Two Worlds Conqueror System

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Two Worlds Conqueror System

By: RJ James Low Updated just nowSystem

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Raff Petterson. a young man who was always insulted and bullied for being poor. His life in the real world is nothing but failure. But hope arises when the system activates inside his body. Raff can move to a fantasy world and back to the real world as he wishes. With the power of his system, he intends to take revenge on everyone who has ever insulted him. Raff begins his adventure in a fantasy world full of magic and a journey to become the richest man in the real world. He didn't know the system inside his body had another purpose and had prepared bigger plans for him.


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49 chapters
Chapter 1: System Awakening
"Ah!" screamed the people in the streets at the sound of gun shots."Come with us! Then you can still survive!" snapped an adult man with a scary face. His right hand was pointing a gun in the air. His left hand held the collar of a 27-year-old young man's shirt."Tch! I'd still be able to fight back, if they didn't have a gun," Raff Petterson thought. His collar was still held tightly. His body was pulled towards a dark place between buildings, no one dared to help him. Ten men with scary faces surrounded him from all directions."Do you know who the woman you just dated is?" asked the man with the gun. Raff guessed that the man was the gang leader who had suddenly confronted him."We just met today. We only met over the internet," Raff replied."Don't lie! You must be her boyfriend, right?" another gang member snapped."No, I'm not. I only met her today," Raff replied."Don't lie! We've been looking for that woman for a long time. She owes a debt to our gang," snapped the gang leade
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Chapter 2: First Quest
Raff was wide-eyed at the different scenery before his eyes after exiting the dimensional portal. He was now in a vast meadow on a hill. In the distance, there were bright torch lights at the foot of the hill. The houses were lined up neatly interspersed with roads and trees.The shape of the buildings and their layout reminded Raff of the building style of cities in MMORPG fantasy games. Raff then raised his head to face the sky. It seemed that the sky in this world was clear. There was no sign of rain like what was currently happening in the real world."Impossible. So this is a form of fantasy world? The atmosphere and appearance feel like in a game," Raff said while inhaling deeply. He could feel the fresh night air flowing into his lungs.[Quest #1: Enroll as an adventurer in the adventurer's guild]"Tch. Just entered, the mission already appeared," said Raff.Raff began to walk towards the town at the foot of the hill. He didn't find any monsters along the way. However, Raff cou
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Chapter 3: First Battle
Raff's left shoulder was pulled up until his body followed Jeal and his party members. The five of them arrived at the garbage dump in Norn City. Jeal pushed Raff's body until it hit the wall of the garbage dump."This is the only place for you!" Jeal taunted with a laugh."A weakling like you doesn't deserve to be an adventurer!" said Lot."It turns out he's really stupid. No wonder he dared to look you in the face back at the guild," said Kon."Yes. He doesn't know that the person he's staring at is a level 6 adventurer!" said Jeal while taking the axe on his back."Prostrate yourself in front of me. Then I'll let you leave here," Jeal ordered. He drove the axe in his right hand into Raff's neck."For over twenty years I have often been insulted and threatened. But just once, I have never bowed down to them begging for forgiveness," Raff replied while standing up fearlessly."Hahaha .. you have courage too," said Soy."He doesn't know that the adventurer before him has been an adven
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Chapter 4: Ultimate Skill
[Answer: The condition is to unlock the ultimate skill. Then you will automatically get passive skills and upgrades from dimensional gate skills]"Ultimate skill? How can I unlock it?" asked Raff.[Answer: Make another sacrifice as a form of agreement between the system and its owner]"What kind of deal?" asked Raff.[Answer: There are five agreements that can be selected one of them to unlock the ultimate skill][#1 : Become a slave and be tortured in the fantasy world for fifty years. The ultimate skill will be unlocked after completing it. If you fail, the punishment is death and torture forever][#2 : Become a slave and be tortured in the real world for forty years. The ultimate skill will be unlocked upon completion. Failure to do so will result in death and eternal torment][#3 : Sacrifice your life until you have one minute left. The ultimate skill will unlock immediately after the deal is made][#4 : Become a Demon King but lose your dreams, consciousness, memories and won't k
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Chapter 5: Elite Ten's Threat
"Why are you keeping quiet huh!" snapped another man named Dim."Let's not make a scene. We just came. Right Reona?" said Raven as he put his right hand on Raff's right shoulder."You don't want to embarrass us! In this town everyone respects us so much!" whispered Raven in Raff's ear."I just came to this town so I don't know anything," Raff replied."You'd better get out of here if you still want to survive!" whispered Raven."Instead of you staying silent maybe you can find something for us out there," Raven said again loudly while pushing Raff's shoulder.Raff immediately left the guild without saying anything. He didn't care what Raven said to him. So far he had often experienced the same thing when bullied in the real world."That's it. Buy us some good food!" Dam shouted."Next time don't make us wait!" said Dim."Tch. Again I have to meet a group of annoying people," Raff grumbled."But they must have a high level. I can't be rash if I want to teach them a lesson. Information
