The Unwanted Son In-Law's Fight For His Family.

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The Unwanted Son In-Law's Fight For His Family.

By: Messyink Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Mark Clarkson resumes his family fortune because he wants to protect his family. His wife’s Michelle is pregnant, and her family demand Michelle to abort the baby and leave Mark Clarkson. Mark Clarkson used his advantages to secretly help Michelle reclaim her family position and become the CEO. Michelle takes over most of her family's business. Mark Clarkson's mother-in-law, Elizabeth and his son, Philips hate them to the guts and start trying every means to bring them down. At this moment, what do you think Mark Clarkson and Michelle will do? Will they overlook Elizabeth and Philips or will they fight back without minding their family relationship?


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32 chapters
Chapter 1.
"Honey…" Mark called out in a sleepy tone. He had just woken up from sleep but he didn't find his wife beside him. It was 2 am and she should be resting. The bedroom was eerily silent and Mark was starting to get worried."Honey, are you there?" He called out as he sat upright on the bed. Looking toward the bathroom door, it was dark but he could see light leaking out of the bathroom.Seeing that she might be in the bathroom, Mark decided to rest his back on the headboard of the bed. But then after ten minutes, his wife still wasn't out and he was overly worried. Standing up to his feet, Mark walked silently but quickly toward the bathroom."Michelle…" He called out as soon as he got into his bathroom. To his expectation, he saw his wife standing before the mirror. "Are you okay?" He asked, it was unusual for her to be that way. Though they had not been married for a long time, he was familiar with his wife's habits.They had known each other since they were kids, he loved and cher
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Chapter 2.
It had been a long day for Mark as he walked on the quiet streets. He had combed through every financial firm he could think of but he was being declined."Fuck!" He cussed as he was too frustrated to think. He had a very good resumé but he still wasn't considered. Mark was starting to think it wasn't something coincidental.He halted and then turned to look around for a cab but he could see no cab in sight. It wasn't so easy to get a cab in high residential areas. He then continued to walk and just then a car passed beside him, at a high speed. The speed and closeness of the car caught him off guard and he was almost thrown out of the road."What the fuck!" He cussed angrily. He was already frustrated and now someone was trying to kill him.After recovering his balance, Mark noticed the car reversed. "What else do they want?" Mark said to herself as the car stopped beside him.It was a luxury car and it looked incredibly familiar to him but then he wished it wasn't what he was thi
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Chapter 3.
"Honey," Michelle called out, her brows scrunched into a frown.However, Mark didn't reply. There were too many things roaming in his head. But then he wanted to ask just one question."Did you by any chance accept to get a divorce?" He asked and Michelle shook her head frantically."No, I didn't. I would never do that and you know that." Michelle said, going to stand before Mark. He could see the honesty in her eyes but then from the slight shaking of her voice, he knew that she was hiding something important from him. "What are you hiding, Michelle?" He asked suddenly and her eyes went wide."Did they threaten you? You can let me know, I'll do anything to get them off our backs." Mark said, taking hold of her shoulder."I-i, S-she…" Michelle began, stuttering. However, she was cut off by the sound of Mark's phone. "Shit!" Mark cussed as he took out his phone again. He angrily connected the call and it turned out to be his brother-in-law, Philip."It's Philip." Mark mouthed and th
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Chapter 4.
"Who are you?" Mark screamed as he flailed his arms around but then his arms were held onto. "Get away from me." He added as he tried to kick his legs around and immediately, he was carried by his hands and legs. In one swift second, he was bundled into the car and immediately Mark was overwhelmed with cold air from the air conditioner.Immediately, his phone rang out and he stilled. He was sure that it was his friend but then he couldn't pick up the call."Take out his phone and throw it out of the window." One of the hefty men ordered and Mark turned violent. "No! No!" He said and used his elbow to hold onto his pocket, where his phone was kept. At his resistance, the hefty man was pumped to get his phone and immediately it was dragged out and thrown out of the window."No! You didn't just do that." He yelled. He had the hope of being tracked with the phone as his wife would be worried."Who are you, people?" He asked, worried about how Michelle was going to take care of their u
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Chapter 5
"You're the last surviving heir of the richest and most powerful family, young master." The butler said with a proud smile on his face."Uhmm, I'm not sure about that. Although I believe you, I'm still trying to process everything you have just told me. It's overwhelming." Mark reiterated."Hmm, it's understandable." The butler replied and then looked around the garden."Would you like to have lunch? It's being prepared specially for you." Mr. Peter informed and at that moment, Mark's tummy growled.He realized he had not eaten anything worthwhile for a while now."I guess I don't need to ask, young master." The butler said and Mark gave a sheepish smile.He wasn't embarrassed that his tummy growled. After all, every other person out there gets hungry.Soon, Mark and the butler were at the dining hall and immediately Mark perceived a delicious aroma in the air. His stomach growled louder and Mr. Peter ushered him to sit at the head of the table."Is this okay?" Mark asked, skepticall
