I did not know what I wanted out of life?’’‘’Nothing.’’‘’I’m sure they will be happy to know that their daughter is married to a man that can’t provide for her.’’ Liam finishes.Liam climbs out of the silver Ferrari Nova’s father bought her, then walks around the other side to open the door for his wife.‘’Thank you, Mr Tate.’’ Nova smiles at him.‘’
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Her mother’s eyes widen before she glances at Liam.‘’Listen, I might not be the rich son-in-law you were looking for, but I love Nova.’’Venus scoffs. ‘’Love can only get you thus far, and as far as I can see. My sister is the one to be sponsoring your lifestyle.’’‘’No, guys, it is nothing like that. I never marry Nova for money.’’ Liam now says, becoming angry.Mrs Greyson laughs at him.‘’Right, and you expect us to believe that? If you want to be a son-in-law to us, you can’t be poor, but have to come from a rich background.’’Liam glances over at his wife. She is quiet now instead of trying to defend him.‘’This is nothing but bullshit. All you people care about is money. How can you say that love doesn’t matter?’’ Liam raises his voice.‘’Because it doesn't. What should happen if we both were poor and I fall ill? Could we afford medical?’’ Nova speaks up.‘’You know, I never took you for a bitch, Nova. But I see you are just that and maybe I shouldn’t have married you if money
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Liam, in shame and with his head low, walks until his feet hurt and he sees a bus stop. He has no choice but to settle under.As he does, lightning flashes across the sky, followed by a clap of thunder, then the rain begins to fall.‘’Just my luck, can this day get any worse?’’ he asks aloud, then cursing himself for foolishly coming to Santoria with someone who switched up on him so fast.But he never expected his wife to turn on him just like that and throw two years of marriage down the drain.Liam holds his head in his hands, not knowing where to go from there because now he has no money and no way to get back to Yorkville.Suddenly, a shadow creeps up on Liam, forcing him to look up at the bald head man, who look to be somewhere in his fifties.The man holds out an umbrella towards Liam, but he refuses to take it.‘’Master Liam Tate, I have been looking all over for you ever since I heard you landed at the airport.’’ The man says.Liam looks behind him to see if the man is mistak
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The ringing of Liam’s phone is what wakes him from his sleep. He doesn’t look at the screen, just answers with a ‘hello’ and then sits up after hearing the voice on the other end.‘’Nova?’’‘’Hey Liam, where are you?’’‘’I’m… at a motel.’’‘’Oh ok, can I meet you there? I would like to speak to you about something.’’‘’I have to speak to you about something as well, but we can’t meet here. I think coming to your parents' place will be better.’’‘’Liam, my family doesn’t like you and doesn’t appreciate that I am married to a man like you, either. I will just meet you somewhere else.’’Liam breathes out a laugh. ‘’We have been together for four and a half years with two years of marriage. I am not about to throw this all away.’’‘’Liam just-’’‘’Nova, I’m coming there and I’m sure your family will love what I have to say.’’‘’Fine!’’ Nova groans, then hangs up right after.Liam throws himself back on the bed, still not believing that someone he has spent so many years loving left him ju
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The next day, Liam tries his hardest to not think about the divorce he is going through because he has more important matters to deal with.The black SUV pulls up outside of the Wellington group. Liam, who is dressed in a crisp black suit, steps out.He looks up at the imposing glass building with a new purpose, thinking that he and Nova’s divorce is for the best because she would have tried to control things in what the Wellington family worked so hard for. Just as how she had controlled and manipulated him over the years.‘’I’ll go park the car, Carl and the lawyers are waiting for you inside,’’ the driver tells Liam before entering the car again and driving away.Before Liam could get far, a silver car comes speeding by. Splashing him with water that have settled in a puddle from the rain the night before.Liam stays where he is to see who would step out and is surprised to see that it is Kyle, along with Venus and their mother.‘’Well, if it is the poor bastard who tried to marry