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Chapter 6: Reality in Two Worlds
[Answer: The higher the level of the defeated monsters, the more Exp will be obtained to level up]"Can you find out how many levels other people or monsters are by scanning?" asked Raff.[Answer: No. But you can estimate the opponent's level after defeating it. Later it will calculate the Exp obtained and estimate the enemy level from the calculation]"It's very complicated. But that means I can't know other people's levels. The only way is to ask directly or look at the adventurer's card," Raff muttered. He took out his adventurer card. It turned out that his current level was still level 1."Can't I exchange it huh? If this continues then I will be underestimated like in the real world," Raff thought.[Answer: It's useless to exchange it. If the item used is still the same, it will still be damaged]"What a smartass you are," said Raff as he walked back to Norn City. This time Raff took a different route. He entered the countryside out of curiosity about the lives of ordinary citiz
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Chapter 7: One versus Four
"System, what percentage do I win against the four of them?" asked Raff as he ran.[Answer: Unknown]"Hehe .. I just want you to talk while I chase them," said Raff while laughing to himself.The shadows of the four adventurers were already visible in the distance. Raff began to walk slowly so as not to be noticed by the four of them. The bodies of the four adventurers looked burly and tall. One adventurer carried a sword, another carried a stick, the remaining two carried knives and did not carry any weapons."They look well-trained and strong. I have to be wary while I don't know their level. It would be interesting if adventurers who look strong like them were used as guinea pigs," Raff muttered."Illusion maker," said Raff activating his ultimate skill.The adventurer carrying the knife suddenly stopped his steps. He turned his body backwards and looked around him. His three friends looked confused."What's wrong Bob?" asked the adventurer carrying the sword."I feel like someone
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Chapter 8: Master of Traps
A violent explosion occurred when Qlo's long-range slash hit the magic trap that Raff had set. Meanwhile, Ham and Bob's bodies again hit the trap that Raff had set behind his body. Ham and Bob's bodies were immediately burned, because they had removed their armor when they were burned before..."Argh!" screamed Bob and Ham. Their bodies fell to the ground. It turned out that Raff had again prepared on the surface of the ground where they fell. The fire magic trap on the ground made them burn even stronger on the right and left sides behind Raff."No way," said Qlo."You think I'd be careless enough to think my opponent had lost? I knew from the start that you were all pretty strong. It's impossible to lose just like that," Raff explained with a smile. Bob and Ham continued to shout for help. But Qlo couldn't do anything because he couldn't be rash after knowing Raff's abilities."You really are a demon. Don't you feel sorry for their screams?" asked Qlo while drawing his sword."Pity?
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Chapter 9: the way to get rich
"That's a strange problem. Because goblin warriors have only existed inside the dungeon so far. There have only been a few times adventurers have encountered them outside the dungeon. And everything always ends in bad events," explained the guild staff."I see," said Raff."You'd better not tell anyone about this incident. Tell your other friends not to tell anyone about the goblin warrior problem. Let the adventurer's guild take care of it," said the guild staff."Eh? yes," Raff replied."Then I'll take my leave," said Raff."Yes," replied the guild staff.Raff left the guild building. His goal now is to find a quiet place to use his world connector skill.[Quest #3: Completed!][Updating status!][Level: 16][Strength: 1502][Agility: 1590][Durability: 1535][Magic Power: 1584][Mana: 1598][Update completed][Quest #4: Return to the real world]"Eh?" muttered Raff in surprise. He didn't think that this time the system gave him an easy quest.The sun had moved further to the wester
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Chapter 10: The Beginning of Revenge
"It's so good to be rich. They don't dare to mess with them just by looking at their appearance. What an ironic world this is," Raff muttered as he put the money in his pants pocket."Now everything will start from here," Raff said.Raff walked through the crowded streets. He almost knew every corner of Louge City. He had been there for almost a year to eliminate the traces of people who always wanted to bully him. He deliberately chose Louge City because Evan lived there. He wanted to prove that the enemy's place was the safest hideout.This time Raff's steps led to the electronics store. There he bought the cheapest smartphone for 200 dollars. After that he entered the bakery and ordered food there."Here you go sir," said the waiter as he placed several types of bread preparations on Raff's table."Thank you," Raff replied. His hand was seen typing a phone number on his cell phone."Hi," a spoiled female voice was heard greeting Raff after he dialed the number he typed."Good eveni
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