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"Mum, I don't know what to do about that," Michelle said, with a worried frown on her face when her mom asked for her opinion on how they would solve their company's issues. She was already feeling exhausted from the meeting.However, she couldn't drop the call as her family's business was in a difficult situation."Have you reached out to the executive? He can help us get the contract." Elizabeth said with a serious look on her face.Michelle sighed and then said, "I have, mother and he turned me down. He asked me to have an affair with him and I can't do that, mother." Michelle explained, still with a frown on her face."Yeah, you shouldn't give yourself to scrawny men like that," Elizabeth said and Philip who was also on the video call snorted loudly.Michelle was surprised that her mother didn't see giving out her body as a good idea. The mother she knew was in for anything that would bring in money.At that moment, the door opened up and Michele's head whipped to look at the door
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Chapter 7
Mark woke up early and was ready to leave for work. He watched Michelle as she slept soundly on the bed.He pecked her on the lips before walking out of the room to the kitchen to prepare a light breakfast. He thought about how everyone was going to see him just on the first day of work.He laughed as he thought that some workers might try to belittle him or bully him, thinking that he was a mere lowly worker in the company while the company belongs to him in reality.He finished preparing bread and coffee and settled down to eat. Michelle, who had already woken up, rubbed her eyes as she came to the dining."You are already set to leave?" She asked him, feeling surprised."Yes, I have to go early at least to impress my boss," he said to her."Okay, can I join you?" She asked him."Sure you can. I will be glad to share the breakfast with you," Mark replied with a smile.Michelle smiled back and quickly joined him. She served herself the remaining portion on the dining table and starte
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Chapter 8.
Mark settled in in his new office after his manager showed him around and helped him settle in. He left Mark all alone to arrange the office to his taste in case it wasn't arranged as he wanted.Mark was still on it when one of the workers barged into his office without knocking and immediately he knew the person would be a trouble marker and might be his problem here in the office."Hey newbie, what are you doing?" He asked Mark as he hung around the door.Mark turned to look at him, he was a young man in his early thirties and he reasoned that he might be one of those friendly workers who like making friends."I'm rearranging my office. I didn't like how it was arranged," Mark said and pushed the desk to the position he loved."Don't you think you are wasting your time? Is it necessary?" The man asked him which made Mark look at him before he turned away with a slight smile on his lips."Of Course, it is because anyone would do it, including you. Imagine you starting new in another
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Chapter 9.
Mark returned home from his first day at work very tired. He went straight to shower and settled to have a nap without even bothering about dinner which got Michelle worried.She walked to the bed after preparing dinner and went to sit by his side."Was today so stressful that you want to go straight to bed?" She asked him."Yes, it was. I spent most of my time trying to know how everything in the department I'm working in works. It was a whole lot of stress that I lost my appetite for food while on it," Mark replied."But you still have to eat something. No matter how you feel, I cannot watch you go to bed on an empty stomach," Michelle said to him."I'm very tired, my body aches," Mark murmured like a child and didn't bother to stand up.Michelle thought about what to do and how to change her husband's mind. Sometimes he acts like a child and when he does, it was always hard to make him change his mind about something he wasn't interested in.She climbed up his back, surprising Mark
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Chapter 10
Elizabeth, who wasn't happy with Mark, started thinking of how to make Mark and Michelle break up. She had already found another suitor for Michelle and the suitor was willing to marry her even as she was pregnant.She had been restless and had also been thinking about it, as it left her troubled. She dropped the spoon she was making use of to eat lunch. She needed a strong aid for sin in law and not a weakling like Mark who cannot amount to anything.She cannot even be able to run to him in times of need which pissed her off. She asked the maids to take the lunch away as she had lost her appetite.While thinking of what to do, she remembered overhearing Michelle pleading with her landlord on the phone the other day to give them some more time to pay the house rent as it had expired.Elizabeth smiled and became filled with happiness, she had just known the means she can be able to achieve what she wants.She asked a maid to bring her phone which the maid quickly did. She reached the l
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