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‘’Now that’s done, let me go meet with the Graysons.'' Annie smiles at Liam."Annie, I think it would be best to let Liam attend this meeting as well. And it will be a wonderful way for him to understand how things are done.’’ Carl stops her.''Oh, you are right. Silly me.''Carl nods and winks at Liam as if he knows what he is planning. It is as if he knows of his revenge and is pushing me to do it.''Right this way.'' Annie holds the door for Liam.Liam nods, then follows her out and down the hall to a larger room that has a long table in the center and several chairs surrounding it.Kyle looks up at Liam then burst out with a laugh.‘’Is this some kind of a joke?’’ he asks.Annie frowns. ‘’You have me at a loss.’’‘’This poor man, what is he doing up here? This place is only for exclusive people.’’ Kyle points at Liam.‘’Mr Grayson, I’ll have you know that Mr Tate is the owner of this esteemed organization.''Kyle’s eyes hold confusion as he looks back and forth between Liam and An
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With the type of person Kyle is, he doesn’t go out without a fight.''This shit place will burn. You hear that, poor man! And you are nothing, nothing but a poor man still!'' He flips a chair in the waiting area before hitting a few magazines on a glass table.Venus and Mrs Grayson walk behind him, acting oblivious to his behavior.''How dare a poor man like him to shame us?'' Kyle yells.It takes three security to pull him down to the main lobby, where he yells at all those who are staring at him.‘’Don’t you touch me! This place will burn! The Wellington Group will fail and I will be here to laugh at that poor man who was married to my sister.’’Mrs Grayson and Venus hold their heads down in shame, both still nothing believing the outcome of their meeting.Mrs Grayson had high hopes of signing papers today, even having one of her nieces date someone on the board so that her family could buy out more from the Wellington or even threatening them with what secrets they learn.But she n
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"I don't know what happened, but I liked how you handled the situation.'' Annie nods.''Thank you, and it will never happen again.''‘’Well, now that’s done with, let me show you the ropes. Because this company needs to be in tiptop shape.’’ Annie smiles.‘’Before we start, I have only one request,’’ Liam tells her.‘’Anything.’’‘’I wish to have my best friend flown out here. We have been through a lot together and with Kyle threatening to discord the hospital, I don’t want him back on the streets. He has it hard enough already.’’‘’Just give me a name and address, and I’ll get someone on it.’’‘’Ok, but don’t let him know about all this. I would rather for me to break it to him. Better yet, forget about that plan. I would rather to surprise him myself this next weekend.’’Annie ends the call and places the phone down with a nod.“Ok to get to it, your mother wanted to buy Central Bank, but then she got sick and well, you now. But the offer still stands because we are the highest bid
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‘’Mr Tate, now that the Graysons are losing their deals, how about we start deals with their old clients by backing and financing them to grow our investments?’’ Annie suggests.‘’That doesn’t sound too bad. What do you have in mind?’’‘’With all these openings, there is easily a billion dollars in Santeria up for grabs. We just have to come up with the best offer. We have banks, so a safer and more secure way to save and transfer money could be a way.’’‘A billion?’ Liam thought to himself.‘’Your mother also was interested in construction, so becoming a partner of Lloyd's construction can grow our profits.’’‘’Sounds as if we can make a lot of money.’’‘’We can, just by partnering with the countless of companies and then buying them out when the time comes.’’Liam nods. ‘’But what does one do with this much money?’’‘’Create generational wealth. Could also do small donations to non-profit organizations.’’As much as Liam wants to do this, he doesn’t want to become addicted to money
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‘’We need a solution to help us solve this predicament that good-for-nothing ex-husband of yours has put us in,’’ Mr Grayson roars.‘’Father, we should stop calling him a good-for-nothing since he now owns basically all of Santoria and has our life hanging from a thread. A man who is good-for-nothing wouldn’t be able to ruin us like this,’’ Venus says from where she stands.Mr Grayson grits his teeth to contain the anger that has been building more and more as the hours tick by. ‘’Venus, I suggest you shut your mouth because you and your so-called fiancee are of no help.’’Venus frowns at her father. ‘’Right, as if he and his family haven’t donated fifty million to our ‘charity’. Maybe if you, mom, and Kyle cut down on the habits we wouldn’t be scrambling around for money.’’She drains her glass before speaking again. ‘’It is a good thing he is the one taking care of this wedding.’’Mr Grayson’s nostrils flares. ‘’I have no time for this. We need to find a way to get back our deals a
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